Episode 20:  I don’t block ’em.  I just wash ’em.

Episode 20: I don’t block ’em. I just wash ’em.

Hello hello hello and welcome to episode 20 of the wool needles hands knitting podcast my name is Taylor And I will be your host I am coming to you from Henderson, Nevada Which is where I’m from and where I live with my husband Brandon Our three-year-old son Angus our house cat Oscar and soon coming at the end of March We are expecting a new member of our family a little boy Thank you so much for joining me here in my little corner of YouTube it means so much to me if you are a returning viewer and subscriber Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart if you are a new viewer in subscriber Thank you so much for taking the time to check us out here and also choosing to click subscribe and to like the video Please don’t forget to do that if you like what you see here click a thumbs up click Subscribe not just because it brings a smile to my face But because it really does help the podcast grow and reach more people so definitely take the time to hit thumbs up and to subscribe To the channel you can find me on Instagram. I am at wool needles hands You can also find me on instagram at fibre dot 4 dot Dot people that’s the instagram account linked to my business which is a hand i’d yarn business You can see everything that’s going on over there. There is going to be a shop update on tuesday january 30th at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time with lots of goodies I’m gonna be talking about that later in the show you can also get in touch with me on ravelry And join the Ravelry group by heading over to Ravelry going to the group’s tab Searching wool needles hands a knitting podcast check out what we’ve got going on over there and showing the group We have a really great knit Elan going on right now That’s actually a year long knit along which I’m going to talk about in a little bit plus lots of really great Conversation so join over there and be a part of the wool needles hands community over there as well You can also get in touch with me via email Just email me at wool needles hands at gmail.com If you have a question about something you saw in the podcast or you just want to get in touch or perhaps You’d like to donate a prize I am seeking out prize Donations for the year long knit along that we have going on you can just get in touch with me over there at the gmail Account that’s the best way to get in touch with me I’m sure to see that correspondence Instagram is a little bit different sometimes I don’t see all the messages that come in right away And I really want to be able to get back to you In as timely a manner as possible so definitely use that if you’d like to get in touch Also, don’t forget to comment down below on anything that you see if you have anything to add to the conversation, please It’s really fun to read the comments that you guys have and it’s just nice to hear the things that you have to say about The different topics that come up in the podcast so definitely don’t forget to use the comment section down below All information about this podcast can be seen down in the doobly-doo or the down bar below I leave all my show notes down there It’s just easier for me to put the show notes the time stamps for each of the episodes all right down there um the time stamps are really useful sometimes these episodes tend to be pretty long so I try to put segments times down in the Show notes below where you can just click on the time stamp And it will take you to that particular segment if you decide you want to come and go From the podcast maybe you can’t watch it all in one sitting which I totally understand so that’s there for your convenience as well We had a giveaway just recently because we had a big milestone here at the podcast we surpassed 4,000 subscribers Which is huge and so I hosted a giveaway? I have the giveaway price all wrapped up and ready to be shipped out and I had the giveaway winner so I would like to announce the giveaway winner But first I’m gonna show the prize that this person is going to win it is wrapped so I can’t open it up and show You all the you know the details but if you’d like to see that check out the previous episode so the winner is going to be receiving a project bag from spool stories, which Mara Lisa from spool stories makes the most amazing project bags I’m actually using one of her project bags right now It is just beautiful so well made such great attention to detail it has the nice Drawstring closure just like this. I really love it so the winner is going to be receiving a project bag Just like that one, but the fabric is different, so here is the fabric here in addition to that they will also be receiving a skein of fiber for the people yarn in the strawberry oatmeal colorway and In Addition to that I’ve included a bar of soap from woolen and Co and she makes some of the most amazing wool wash soaps and so this will be coming in the prize package as well for the Giveaway winner so all of this is coming together And it’s ready to go and winner of this giveaway is Stephanie Goliath Stephanie congratulations Thank you so much for participating in the giveaway the giveaway Question was what is it that keeps you coming back to your knitting or crocheting or fiber crafts? What keeps you going her response was there’s nothing as satisfying as making something completely from scratch Building it up bit by bit and having a tangible finished object at the end especially if it’s something that you can wear and would Otherwise have to buy from a store I personally also just love crafts that take a long time to make meditative And I usually am more proud of unfulfilled by the final product Stephanie That’s a really really great kind of insight into this question, and I think that so many people share that perspective as well I was so excited to read all of the comments that you guys left for this giveaway because it really made me realize That a lot of us and need this craft. It’s a hobby I guess but some of us actually would go so far as to say it’s not a hobby It’s just a way of life because it does calm us it soothes our nerves it makes us feel settled and that was an overwhelming majority of the responses in this particular giveaway question thread So I was it was really cool to read the different things that you guys had to say about that so if you are Interested in reading some of these responses to the giveaway question head over to this previous episode check out the comments section below It’s really pretty cool to find that so many of us do this craft for the same reasons, but anyway Stephanie Thank you so much for participating everybody else Thank you so much for participating in the giveaway Stephanie get in touch with me via email at wool needles hands at gmail.com Give me your information so I can send this prize out to you right away We have a year long knit along going on right now at the wool needles hands knitting podcast And I am so excited about it this is the Wool needles hands Year of hats and knit along and the goal of this is to knit one hat every month and each month has a different theme Check out the rules and I guess guidelines for this knit along over at the Ravelry page Or you can check it out in the previous episode of the podcast But each month is going to have a different theme January is knitting a hat with a pom pom and it’s still going on people are still working on this But it does end on February 1st And that’s the deadline for submitting your finished objects for the January Portion of this hat knit along you don’t have to participate in every month So if you’re just hearing about this now you can jump on board February or March It doesn’t matter you just participate month by month But that’s what we’re going to be doing for this whole year of 2018 is knitting a new hat every month So like I said January is pom-pom hat month And I was like floored by how many of you guys are participating number one and the amazing Pom-pom hats that you guys are coming up with we have Knit and the yarn pom poms we have faux fur pom poms it’s just it’s really really cool So I’m gonna show here some of the finished objects that have come through for this knit along in the Ravelry group So you guys can get some inspiration and plus just to show you some of the great things that are going on but I also want to mention too that if you are a an Etsy seller You make project bags you dye yarn what have you if you have something that you would like to donate to this show that I? Can share on the show here and use as a prize for this year long that along? I am seeking out prize donations for This knit along there is I’m going to be you know obviously twelve months that we’re working here So please just get in touch with me if you would like to donate a price to the show I would really really appreciate it plus. I’d love to see all of the various different little businesses that are out there I’m creating these amazing You know goodies for us So just get in touch with me if you are interested in doing that but without further ado I want to show you guys some of the finished objects coming through the Finished object thread over on the Ravelry group for the pom pom hat January portion of the knit along So many cute hats and for all different people I mean there’s some people that are knitting them for themselves some people knitting them for family some for charity It really is up to you where you want to send your hat in this particular case that’s completely up to you Fabbi wery is a new month with a new theme So I want to chat with you guys a little bit about what’s coming up if you are going to be Continuing at the get along for each of the consecutive months remember the more you Submit the better because at the very end of the entire Knit along I am going to be selecting a winner from all of the different threads I’m kind of working out how the prizes are gonna Go there’s going to be a small prize at the end of each month but then there’s going to be a grand prize at the end of the entire knit along from all of the submissions and all of the fo threads How I’m gonna do that that will come to me when that comes I guess you could say But I’m gonna do little prizes as we go and then that one grand prize at the end, okay But let’s talk about February February the theme is to knit a hat for a person of the opposite sex So if you are a girl knit a hat for a boy if you are a boy Or a man knit a hat for a girl or a woman there were some questions that came to me About this particular month, and I just want it like everybody know that take this as you will quite honestly you can knit a hat for somebody that you love since February is the month of Valentine’s Day you can knit a hat for a significant other whoever that person may be Don’t think too hard on this But I just threw it out there knitting for the opposite sex just because it’s kind of a way to knit a hat That’s obviously not going to be for you It’s going to be for somebody else if that’s your dad or your brother or your sister or your mother? It’s really take it take it as you want that’s kind of I’m leaving that up to you with how you want to approach that I Put a little bit more detail into this portion of the middle on over on the Ravelry page you can check it out there But that’s really what’s coming up in February so this time you will be knitting a hat for somebody else In this particular case now whether you know this person, or you’re just knitting