Encrusted Bead Projects : Bead Tassel Craft: Attach String

Encrusted Bead Projects : Bead Tassel Craft: Attach String

To make our beaded tassel, I’m going to use
a full hank of embroidery floss. I’m just going to remove the, the wrapper, and we’ll
be folding our embroidery floss in half, like that. First, I’m going to take off about a,
about two feet of the thread, to use for tying. You want to do this without messing up the
wrap, there. We’ll just cut that off, and then cut that piece in half. OK. So, you want
to find the center, of your floss, and we’ll tie, tie our first piece of string, right
in the center. So, we’ll just do a square knot to tie them. OK. I’m going to just tie
it loosely right now. I’m going to check that it’s in the half, just go like that, and pull
it. Make sure you’re in half, and then tie that, nice and tight, nice and tight, into
a square knot. OK. That you leave loose, that’s what’s going to go up through the bead, and
hold the bead onto the tassel. Now, at this point, you can cut your loops, at the end.
Just put your scissor into the loop, and cut, make sure that you’ve gotten all the strands,
and then again, here, you cut that. Now, we’ve got a nice tassel. And with the second piece
that we cut, we’re going to tie off the top. So, pull all your threads down, until it’s
nice and neat, and tie very tightly, another square knot. There, like that. OK. Later,
we may wrap these threads around, after we attach our bead. OK. Now, to get the tassel
onto the bead, I’m using a piece of wire, that I’ve folded in half. You can also use
a large eyed embroidery needle, and with the wire, I’m just going to put the thread, through
the wire like that. Put the two pieces of wire together, and just fit it through the
hole of our bead. And, then you can pull your tassel right up, like that. OK? And then,
we’ll finish off, by wrapping, wrapping these two ends in opposite ways. Hold that one,
and then wrap this one around like that, and then again, we’ll tie them off. Oh well, trim
off those pieces, and there is our beaded tassel.

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  1. I have a bookmark that the tassel fell apart on, and I love the bookmark it has a bead,and I am desperate to fix it. I have loose strings everywhere, and I may just fold them all in half, untie the long string so I can remake the tassel. If that makes any sense lol

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