Embroidery Hub Ep. 47: Lace Embroidery | Free Standing Lace

hey guys check this out doesn’t this
look super cool I’m gonna show you how to make it in this episode and it’s
actually way easier than you think so Before we jump in I just want to
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jump in alright so for those of you wondering what this is this is actually
called freestanding lace and really all it is is just embroidery backed by
water-soluble stabilizer which is why you can see both sides of it and you
don’t see any backing so I know you might look at this and be intimidated it
looks kind of like difficult to do but it’s actually very easy you probably
already have these materials so I’m just gonna go I’m gonna walk you through all
the materials that you’re gonna need and I’m going to do the last feather that’s
missing from this gene catcher I have two it’s supposed to have three so I’m
gonna do that last feather with you guys on camera so you guys can see the entire
process and then you can go ahead and replicate this process and do it on any
freestanding lace design that you want alright so these are the materials that
we’re gonna be using for this project and right here these are the materials
that you’re gonna need for freestanding lace right here obviously these are the
beads that you’re gonna need to complete the dreamcatcher which I’ll go over with
you guys on camera if you want to repeat something like this I did get this
design from I believe as embroidery library so you can go ahead and just
look up free-standing lace design you do have you do need a design that is
digitized for freestanding lace but you can go ahead and just look that up and
there’s a bunch online so go ahead and you know or tell your digitizers well or
digitize it yourself the opportunities are endless alright so let’s get back to
this section right here and let’s talk about what materials we’re going to be
using for freestanding lace now we won’t need a sheet of heavy weight water
soluble stabilizer if you don’t have heavy weight let’s say you have like a
medium weight then probably double up you can use two sheets just depending on
the design now this design itself was 42,000 stitches it’s a lot of stitches
so I used two sheets of stabilizer you probably get away with one but I used
two just just in case and then for this one
that was a little bit a smaller stitch count I it was about 12 I think this was
about 12,000 stitches I used just one sheet so here have my one sheet for my
feather heavyweight water soluble stabilizer like this is the best to use
you can also use like by lean that’s like a more fibrous say advisor it looks
more like a regular stabilizer it’s not like clear and plastic whichever those
are those will work if they’re both water soluble so it’ll go away when you
soak it in water here I have my scissors my snips just for cleanup when you’re
done with your embroidery as usual and then I have my top thread that I’m gonna
be using and my dream catcher is white so I will be using white top thread and
then I have my bobbin thread which is also white and it is gonna be the same
color as my top thread and if you have white bobbin thread and you’re using
your doing white free-standing lace and that’s good because you do need to
realize that freestanding lace is showing from both sides so you don’t
want to use let’s say a black bobbin with white back white top thread so you
want to match the bobbin with the top thread always so you let’s say you need
to do another color and you have a white bobbin now’s the time to go and order
you know red or blue or whatever top thread you’re gonna be using needs to
match the back so I think that’s it for freestanding lease really it’s all it’s
simple probably only thing you’re gonna need to
order is bobbins if you don’t have them in the color that you want to do it in
and then your heavy weight water soluble stabilizer if you don’t have that yet
and now for this this thing this particular design that I picked up on an
embroidered library I’m just I just picked up some beads these are both from
Joanne’s it’s just some beads and some cord from Joanne’s
that I use to just tie it to one end and then I tied it on the other end and you
know this craft project that you can either like sew an Etsy or if you just
want to keep it for yourself whatever you plan on doing with your crafts so
now I’m just gonna go into hooping the water-soluble stabilizer it’s the same
as you would hope anything else alright so here we are
I am hooped as you can see it’s tight and it sounds really nice
like a drum all right so that’s ready to go into the machine like I said this is
all you need you just need one sheet for this feather so I’m just gonna go ahead
and pop it into the machine so before we get started I just wanted to give you
guys a couple of other pointers on how to embroider freestanding lace now let’s
talk about speed the needle and the thread so speed you’re fine and you’re
welcome to embroider at a regular flat speed so anywhere like about 800 is fine
I’m broidered at 800 and it worked great what’s the other thing a needle now your
needle you can use a standard 75 11 sharp point needle and that will be your
standard embroidery needle that will work with most projects now make sure
that you are using a sharp point needle that’s very important for freestanding
lace and you also want to take 275 11 don’t go higher because you want to make
sure that the preperations like the little tiny holes that the needle is
making on the fabric is as small as possible because you are working with
this kind of unstable like water-soluble stabilizer so and what is the other
thing Oh thread so you want to use your size
40 is fine you can use your standard size 40 thread that’ll work
we have I’m using polyester 100% polyester thread as you guys know if you
know about embroidery threads there is rayon there’s probably ester those are
the most popular polyester a lot of people use rayon for their freestanding
lace projects because it’s not going to be subjected to any harsh laundering or
bleach as you know if you do know about embroidery that rayon is not supposed to
be used for projects that will be you know commercial laundering or any bleach
like that so I’m using my polyester you can use your rayon it’s all a matter of
preference if you’re not gonna put in the laundry it doesn’t really matter so
you can use either or alright so happy design ready to go and
I’m just gonna go ahead and press Start so here have my finished feather now all
you have to do is just tear it out and you are ready to go all right so I’m
just gonna save these scraps for another project if you guys want a video on what
to do with scraps you should let me know in the comments below if a lot of you
say yes I don’t know if you want to see some creative ways of using your scraps
then let me know in the comments and we’ll see what I can come up with
alright so I took off the stabilizer and I do have some excess stabilizer a
little bit closer up here so what you’re gonna want to do is that you just want
to get a bowl of warm water and you’re gonna dip it inside for about 10 minutes
or just as long as it takes to get rid of the rest of this and you’re just
gonna kind of pull on the stabilizer and get it out as you dip it in the water
alright so I’m not going to soak it on camera just because the excess is just a
little bit but you can go ahead and do that on your on your own be sure to look
at the instructions on your package they will tell you what’s the best way to get
rid of the stabilizer so don’t forget to do that because it might depend on what
seemed like stabilizer you’re using and now I’m just going to grab my cord and
my beans and I’m just going to decorate this little feather and I’m going to
attach it to finish off the dreamcatcher so I went ahead and I inserted my three
beans that I’m gonna use and I touched a knot at the end so that the beads won’t
fall out and now I’m just gonna go ahead and attach this side all right so now I’m just gonna attach
the other side of this cord to the so I’m just going to attach the other side
of this cord to the feather now you can also use this like a glue to kind of
attach the the feather to the bead and to the cord I prefer to just tie it and
break up I mean I’m sorry embroidery library does have a tutorial and they
used a fabric glue that works for them I’m just gonna tie it and this will work
for me alright so that’s on and I’m just gonna cut the end of the cord to make it
look a little nicer and cleaner and now you can go ahead and attach another
piece of Portus what I’m gonna do I’m gonna talk those piece of cord if you
want to hang it so that’s what I’m gonna do really quickly all right so here is our finished
product and I’m super excited about this like project I actually really loved how
I came out and we’re definitely gonna be fighting over this here IRA coma I know
some coal burgers already trying to claim it but I definitely want to keep
it in my possession all right so I hope you guys like this dreamcatcher I know I
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