a hat That is following a pattern for a man if you’re a woman and vice versa it’s completely up to you so kind of keep that In it’s pretty open to interpretation for that this will be ending on March 1st So it definitely get involved if you’re interested This is kind of a cool opportunity if you are going to be giving a gift for Valentine’s Day This could potentially be a gift for that or you could just save it and use it as a future or a holiday gift So who knows also quick update to this knit along crochet is completely fine, so we can call it a que al SCAL It’s really up to you if you are a crochet, er if you’re a loom knitter if you’re a regular knitter Whatever it is bring it on because I like to see them coming from all different fiber crafts So you can crochet you can knit you can illuminate? It’s also completely up to you another question that I had about this knit along is our whips appropriate Can we use whips for this okay? We all have whips that we really need to be working on originally I said no whips allowed you need to start the project from scratch at the beginning of the month however I changed my mind about that just because we need to burn through some of these whips if you have a hat whip That is appropriate for one of the upcoming themes you can use that for that part of the middle um But the only thing I ask is that You wait until that month comes around and then continue work on that project because it’s a knit along I want each month to be knit Along with everybody else so instead of knitting things ahead of time and having them finished by the time that month comes along I’d really Prefer it if you waited until that month to work on that particular project so we truly are Knitting along the theme together and posting our progress on social media together If that makes sense if you have any questions about that or if that’s not quite clear, just let me know But that’s that’s what I asked about that the whips are totally fine I know we have to burn through some of those whips so bring those on as well because we could all use the extra Incentive to get those things finished so join us for the year of hats knit along I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun I’m already just super excited and inspired by the things that you guys have shared on the Ravelry page so keep it coming keep participating Remember that you don’t have to participate in each month But participate as much as you’d like there’s lots of motivation out there to knit hats right now I think everybody may be a little bit ready to move away from doing all of the socks I mean we’re all knitting socks right because we love knitting socks at least I’m knitting socks I love them, but maybe we need something to shake it up a little bit So this is a really perfect opportunity so join us get Involved and get started some of you are super fast knitters and can workout a pom pom hat in no time so jump on board There’s still a few days left in January so that is it for knit alongs right now I do have a couple ideas coming in the works of things that I’d like to do this year, but right now I’m just focusing on this knit along at this particular point in time It has been a Hustle-bustle kind of week for me my husband was away out of town on a baseball tournament He coaches high school baseball and so the team was in California for a baseball tournament all last weekend So I wasn’t able to get the I’m when he’s home on the weekends It’s amazing how I mean, that’s so helpful because I can get a lot done Because he really helps me around with my son and also just with the various different things. I’m doing for this shop He really helps a lot, but he wasn’t here this last weekend, and so there was some things I needed to work in and and ways that I needed to work around that and that’s and that’s fine We um we definitely worked around it my son is actually very helpful in that regard he he does pretty well when I’m working with Yarn, and getting things ready for shop updates, but it’s been really really busy I’m preparing not only for that shop update on Tuesday But I have a really fun kit collaboration that I’m gonna be doing with Chelsea from darn yarn, MN Which I’ll talk about a little bit later So just lots going on and I feel like now that the week is pretty much over It’s Saturday. I’m sitting with you guys. I’m filming the podcast which I know is probably four or five days late Maybe not quite that much I’m happy to kind of Culminate everything that the shop update coming on Tuesday is gonna be so much fun chock-full of a lot of fun Yarn yarn e goodness I guess you could say but I’m just really happy to kind of be winding it in and so I decided the appropriate tea for me today or beverage for me Today would be some chamomile tea Just to kind of like calm me down cuz I need something to just mellow me out Call me down from the really long week of Working really hard so this is just perfect so I actually am Drinking it in this super large sunflower mug that I’ve shown before and I’m using cuppa Nature’s cuppa. I should say it’s nature’s cuppa organic chamomile, so here’s the little tag So you can see that, but it’s just chamomile tea, I have two little bags in here because the little tea bags I mean they’re really Little they’re not your average sized tea bags, so I put two in there And I’m sweetening it typically I sweeten my chamomile tea with, honey But this time around I’m sweetening it with agave syrup my husband has been making these little energy bars with Chia and flax And apricots and all sorts of good things, and he’s been using agave syrup in there And so we have it in the house, and so I’ve been Sweetening my coffee in the morning and my tea and it’s really great I feel like you can use far less of the agave syrup then the honey It’s just a lot, sweeter, and it has a really good neutral sweet flavor So that’s what’s in my cup right now some chamomile tea and agave syrup Make sure that you have yourself a nice warm cozy beverage or a cool beverage. Whatever it is That’s working for you right now Maybe even pause the podcast head off to go get your beverage and bring your knitting back and Get ready to settle in guys because I have a show for you 39 year-old Joseph Ford and knitting friend Nina Dodd worked together on a sweater collection and the purpose of the collection was to create knit sweaters that were camouflaged Into the printed backgrounds in an urban setting like a subway station or a tiled bathroom Wall it’s really pretty fascinating each of these sweaters took upwards of 40 to 50 hours for Nina to create They were put in front of these textured and graphic surfaces to camouflage seamlessly and it’s really really pretty inspiring Joseph Ford who is a Photographer decided to do this after talking to his friend Nina Dodd who is a knitter about various different printed backgrounds that would camouflage into really common textures and Graphic backgrounds that we see in urban settings like in bus stations or tiled bathroom walls or the seats in a bus Themselves and so they decided to create this collection of sweaters, and one of them my favorite one which is really cool is actually on a Track like a track and field’s track a woman is sitting down on the track and her garment Blends perfectly in with the blue and white stripes that run the oval of the track and field’s track And I thought that that was really cool But I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys a little bit of this collection that was created by Nina Dodd and Joseph Ford This is really so cool, and if you’ve noticed I don’t know if you’re familiar with street Artists one of the models that he chose to photograph here was most year shots. Who is a French Street artist if I’m not mistaken, and he’s actually painted on the wall one of his famous cat you know Images that he paints on the wall the sweater that he’s wearing is actually knit in such a way that it blends in perfectly With the cat that he paints on the wall So I don’t know I just thought this was super cool another really awesome way to bring knitting out into the limelight Which it really has become such an amazing medium For expression in like the art world and especially the street art world so this is really cool I can only imagine how much time cumulatively it would have taken to complete this collection But not only to complete it but to like come up with the different patterns and textures and to have to go out Into these areas in these settings and to really go into great detail about these particular Patterns and textures to be able to recreate such an amazing to be able to blend them so perfectly I mean the one with the dog wearing the dog sweater in front of the bush and It just it’s really it’s incredible. I just wanted to share that with you guys, so you can see Something that’s going on in the knit world right now and the creative fiber arts world And how it’s being blended with something like photography and street art, so Thank You Joseph Ford and Nina Dodd for your contribution So I’m starting a new segment to the podcast called itty-bitty nitty gritty little questions and the reason why I decided to start this segment was because I Have found that in the course of my knitting Career I guess you could say there are little questions that pop up that are may be considered silly questions or dumb questions that perhaps we should already know because of our more veteran status or Intermediate status in this craft, and so we wonder why we don’t know them and why we’re continuing to ask these questions So this is a place where we’re going to collect those questions and share them here because we all have them we all have those Questions that we lean on Google to answer because we figure if we can just type it into Google we don’t have to actually Verbalize the questions and risk embarrassing ourselves when it’s probably something we should really already know But chances are a lot of other people don’t know them you catch my drift I was inspired to do this by my mom actually because she had such a question and she was Approaching the question in such a way that she was thinking it was gonna be a dumb question. She was asking me She’s like I have this question It’s probably a stupid question, and I really should know the answer to it But I don’t and so I wanted to ask you so she asked me And I thought to myself that’s actually not a dumb question number one. It’s a simple question It’s a small question and a technical question But it’s certainly not a dumb question so here was her question it was do you count the cast on stitches as your first row in your project a Really good question actually because it’s something that some of us probably know But we don’t think about the fact that we know it We just know it and the answer to that question is no you don’t count your cast on row that’s not considered row number one It’s the next row it’s the first row that you physically knit with two needles. That’s considered your first row Interesting that she asked it and it’s an important question to ask if you’re not a hundred percent sure and it’s really funny sometimes how? All of a sudden these questions, just pop into your mind, and you think I’ve been going along this long And I didn’t know the answer to this question. It’s amazing I made it this far But I want to have a place a venue where we can ask these questions, so what I? Done is I’ve created a thread on the Ravelry group for the sole purpose of asking these questions And we have a few questions in the thread already, and I’m going to share these questions with you guys Here I am going to do my best to answer them here on the podcast if I answer them incorrectly that’s my own Misconception you can crack me down below in the comments And I would be more than happy to make that correction on the Ravelry group But the questions that are asked on the Ravelry thread will be answered on the thread But I will ask them here with the accompanying answer Just to share them with you, and I will keep the person who asked the question completely anonymous Because that’s just what I’m gonna do but it’s just a really cool way to kind of hear some of the questions that are out There because we all have them okay, so we have two questions in the thread right now and so the first question I’m gonna share with you is here’s another question There are several ways to join a new color does the type of yarn wool versus cotton bamboo versus silk etc Affect the way we switch colors if just going to a new ball of same color should we join at the edge? Or is it okay to join in the middle of a row? That’s a really great question, and I actually have never really actively thought about this question I don’t knit stripes or multicolored projects very often, but this is my answer to this question And I haven’t done a lot of in-depth research But this is just from my own Personal experience with this particular kind of knitting if you have any other answer to this question leave it down in the comment section below So my answer would be it doesn’t technically matter. What kind of yarn you’re using when it comes to switching color however It’s always best to switch your color on the edge So that way you don’t have to worry about tying in You know tying in any kind of a new yarn in the middle of a row that could be more noticeable And that’s actually not even just with switching colors that’s just adding a new ball of yarn in general when it comes to the different fibre content what I would consider is the Drape effect of the yarn if you’re using a silk yarn. It definitely is a have it’s a drapey ER yarn, and so maybe attaching that color in the middle of a row or Attaching a new ball of yarn in the middle of a row will affect that drape a little bit And it might be best to attach it on the edge I figure just to be safe always try to add your balls of yarn on the edge of your work on the edge of your Garment or at the beginning of a round if knitting something in the round But ultimately technically it really doesn’t matter okay the second question that we have in the thread is This one bothered me a lot when I was first learning, and it still catches me up sometimes if I’m not paying attention When counting rows does the row currently on the needles count for example? You’ve knit two rows, but only one row is finished. Do you count one or two? That’s actually a really great question, and I have a project here that I can hold up to kind of show What’s what’s being talked about in this particular case and this is just a little dishcloth? I? Call the stitches that are on the needle I call those my active stitches and that’s because they’re the ones that are going to be you know worked Next, but when I’m counting up all of my rows like this is a garter stitch project here so when I’m counting up my rows I would not count what’s currently on the needle I would count let’s say 1 and then 2, which is right below the needle kind of hard to see here I have to pull down a little bit, but we have one garter rib right here, and then we have one set of stitches Right below the needle that would be two little rows right there And then this row will be our third row or however many rows you have So this would not be counted in what you’ve currently worked This would be what’s upcoming so once you’ve knit this that will then be your next Row so you don’t when you’re counting rows in a pattern Or it says knit five rows you would knit five rows And you would not count what’s currently on the needle because that’s going to be your sixth the row So thank you those of you that have contributed to this thread Thank you so much keep them coming because I know they’re out there. I’ll do my best to answer I’m not gonna guarantee that I’m gonna be a hundred percent every single time I’ll try to do my research the best I can and pull it from experience But that’s why we have a community so if I say anything that’s inaccurate let me know down in the comments section head over to the thread feel free to answer these questions yourself and Ask them over there as well so I can share them here on the podcast You guys, I’m still making lots of progress I have a hoe and I have two foes to share with you guys today And I’m really excited about that. I haven’t been you don’t always work on all the projects that you have going religiously and monogamously all the time So I’m gonna share with you guys like I’ve done on the past few episodes the things that I’ve been working on Most since we last spoke, but first I want to share with you guys my hoe, and then my finished objects so the first hoe actually the only hoe that I have this time and this was actually just whipped out and worked and Finished the other night because I finally had some time to sit down and get some knitting in it was just one of those days Where I was desperately seeking That time to get some knitting in and I pulled this one out because I figured it was so close I needed to get it off the needles Because not only do I want to get this one off the needles But I want to start the next one so I can wear these suckers, but this is another Sock of a pair of family work socks now I need a pair of family work socks a few episodes back That kind of looks like the traditional soft monkey sock so if you want to if you’re interested in that you can check out previous Episodes I’ll show a picture here So these are the family work socks from Burnett design Studios the website or the pattern comes from yarn spiration x’ and it’s called the family work socks I Wanted to knit another pair in a smaller size than the previous pair because even though I love those so much and they are supposed To be pretty chunky I felt like After a while they maybe became a little too chunky for my feet and so I wanted something a little bit more snug and that’s what I have here so without further ado here is the first of the next pair of family work socks That I’m gonna be knitting now I was a little bit impatient with peace because I wanted to get them finished and so the leg is significantly shorter Than it is on my other one and that’s totally fine for me the previous pair the leg is really long so you can scrunch It down and it looks super cute, but I didn’t really it to be that long I just wanted a nice pair of cozy warm socks And so I did I shortened the leg a little bit here and cheated Which was fine because it got it off my needles faster And I can move on and finish the other so I am knitting these in patents classic wool worsted Really, it’s my one of my favorites. If not my favorite Budget, you know store-bought yarn, I’m using just the gray This is called Aran, and then this is navy blue And I really like the color combination kind of like a another classic color combination It’s just they’re so cozy and this particular yarn is really really warm. It’s a hundred percent Untreated wool, so it’s nice and warm. It’s hand wash But yeah, I really really love these I’m ready to cast on to my next pair because they really fly worsted weight socks are a lot of fun to knit just because When you’re so used to working on you know fingering weight socks It’s kind of a refreshing change because they do just fly off the needles these ones are definitely no exception I just did this with a It’s a two by two rib and my leg here is a nine-inch leg as opposed to the 13 inch leg that it calls for and Heel flap and gusset and a rounded toe at the end and that’s what the pattern called for that’s actually typically what I do So yeah, they’re really great. I am I Didn’t notice though. Yeah when I was weaving in my ends You can see some of the great yarn is peeking through yeah, I need to fix that but hey Things happen right so that is my first half object that I want to share with you guys I’m super super excited to have those off The needles okay, my first Finnish object is really exciting because these are my minke socks I’m calling them my minke socks because I haven’t come up with an official name for them yet It is an original design by yours truly, and I’m really happy to have these done And I know several of you’ve gotten in touch with me about test knitting this pattern And I have your emails I paying attention I swear I just have been trying To get them finished the pattern is almost completely ready to be sent out to those of you that asked to test knit so you Will be receiving a response from me soon. If you have it one already Because I’m really really excited to release this pattern you guys these socks are so pretty so they are finished And I’m going to share them with you now keep in mind if you were watching the last episode These socks are different because I knit the first one a certain way And then I wanted to make some modifications to the pattern so I needed the second sock differently and The reason I did that was because I figured instead of going back and taking out the first sock and doing that one all over again guys We’ll just have the two that I could use to compare so Let’s see how I can hold these up for you so here they are The finished pair of what I am calling my minke socks I’ve got some really cool sub I’ve gotten some really cool suggestions of names for these socks from viewers That I’m really really considering you guys have some really creative ideas on your names for these But I haven’t settled on one yet, so let me go ahead and show you Each of them separately so this is the first sock that I knit here and as I mentioned in the previous episode I made some changes and the changes that I made to this sock are in the heel flap and in the gauge I guess you could say so this sock was knit on a size needle here That is two sizes smaller than the needle I used to knit this portion of the sock and it’s fine it definitely was fine, but I decided I wanted to keep the size of needle consistent throughout the whole sock and Go a size down So I actually continued with the size I used for this portion all the way throughout the sock on the the second Sock that I knit it gave a little bit more stitch definition to this stitch pattern here So here’s the stitch pattern kind of hard to really see it cuz it’s not stretched over a foot But it’s a really pretty openwork kind of lay see Stitch pattern, and I love it. I love this like racing stripe of stockinette stitch, but the second sock which I will show you here That’s what I changed so now instead of just a basic stockinette heel flap I actually did a slip stitch heel, which is my favorite go-to heel? I love the texture as somebody actually said it would look really great with an eye of partridge heel And that’s absolutely right it would look beautiful with that It’s great that we can kind of just heelflips. How we see fit those are things that you can kind of modify in any pattern But I really like the slip stitch rib heel flap here and then again I used a smaller needle for the body of the sock and not only does it fit nice and snug on my foot which is I think a little bit more What I was looking for than the previous It does show off that stitch pattern a little bit better so when it’s on the foot. It’s it’s really very beautiful So this right now. I’m just calling this my Mickey socks But this pattern is pretty much ready to be sent out to test knitters I have all the test knitters for this so if you did Inquire about test knitting I will get back in touch with you. It will be sent as a PDF pattern it will be a I Believe it’s going to be sent as an expiring download. So you have to download it right away Because the link will expire so just keep that in mind so that pattern will be coming soon I will keep you posted it requires a DK weight yarn I used actually not even an entire skein I had a significant amount of yarn leftover of My bigger base which is fiber for the people yarn I used This is the minke colorway on the vigor base, which is 100% superwash New Zealand pol worth and I almost want to say it used maybe a Little over a half of a skein which is pretty great, so these are the main key socks it is an original pattern I’m gonna be sending it out to test knitters, and then it will be available Soon over at fibre for the people yarn comm and also on Ravelry so keep your eyes out for that Ok so my last finished object that I have for you guys today is part of the wool needles hands Year of hats and knit along it is a pom-pom hat that I knit for my sister-in-law. This is the picot lean Pattern I think I’m saying that correctly I would put it on but I’m keeping it nice and pristine for my sister So I’m just gonna show it to you here the best that I can So it is the picot lean hat and it is a really adorable slouchy Pom-pom style hat and it is by design by jocelyn tiny for a wool, and I love it So much you guys I actually sew this hat the pattern doesn’t call for a rolled brim but I know that my sister-in-law really really likes to roll the brims of her hats and so I just knit a Longer ribbed brim here so that she could roll it and that’s pretty much it the regular design is Adorable without the rolled brim, but quite honestly I with the rolled brim. I’m knitting this or I finished this using babycakes Alpaca, it’s 100% pure baby alpaca from fiber for the people. This is in the going-out jeans, colorway I don’t currently have this colorway in the shop because I dyed it up special for my sister But I do have lots of beautiful pastel colors in the shop right now on the babycakes pace perfect Quantity for knitting up a hat like this. I didn’t even use quite an entire skein for the entire thing including the pom-pom Yeah, so it’s perfect perfect quantity for a hat like this so if you have an interest in knitting a Pico lien hat and you Need a good yarn for it definitely check out the babycakes yarn in the fiber for the people shop right now. It’s so Amazingly soft get in there and look at that like beautiful halo if it’ll focus on it for you. Oh It’s so beautiful I really really love it and then of course the pom-pom I used a clover pom-pom maker because I’m obsessed with them they make the most beautiful pom poms I want to make all the pom poms now, but that is the Pico lien hat I Really recommend that if you’re going to knit this using An alpaca yarn or just a basic bulky weight yarn, and and I know that the O wool bulky yarn That’s called for in the pattern is a little bit bulkier than your standard Bulky yarn, so the Hat that is in the pattern I think it looks a little bit bigger than this one when I finished it, but I really recommend vigorously blocking the Hat Because you’re gonna notice that once you’re finished knitting it prior to blocking it almost seems like it’s smaller than it ought to be But that’s because you really just need to figure ously block it I blocked mine on a 10 inch dinner plate so I soaked it in some nice wool wash in some warm water for about 20 minutes threw it in the Cycle to get out that excess water and then I stuck it over a 10 inch dinner plate and Let it dry it took this two days to dry the alpaca really holds on to that water And I even shaped the brim of the Hat Here kind of around the bottom portion of the plate so that it would create this nice little Shape here. There’s shaping happening in the pattern by itself. That’s why you have this rounded Kind of edge, I guess you could say but the the blocking definitely helps, so I wouldn’t steam block this I would definitely block it over a plate Depending on how big and billowy you want your hat that could determine the size of the plate that you use, but yeah I would recommend doing that over a 10 inch plate, but that is my pickling hat and this is my first hat of the knit hats for the year of Hat scale that we’re doing over here the wool needles hands podcast with the adorable little pom-pom so this is going in the mail ASAP to my sister in Texas So that’s all my hos infos I’m really getting excited about some of the whips that I’m working on right now because I want to get them off the needles I Resurrected a few so I’m going to share those with you next So like I mentioned I have some whips that I resurrected and I have one that I’m well I guess – I guess you could say that I’m actively working on right now a couple of my works in progress I haven’t been actively working on just because The next one I’m going to show you is a little time sensitive and so I want to kind of get it off the needles and then the other two I Started working on him and then it was just like distraction because I was having so much fun dating that I have my Marylebone cardigan that I am working on and I also have a It’s called the stache busting sweater. I’m knitting it in all one color I’ve mentioned it in previous episodes those two works-in-progress are sitting in my basket And I’m definitely going to get back to those But I wanted to work on some more time sensitive items and some other projects that I really want to just get off the needles because I want to wear them and I know that because the Weather is actually warming up a little bit here that my LeBlanc cardigan and my stash missing sweater Probably really won’t be worn until next season anyway And I couldn’t really fit them right now as it is so let me go ahead and show you the first Work-in-progress that I have actively been working on this is the baby blanket That I’m knitting for our future little one coming at the end of March previously I was working on the Robin blanket which is a baby blanket by Mindy designs and I Really love the pattern of this blanket. Here’s a picture of it here. It’s really beautiful I love the stitch pattern, but what was happening is that as I was knitting it? It was just becoming so cumbersome to achieve that stitch pattern you get to do lots of knit two knit two together through the front in the back loop and It was just super slow, and it really made me not want to work on it because it was so slow And I knew I wanted to get the baby blanket finished I wanted it to be pretty But I also wanted it to be finished in time for the baby and not something that I just Put on the shelf because I didn’t want to work on it It just became tight and uncomfortable And I just wasn’t Motivated to finish it so I decided that I was gonna scrap that pattern and start over with something that I knew would be easy Mindless and really fun to knit and it would keep me coming back to the project and so without further ado This is the summer sidewalk blanket by 54:10 studio I Considering I scrapped the other one and started working on this one I’ve actually been doing pretty good, so I’m gonna hold it up. So you can see I Love the simplicity of this pattern the little garter ribs that are happening here It’s almost just like a really thick ribbing going on with the Garter stitch edges I just I don’t know there’s something beautiful and geometric about it, and I just I love it. It’s a absolute pleasure to knit Clearly because it’s tons of garter stitch so you’re just knitting away There is purling involved But it’s not even a thing because it’s just so easy the the stitching is super easy everything is super fast I really love it and so I’ve gotten that I think it took me Maybe I want to say like four days of knitting to get where I am right now So I am going to be putting a lot of my attention back into this In the next few days because I really just need that easy mindless You know fast knitting and this is definitely it for me and the yarn that I’m using is Softy baby by Burnett, it’s the cotton yarn, and it’s in the aqua color And it’s really a great yarn to knit with it’s surprisingly easy To knit with considering its cotton. I tec I tend to think that cotton yarn can be a little bit not tricky But just kind of a pain sometimes because it has no stretch no give and so sometimes you really have to kind of get your Needle into the stitches, but the combination of you know needle size And yarn size here really makes that not even an issue so I love this yarn for little baby projects. It’s so soft It has a beautiful drape as you can see it’s not Stiff at all it When I kind of fold it so you can see it fold it And you’ll you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about here, but It’s just really kind of got like a delicate drape to it so here It is folded up and you can cut an idea of what I’m talking about the nice delicate Kind of drape that it has it’s really nice and squishy It’s just a really great yarn for for this kind of thing so I’m really excited to keep working on this Great blanket pattern so the pattern comes in multiple sizes There is actually a baby blanket size, which is the smallest size, then there is a small size Which is a crib or a lap blanket, and then of course you have your medium large and extra large? And that’s kind of more your throw Blanket size all the way up to maybe like a small Queen size or a full size blanket, but it’s so it’s definitely adjustable, and I would be totally interested In knitting this up in a larger size just to have around the house because I love it so much I just love the way it looks it’s modern And it’s got kind of a nice clean line look to it So if you’re looking for a baby blanket pattern or blanket pattern in general definitely check out the summer sidewalk pattern I highly recommend it it really flies off. The needle is it’s not even a thing it’s super easy I Just love it. I really can’t say enough good stuff about it so 5410 studio, thank you so much for such a great baby blanket pattern that really came in the clutch It was what I needed and this is living in my ink bags project bag Love these bags if you haven’t heard of ink bags definitely check them out, Erica makes a really really beautiful project bags This is a peekaboo project bag I love peekaboo project bags because you can get motivated by seeing what’s in there so that is what this is living in right now? Another time-sensitive project that I’m working on and I was really trying to I was telling myself I’m gonna knit one a day until the baby comes and you know how that works I didn’t said it as like a solid goal But I was thinking if I could knit one of these Every day until the baby comes then I will have a ton of these when the baby comes And that is grandma’s favorite dish cloth So this is the grandma’s or granny’s favorite dish cloth pattern this pattern is everywhere. There are so many renditions of this pattern It’s a free download on Ravelry. I know that the yarn hoarder is doing a middling right now for the dishcloth Like you can knit all the dishcloth and I didn’t actually know about that when I started knitting these I’m thinking about heading over and checking it out on Ravelry, but there’s lots of people knitting this particular pattern And that’s because when it comes to dish claws or wash claws this pattern is amazing. It’s simple to knit Super easy you memorize the pattern you don’t need a paper pattern in it You really don’t even need to keep track of rows all that much you just make it as bigger as small as you want it It’s the best and they work really really well I knit a whole stack of these for my first son before he was born and we’re still using him now And we don’t even just use them for him we use them for everything around the house. They are sturdy They hold up to washing and drying in the washing machine. I don’t block them. I just wash them It’s just it’s great. It’s it’s just what it should be right. It’s made from this is actually. I’m knitting this with the Walmart brand Peaches-and-cream cotton yarn it’s kind of like the knockoff version of the Lilly Yarn that I I think it’s called is it called peaches-and-cream the Walmart version. I don’t know it’s it’s the Walmart version It’s a dollar 50 a ball I was at Walmart the other day And I grabbed a bunch cuz I knew I wanted to knit some of these so I am working on these I have not knit One every single day in fact. I’ve only knit – completely And then I’m working on this one right now So I’m trying to knit a collection of two washcloths per color that I have so I have this color here which is very Close to the baby blanket color, but I have this color here I am knitting two per color, so I’ve got these two done And then I’m gonna do two in the red color And then I have a bunch of other really cute colors that I’m working on so these are just something simple on my needles Right now some domestic Knitting if you will For future baby Earl coming soon, and I like knitting things like this I kind of like the simplicity the traditional nature of little bit of a domestic knit Something that’s gonna be functional. It just it’s refreshing And also it’s heartwarming because it’s for a little baby It’s the way I feel about the blanket as well so, that’s What’s going on in this I showed this earlier is living in my school stories project bag that was gifted to be my that was Gifted to me by Merrill Itza when she sent the school stories bag That’s going out for the giveaway prize, and I love this bag you guys I can’t speak highly enough about this bag I go in detail about how much I love this bag in the previous episode, but it really is a fantastic project bag But those are my granny’s favorite dish cloths ok the next project was actually Resurrected I stopped working on this well ok I started working on this in August because I remember casting on to this sock at the airport when we were getting ready to board the plane to Washington we went to Washington for a week, and then we went to Alaska for a week And this was one of the projects that I took with me there This is one sock of a pair of Hermione’s everyday socks, which is a really popular sock pattern by Ericka looter If you haven’t heard of it I decided that I wanted to cast it on because Joy from the anxious that her podcast back in the summer was talking about how fun it is to knit And the way that she described it was made it sound very tempting and she was absolutely correct It is a really fun socked in it, but I remember putting it down I was in that first trimester of pregnancy And a lot of things that I really really enjoy just I didn’t enjoy so much It was that time where you’re nauseous and you’re anxious, and it just was a hot mess and so I remember putting this down I’m thinking that I really want to work on that right now I actually didn’t do a lot of knitting in that first a little bit of time and so I decided I was gonna resurrect these socks because number one They’re beautiful the pattern is so much fun to knit and I really would like to have them off the needles because I’m really wanting to add more hand knit socks to my My collection so here is what I have of my first sock of the Hermione’s Everyday socks. I am knitting these in fiber for the people yarn This is the Peach Pit colorway right here, and I’m knitting it on the gilded base. Which is a gold Stellina Infused two ply yarn base, so it’s 75% superwash merino 20% nylon and 5% gold Stellina, and then this is also fiber for the people yarn in the Movin on up colorway. It’s a beautiful Rich move colorway, so that’s gonna be my contrast The one thing about these socks that I would definitely do differently in the future Is I would do a two by two, rib instead of a one by one rib I’m really not a fan of a one by one ribbed cuff I find that a one by one rib tends to look a little bit sloppy and that could just be me or but I don’t know I just feel like the – You know columns of a knit and a garter bump rib. It just it’s – there – packet in there I feel like there needs to be more separation, and I think that a two by two lens That like neatness – the ribbing. I don’t know so Maybe you know what I mean, maybe you feel the same way I do know a lot of us have like a preference on what style of rib cuff tweet cuff We use, but I just tend to feel like a two by two is a little bit neater so and it’s fine I think it looks beautiful But I know the next time if I needed a pair of these I would do a two by two instead of a 1 by Row one ribbed cuff here, but I love the stitch pattern It’s kind of a really pretty play on an eye of partridge in my opinion I have no idea if that was the intention But when I see it up against the eye of partridge or the modified. I have Partridge heel flap here I kind of feel like that’s maybe what? Was inspired or in what inspired the stitch pattern, but this is a beautiful heel flap? I love the little edge of garter stitch over here on either side of the eye of partridge Adds that little feature that’s different. You don’t see that very often So yeah, I’m really loving these I actually I went from having probably only To like where my fingers are right now The other day to having all the way down to the heel flap so I feel pretty good about that but I Love these socks, so if you haven’t tried the Hermione’s everyday sock definitely give it a shot if if it’s your first textured sock pattern Then that would probably be a great one For that because it is pretty simple the pattern is super easy to memorize and it’s super easy in general Just lots of knits and pearls more knits than pearls it feels like so that’s a good thing But yeah definitely recommend these These oh and here, I’ll show you the yarn in the cake so this is Peach pit, and this is in the cake But whenever I show peach pit on the podcast it always gets blown out by the lights. It’s definitely much more Orange well Peachy colored then what you’re seeing here this almost looks yellow, and it’s got those speckles of That berry kind of color in there, which resembles the center of a peach It’s beautiful. It’s one of my favorite fiber for the people colorways and on the gilded bass with the gold Stellina It’s exceptional and then the movin on up Colorway is what I’m currently using so it’s attached This is it right here, so really beautiful rich move color So I love that and these are living in a little pouch that I picked up at jo-ann fabrics while I was no actually Yeah, I know. I picked this up at jo-ann fabrics while I was waiting in line They had these at the checkout kind of like when you’re walking through The line to get to the checkout they put all the goodies there this was one of them, and I love this bag I love the little It’s not really Aztec. I guess but I love the diamond pattern really cool. Joanne’s. It usually has these kinds of pouches In that section of the shop, and they make the best project bags, so that’s what I’m using for my Hermione’s everyday socks My last whip of the day that I’m gonna share with you guys is another pair of socks This is just a pair of vanilla socks, but what I’m excited about is the the colorway here this is actually being on fiber for the people yarn on both the the heel I didn’t do the cuff with this but both the heel and the rest of the soccer knit with fiber for the people yarn The body of the sock is knit with lights through the trees which is a colorway that is going to be in the upcoming shop Update as a sock set The set is not going to be the same as what you see here the base color or the main color is going to be lights the trees The accompanying mini fiber that I’m putting with that is a little more punchy than the one that I’m using here I just had this one in my stash, and I really wanted to use it And I thought that the subtle contrast would be pretty so that’s why I went with it here But the fiber for the people shop update is going to have lights the trees with a much punchier mini fiber for contrasting heels cuffs and toes but without further ado here is my lights through the trees vanilla sock I am Obsessed with this colorway in this sock now what I love so much about this and somebody touched on it on Instagram when they saw the photo is that the Striping and the pulling of the colors in this variegated colorway is really really very Interesting looking like I mean you’re getting these little black stripes that are happening here, but they’re happening at this diagonal like bias angle right here And then it’s you know you have the red coming through and then you have the red at that same angle right here And then there’s some really slight striping going on It’s just really exciting and fun To knit because it’s interesting every time you do a new row it just kind of adds a new dynamic to the fabric I’m really excited about this colorway You know it was gonna be a seasonal colorway for around the Christmas time But I don’t see why it should be I’m going to bring this into regular circulation in the upcoming year So you will see this in the shop updates just because it’s so beautiful. I love it too because it’s not overtly feminine It’s definitely a sock that you can knit for a man or somebody who wants something a little bit more masculine It’s just a really great all-around color and it serves as A really great neutral as well I mean you have multiple colors going on in here But it almost too together cumulatively could work as a neutral so you could almost pair any kind of You know contrasting heels cuff, or toe with us, and it would be really beautiful I’m actually using a lucky strike from quite a few updates ago This was a fiber for the people lucky strike called espresso roast I kept a skein of it in my stash because I was obsessed with it It’s the perfect kind of neutral Brown like nutty color This is also dyed up on the gilded base, which is that? 7525 with gold Stellina I’m using the Slip stitch rib heel like I typically do and I just love it now good news about this colorway is that I do Think I could recreate this. I’m pretty sure I know how to recreate this so I’m gonna be giving that a shot for future I’m thinking probably I’m gonna try and get this colorway as an actual recurring colorway Starting the first update of February so you can look for it there if that’s something that you’re interested in it’s really It’s really a beautiful and neutral and I love the way it kind of works With the lights of the trees as a subtle contrast Yeah, I’m really diggin it so that’s what I have going on here. Just my basic vanilla sock my vanilla socks I kind of came up with the formula. Well. I didn’t come up with the formula, but I use the formula that’s laid out by Kate a thoroughly in her knitting 101 or excuse me Sox 101 article from knit e-comm I Will link to it down below in the show notes if you’re interested but she just kind of gives you a Basic layout for a vanilla sock formula based on your leg and foot measurements that you can kind of adjust You can add a pattern to it. You can do what you will with it. It just makes it really simple And it can be adjusted to any size foot so if you’re knitting socks for somebody else you can use that same formula just Using the measurements of that person’s foot and leg or or the average you know foot and leg measurements What-have-you, so that’s kind of what I’m using here But typically what it is is a 2 by 2 rib cuff 20 rows of the ribbing and then I do a 7 inch leg All same size needle. I just stick to the same size needle Inch leg, I prefer a heel flapping gusset Only because I haven’t really explored many different heel Designs, I’ve done a fish lips kiss heel, and that’s okay I just prefer the way a heel flapping guess it looks and I really prefer a slip stitch rib heel as opposed to a Stockinette heel. I like an eye of partridge heel as well. I think those are a lot of fun But my go-to is the slip stitch rib heel, I just I really think that that’s kind of my favorite So, that’s what’s going on there, and then my foot I Knit my foot all the way until it’s about two inches from the tip of my toes And then I do a rounded toe at the end with the Kitchener closure And that’s my that’s my sock recipe for a vanilla sock. It’s pretty basic It’s my go-to and I’m knitting this on size one hiah hiah sharps when it comes to knitting socks on fingering weight yarn Hyah, hyah sharp sword definitely my go-to my Hermione’s everyday socks. I’m knitting on a size one Tiago, and I love Chagas as well But the high high is they’ve just got my number when it comes to sock knitting But I go back and forth actually I think if you were to chronicle back To previous episodes of the podcast that maybe has changed even in the short amount of time That I’ve been doing the podcast, but I don’t know right now my heart is with these hiah hiah sharps They’re my favorite so that is my lights through the trees vanilla sock, and I’m super excited about this colorway And I know you guys are gonna Love it as well, so if you’re interested in that colorway It is gonna be in the shop update on Tuesday, and I’ll talk more about that later, but That’s what I have right now for my works in progress that have actually been actively in progress since the last time that we spoke I have other things that I have other things I’d like to cast on But I’m trying to be really good and get things off my needles before casting on new things I have plans for a pair of scrappy socks because I keep seeing the scrappy socks on Instagram, and they’re adorable So I have plans for something like that. I do have some more domestic knitting that I’d like to do I have some dishcloths Not wash claws dish towels. I guess I should say that I really am interested in getting knit Just lots of good stuff. I mean there’s so many fun things to knit so That’s that but right now. I’m gonna try and focus on getting these things finished, so so that’s what I’ve got for works in progress Sorry, I just had a little visitor jump into my basket of yarn over here So this I’m gonna take a moment and introduce you if you haven’t met yet. This is Oscar Oscar is the house cat that I talked about and that is very rarely ever seen on the show So I’m really excited to introduce him to you here, so hey Oscar. Can you see okay? Look he’s very shy It’s very lovable, but he’s very shy This is him he is usually always just over there behind the camera sleeping when I podcast But he does never usually make an appearance so I thought maybe I would Introduce him to here so this is Oscar All right you guys I am super excited to share with you. What’s coming to the shop on Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time That’s January 30th lots of really fun things coming to the shop some new things are coming to the shop I have three different sock sets coming to the shop. I just you know. There’s so many great things coming plus I have a collaboration that I’m gonna be doing with Chelsey and darn you’re an MN that I want to share with you guys Those kits are not going to be available in the Tuesday shop update but they are going to be available in the shop the following Friday the reason why I push that out a little bit is because I want to make sure that both Chelsey And I have all of the things that we need to add them to our shops at the same time and right now I needed a little bit more time to finish up my end get them sent to Chelsey so that she can add them to her Shop and we can release them at the exact same time So that’s why you won’t be seeing them in the shop on Tuesday They will be in the shop on Friday, so I’m really excited to share these kids with you guys I’ve only done a couple of sneak peeks at what’s going to be going on on Instagram? So you can see that over there every day. I’m going to show you a little bit more today plus I have some really great mini fiber bundles that I want to share with you guys. I curated little collections of mini fiber bundles from One-of-a-kind Lucky Strike colorways a few other one-of-a-kind colorways so that you guys can have a little bundle of minis For doing scrappy socks for whatever it is that you want to use those minis for but they’re adorable and so I’m super excited to Share that with you guys In the meantime before I forget though do not forget to head over to the website which is fibre for the people yarn.com Sign up for the newsletter so that you can be in tuned and in the loop of what’s coming to the shop definitely even though I’m telling you about the shop update now sign up for the newsletter anyway because I do send out promotional offers for newsletter subscribers only and so it’s just another place where you can get a deal when you come to the shop and Plus it’s always good to see what’s going to be in the shop ahead of time And then you know exactly what you’re looking for when you come all right So let’s go ahead and get on with the yarny goodness That’s coming to the shop for the fiber for the people shop update on Tuesday I am really really excited about this update because there are some new things that I’m featuring that I haven’t featured before and Some of those things are what I like to call mini fiber bundles I have curated some little collections of mini fibers. Which are the little mini skeins? in various different Colorways some of the colorways our colorways that have been in the shop before and some of them are Lucky Strike colorways from my die sessions for this last shop update But all of the little bundles are kind of curated to have a particular color theme And they’re just they’re adorable I love them so much so I’m gonna go ahead and show you which ones I have now when you receive these if you purchase a mini fiber bundle the individual mini skeins will not be labeled it will be given with a information card or an ID card so that you know what each mini fiber is Content-wise fiber content wise and also what color what color way? It is a worked up on like I said some of these are one-of-a-kind But all of the kind of collections are going to be given their own collection name So when you go to purchase them, you’ll see that it’s mini fiber bundle And it’ll have a name that names the entire collection But each individual skein will be listed on the information card that comes with your purchase so Here we go for the mini fiber bundles that are coming to the shop so this is our first Mini fiber bundle so here they are they’re so cute. I’m just gonna show a couple This one’s kind of floppy because the skein over here is a silk blend so it has a really nice drape to it But here are the little bundles. They’re so cute There’s going to be three little mini fiber collections coming to the shop and I love them so much so here is I’ll call this the first one So it’s just a really fun kind of feminine really appropriate for the season for Valentine’s Day collection perfect for a really nice muted pair of scrappy socks or whatever you would like to use these for But it’s just a little collection of minis Lots this is a lucky start color here. This is the dust bunny, colorway. This is a Lucky Strike Colorway here beautiful browns and peaches and some teal and then this is the Miss Harker, colorway here beautiful speckled pretty little thing that Is one of the collections that will be offered in the shop? Across various different bases. They’re not all going to be the same base. This is a Taylor’s favorite Taylor’s favorite This is the workhorse space in the workhorse space so you’re gonna have various different bases in your bundle um Bundle so each of these bundles in this collection will have the same bases in them But the different collections will have different bases, so that’s one bundle there We have this bundle here and This is going to be attic treasure miss Harker This is a lavender lot a Lucky Strike, and then this is a Lucky Strike as well which has not been named yet, and this is Taylor saber at Taylor’s favorite Taylor’s favorite and This is a workhorse so again various different yarn bases going into that so that is this collection here and then Last but not least this is my favorite of the three collections There’s just something about this color combination that I love so much so here We have the next one again miss Harker is making an appearance in each collection so here is Miss Harker This is another Lucky Strike colorway. That is unnamed and this is on my new whist base which is 100% untreated Merino yarn in a two ply twist This is one can become too familiar with vegetables, and this is on the Taylor’s favorite base, and this is a Lucky Strike colorway Which I haven’t named yet, but it is on my new twisty singles luxe base. Which is a 70% superwash merino 30% silk single ply base, and I love these colors Together so much. It’s got such a a woodsy feel to it an earthy vibe I Really really love it So those are the three mini fiber bundle collections that will be in the shop on Tuesday so here they are This one just wants to like flop all over That’s a testament to how drapey that particular yarn is it’s absolutely gorgeous, but I’m loving these okay so the individual little mini skeins that you can find in those collections and just going to give you a little look at each one individually so this collection features a little Lucky Strike Minnie this is a Lucky Strike, colorway that Is a one-of-a-kind colorway I talked a little bit about how I get my lucky strike colorways on the blog on the fiber for the people yarn comm website This is on the new twisty singles Lux pace. It is a gorgeous single ply base just like my twisty single-spaced that I typically carry in the shop except it has 30% silk and Gosh it is absolutely gorgeous. It has an amazing drape you can see just the way it’s hanging here It has a gorgeous drape love the tonal color the colorway going on here with the greens deeper and darker greens really beautiful color on this yarn is amazing because It’s got a really nice tight twist which lends to durability plus it has the silk Which also helps when it comes to keeping it from? Pilling and making it really nice and strong so this is a twisty singles bass or excuse me This is a single ply bass that you could use across any project that you’re working on it’s suitable for anything so if you wanted To use this for heels cuffs and toes it would work beautifully for that so that is going to be in this mini fiber collection and then in addition to that There is going to be a little mini skein of one can become too familiar with vegetables Really really pretty little delicately speckled Yarn, it’s got some neon yellow some chartreuse greens And there’s some really pretty deep steely blue speckles some red pink speckles happening through there So that’s really pretty it also will be coming with This skein it’s kind of almost like a russet color I almost want to say like if you were to mix like terra cotta move together this might be what you get Really, beautiful, this is on my new whist base which is Unsupervised Meena wool, it is a two ply yarn So it has a really beautiful twist to it, but it is a non super wash option So that’s beautiful and then also Miss Harker you can find miss Harker in each of the collections So this is a scale that will be featured in each of the collections. It’s a little washed out with the lights There’s peach running through here lots of beautiful speckles. I’ll get it in there so you can see a really delicate Color and that will be in each of the different collections in addition to those you have this collection right here and I’m going to show you what we have in this collection here So this one is that miss Harker that I just showed you and then we have this beautiful stripy Lucky Strike that’s got nice chocolate browns with some peachy pinks And then there’s various different speckles of teal kind of throughout This particular skein right here those teal speckles are kind of hiding, but there are some teal speckles kind of going throughout the skein It’s so gorgeous. I love this so much so that will be in there and then also This is called addict treasure beautiful Deep Purple’s moves Some Browns and gold’s throughout there that will be in one of the collections as well And then we’ll also have this pink movi color, and there’s lots of move kind of undertones to these Pinker colors That’s just because the Lucky Strikes that I was doing this time around kind of carried that Undertone I suppose so this will also be it’s coming out more of just a true pink on camera it’s got a little warmer tone to it in reality so this will also be in the collection and then I forgot to grab a Single skein of the lavender latte, but here is lavender latte Right here. It’s a beautiful Very pale lavender color. I actually had lavender latte as a Lucky Strike in my previous update and this Colorway here ended up coming out just like that one So I’m just calling it lavender latte because it’s so stinking close That I feel like it’s not worth coming up with a whole new colorway because it does look just so similar to that so These little minis are little lavender latte minis so those are The minis that are going to be in a little mini collection to see a little bit more about this you can check out Instagram And then also keep track on the shop for the listings that pop up on the Tuesday shop But definitely sign up for the newsletter So you can get a little bit more information about what’s gonna be in that shop In regards to these little mini collections as I mentioned I am going to be doing a kit collaboration with Chelsea from darn yarn, MN So I want to show you guys a little bit of what’s coming in those kits So I have here a sample of the project bag that Chelsea created for these kits and it is gorgeous so it’s the same style of project bag like the one I was using for my Lights the tree sock. It’s that peekaboo project bag with the window so you can see her work her label is right here The handle it’s gorgeous and the zipper everything is just so beautifully constructed These are up there when it comes to my favorite project bags. They’re just excellent Project bags perfect go to easy to grab easy to put into a larger bag I just love everything about this, so this was the fabric that she chose for this and then I Dyed up a skein of yarn To kind of go with the fabric to kind of bring that same vibe to the yarn Now if you know anything about me when I dye yarn. I like to add a little punchy contrasts Whether that be in the form of black speckles or some other kind of punchy color, and I definitely took the risk here And I’m really really happy that I did. I think this came out Beautifully, and not only am I going to be offering this skein with the project bag that Chelsey created in the kit I’m going to make this a sock set so you’re going to get the project bag by Chelsea at Darner and Emma in addition to A sock set of fiber for the people yarn But this is the main color that will be going with the kit. I do not have a name for this yeah I’m actually in the process of working on a name for the kit collection or collaboration But this is the color that’s going to be going into the kit so here is The project bag and the yarn together And it’s really really very beautiful. I’m super excited about it. I love the speckles in this yarn. I love the charcoal color Definitely a really interesting contrast the Blues Bring out the blues and the fabric that you can see and then there’s the subtle yellows it’s just such a combination and Because this is going to be a sock set I do have The yarn that I’m going to be pairing with this Skein for the contrasting heels cuffs and toes I have chosen to make the mini that I’m putting with this skein This is on my Taylor’s favorite base. So this is a two ply 80% superwash merino 20% nylon Base I’m going to be pairing my workhorse Base with this now my workhorse base is actually a new fiber content previously it was merino nylon Combination it was a 75% superwash merino 25% nylon I have since changed that Because of testing and preference and also because I wanted to carry a Blueface luster yarn Wool in my shop, and so I have changed my workhorse base to be a 75 25 For ply fingering weight yarn except the wool content is actually, bfl and not merino, and I’m really happy I made that choice BFL wool is a really nice beautiful soft wool base But it is more sturdy and rugged and it’s perfect for kind of that like sturdy hardy sock base so the yarn That’s going to be included in these sock sets for the contrasting heels cuffs and toes is actually going to be workhorse so the main body of the sock is going to be knit on the 80/20 two-ply twist tailors favorite your contrasting mini skein is going to be on the workhorse base So you get a little bit of a combination of two bases? I really like to combine Bases when I’m doing heels cuffs and toes I have no qualms with that and I actually kind of like the way it works out So that’s how these socks sets are gonna come out. Let me go ahead and show you though the contrasting color I haven’t worked it up into minis. I’m getting there I’m in the process, but I do have the color here to show you so I’m going to wind this into a loose Hank so that I can show it to you up against the actual skein Okay, so this is just a twisted ball of this so we have the main color Right here, and then get ready for it because it’s super punchy folks. We have the contrasting he cuffs and toes colorway right here So this will be paired into a sock set to go with the Darn, yarn m and project bag and you guys I’m so excited about this. It’s really so beautiful I When springtime comes around and I know it’s not quite spring yet, but when it starts kind of getting to that Season, I start getting really excited about punchy colors That’s just kind of where my minds out when it comes to this season and so I wanted to do something Punchy and I was really excited when I saw the fabric because it really lent me that opportunity with this beautiful blue And the combination of the speckly colorway that I created here So I’m super excited about that so this will be a sock set and it will be combined into a kit with Chelsey’s project bag here and These kits will be available on Friday, so the shop update is Tuesday These kits will be available on Friday I wanted to make sure that she and I both received everything we need to put the kids together at the same time My shop update is coming Tuesday And I’m not going to be able to get the yarn to her by that time so we set it for Friday Just to make sure that we could release these at the same time. They will be a very limited Quantity in the shop, so keep that in mind, but it’s gosh I I want one so bad myself, and they are there are gonna be pretty limited So we definitely want to work fast with this But I’m super excited about these kits keep an eye out on Instagram for more photos of these as they become complete I’m gonna be winding up the minis for the socks That’s today And getting these kits all finalized and taking some really pretty photos to put up on Instagram and to put into a newsletter I’m gonna be sending a newsletter out to talk about the shop update for Tuesday But I’m going to send out an additional newsletter after that To talk about the kits that are gonna be released into the shop the following Friday, so Definitely sign up for the newsletter, but I’m super super excited about that again These are not named yet if you have any suggestions shoot them my way I’d love to hear the ideas that you guys come up with free yarn names but I will be naming this getting it finished and put together and taking some really great photos and posting them up on Instagram so Keep a lookout for that okay another returning colorway coming to the shop is one of my all-time Favorites and those of you that are fans of Outlander you will be familiar with this reference But this colorway is called Craig nough dune. It is a beautiful variegated colorway with greens and Tobacco’s and grays and I love it so much I’m gonna be offering this on four basis And I really have something important that I want to share with you guys considering the fact that I do offer non Superwash yarns in the shop now, so I have something I’d like to share with you about that plus I also want to introduce the newest twisty singles luxe base that will be offered in the shop as a semi-regular Yarn base, so I’m gonna go ahead and show you First Craig nough doon on the 80/20 tailors favorite base, so here. It is I Love it so much. It really is such a bright, beautiful I Guess you could say spring color, but it really is not a seasonal color. It’s just a great classic everyday color It’s got the deep emerald greens running throughout the beautiful tobacco mixed with this grey stone color That’s kind of a nod to the Craig Nadeem standing stones from Outlander Occasionally you’ll see some gray speckles in there those are just consequential It’s not meant to be a speckled colorway But I love it when they pop up from time to time so this is Craig Nadine And it is on here it is on my Taylor’s favorite 8022 ply Yarn, which is like I said my favorite I love it so much. So this is Craig Nadine on Taylor’s favorites it will also be available on the new workhorse space which like I mentioned is still a 7525 still a 4 ply still a stock weight yarn, but now instead of marina wool It is BFL Blueface luster wool and I’m super excited to offer both pull worth and BFL in the shop because I like mixing up the breeds and offering a little bit more than merino And so that’s gonna be in the workhorse and you guys are going to love this yarn trust me It is definitely a workhorse yarn. It is nice and Hardy and perfect for those hard wearing socks you’re gonna Love it so here is Craig Nadine on the workhorse which is the? 7525 bass Oh, it’s so, beautiful I Always loved especially when I’m looking at this on the camera. I love looking at the way the different yarn bases Take the dye because when you have different yarn bases and fiber content. It’s definitely gonna Take up the dye differently there’s more nylon in this particular Yarn, and it’s made of a different wool And so it always will take up the dye just a little differently than perhaps the 80/20 will so it’s kind of an interesting combination and that actually becomes really apparent in just a moment when I share with you the Craig Nadine on the OH Merino, yarn base, so I did do some worsted weight variegated colors for this shop update So this is Craig Nadine on the Oh merino a hundred percent untreated non superwash merino yarn and It’s really really interesting to see kind of how? The variation and how the dye is taken up on a non superwash yarn So this is the same colorway it dyed with the exact same technique using the same colors everything is the same But this is an untreated yarn, and so you’re gonna notice that the colorway comes up Just a little bit differently on the yarn so here. It is on my 80/20 and here it is on mice non super wash Dye is taken up by non Super wash yarn far less intensely, then it’s taken up by super wash yarn And there’s you know science behind that and the reason why that happens is because non super washed yarn has not been scoured It’s not been treated with any kind of a plasticine coating Which prevents super washer and from pilling? That’s just the process that it undergoes to become super wash that’s not done to untreated yarn and so this yarn still has so retains the cuticle and the scale on the fiber and that can actually make the fiber less porous and susceptible to Soaking in all that dye as and having the dice strike as fast in each of the different spots It’s almost like as soon as the dye hits the yarn It spreads a little bit over the surface of the fiber before striking and so you don’t get that solid Sharp variegation that you would with a variegated yarn on a super wash or a variegated dye job on a super wash yarns thing goes with speckles it’s really really difficult to speckle a non super wash yarn because the speckles just don’t strike fast enough and Set sharp enough to really look like speckles. They almost just kind of look like watercolor details That’s kind of the best way. I could describe that So yeah this just it looks a little bit different, but that’s just the nature of The fiber content, that’s what happens when you get a variegated color on a non Super washer, and then I’m also offering Crichton ADUN on the all-new twisty singles luck space which is a 70% superwash merino 30% silk Luxury single ply base beautiful for any garment you really would want to use this forest strong enough for socks It’s not gonna pill because it’s a super tight twist It’s got the silk content so that it lends a little bit of durability as well Perfect for shawls because you guys the drape of this yarn is just phenomenal so here. It is. This is the twisty singles luxe base Anytime you increase the silk Content in a yarn. You’re definitely going to notice that it takes up the dye less intensely in a very similar way To a non super wash yarn the only difference is is that you can speckle a silk? You know a yarn with a silk content like this pretty easily it still takes up speckles nicely And they tend to be pretty sharp but everything just looks a little bit more muted a little bit more subtle and also Too because you have such a luster and a sheen to the yarn it reflects light Makes it almost look as if it’s not as intense even though it may be But it’s beautiful. I love it so much. You can see the sheen of the yarn here. Oh you guys It’s gorgeous and like I showed you with the mini like it drapes like Nobody’s business you can see the way it kind of Anyway, so this is the new twisty singles luxe And this is the Craig new doon colorway these will be in the shop on Tuesday, and I’m super excited about it It’s one of my favorite colorways It’s it’s it’s one of those colorways. That’s beautiful in the skein Beautiful when you kick it up, and then as soon as you turn it into a knit fabric It’s just it’s even more beautiful. It just gets better and better all the time when you use it, so you’re gonna love that Also on that twisty singles luxe base. I’m going to be offering Put so I made a few skeins of patina And I dyed it up on the twisty singles lux because I wanted to see how it came out and you guys it is so Beautiful I love it so much. It’s a little bit more subtle. I’m on the twisty singles for the reasons I mentioned before but it is so beautiful This is definitely going to be a colorway that I bring to the shop Frequently because I’m just obsessed with it so this is that twisty singles luxe 70% superwash merino 30 percent silk single ply yarn And this is the patina colorway this was in the last full shop update. I had You guys it is so beautiful Again, the lights will kind of brighten it up a little bit here, but it’s lovely definitely keep your eyes out on Instagram and in the shop update for pictures of this you can see a little bit more of an accurate depiction Because of the silk the light is really gonna reflect off of it, and it’s gonna wash it out a little bit But hopefully you can get an idea of what’s going on here with the beautiful peaches And the teal speckles and the charcoal speckles. I mean you guys oh My gosh, it’s beautiful in this yarn. I Wanted knit a pillow out of it and then sleep on it Oh, it’s so lovely I wouldn’t hit a pair of pajamas out of this Wait I would buy the yarn and then I would have somebody knit me a pair of pajamas. It’s so beautiful I love it so much So there will be a very very limited supply of this colorway in the shop on Tuesday But it is gorgeous Absolutely gorgeous and that is on the twisty singles luxe base I am so glad to announce that cactus flower is going to be back in the shop It was in the previous shop update and I’m putting it into this shop update because you guys This colorway is so popular and I love that you love it so much because it is my probably my all-time Favorite one of the originals, and it’s beautiful so cactus flower will be in the shop I will have it on the Taylor’s favorite which is an 80/20 Two-ply twist so here is cactus flower on Taylor’s favorite. It will also be available on the workhorse base Which is the 75 25 which is down here? 75% super wash BFL 25% nylon And then it is also going to be on the omarina worsted base and just like with the Craig Naidu Oh Marino version This is a non superwash yarn So you’re gonna notice that the dye job is a little less intense than it is on the super watch yarn so here it is on the Oh Marino base This is the worsted base here. It’s beautiful, but granted It is definitely less intense than the super watch base as you can see here So this is Taylor’s favored 80/20 and that is the worsted weight base, but you guys regardless. It’s really very beautiful So I love that and then last but not least I am going to be offering it on the twisty singles luxe base And you guys just get a load of this Oh Get in there oh My goodness so pretty those sage greens. I love it in the pinks It’s a very warm colorway Sometimes when I die up this colorway I find that it tends to be more sage green and then sometimes. I diet and it tends to be a little warmer Which I love that aspect of of this craft. I love the the Changes that sometimes happen when you’re doing something like this that is So creative you know that even if you’re following a recipe There’s always gonna be nuances that come out more in some versions than in others And I love this about that so These are the skeins that we are going to have along the bases in the shop for cactus flower in Tuesday’s update So I’m super super excited about that so I have a new colorway coming to this shop and this was actually Kind of an experimental colorway. I was trying to do one thing and then something else happened And it wasn’t quite what I wanted so I went back and I added some more you know Some more to the yarn, and they came up with something actually really really cool, so I’m excited to share this with you I’m calling this low fidelity because the term low fidelity refers to a sound wave that’s created from a kind of an audio Mishap, I guess you could say it’s like distortions and sound But that actually contribute to something that’s really cool, and can be used in music so that’s where you get to turn low fidelity that’s what I’m calling this and I really really love it, so I’m offering low fidelity in the shop as single skeins and as socks sets so you will see a DK weight sock set and A fingering weight sock set with this colorway and so the first I’m going to show you is the Taylor’s favorite. This is the 80/20? superwash merino nylon two-ply twist here’s The yarn and all of its glory you guys look at that isn’t that like crazy. I love it so much. It’s like Chaos in a yarn and it’s beautiful Oh, I can’t I just I want to cake it up and look at it in the cake And then I want to knit with it, and I want to look at it in the fabric because it’s gonna be so beautiful So I cannot wait to see that worked up Into something because it’s so fun to look at so this is low fidelity And then I’m going to be offering it as a sock set on the other three bases But now I’m gonna show you my whisked base. Which is a non super wash yarn and you’re gonna see that There is definitely a difference in saturation and intensity when it comes to the dye job on this particular skein of yarn So whist is a fingering weight two ply twists? 100% non superwash merino it’s beautiful it has an amazing hand it’s a nice sturdy yarn But it definitely takes up the dye differently so here It is this is the low fidelity colorway And you can see it comes out almost more like a watercolor as opposed to a really sharp Variegated colorway so here it is on Taylor’s favorite and then here it is on the non super wash wrist and it’s Beautiful, but it’s so interesting How that works when you dye it exactly the same way techniques are all the same But it just comes out differently like that so kind of an interesting Dynamic like I mentioned so this will also be in a sock set now I have dyed up a beautiful Skein of yarn to go with this in a mini form in a really pretty pale orange Color to kind of go with the warmer tones, and that’s gonna accompany this skein I don’t have that here to show you yet because right now it is drying, but keep an eye out on it – Graham So you and on the newsletter as well so you can kind of see what that’s gonna look like and then I’m also going to offer it as socks sets on the Workhorse base which is here So here is low fidelity on workhorse Really beautiful and Then also I’m going to offer it on the lofty DK base and Then for the stock sets I’m going to be including a mini fiber in this really beautiful Orange color here. It’s gonna. Be really punchy really fun really different So that will be what your sucks that will look like you’ll have a corresponding mini fiber in this really punchy bright orange color with the low fidelity Colorway right here, so I’m really excited about that It’s going to be beautiful So you will have a stock set with this color combination in the DK way and two fingering weight bases as well So that’s gonna be a lot of fun so that will be in the shop on Tuesday That’s low fidelity, and it will be a stock set okay I will also be offering socks sets of Lights through the trees like I mentioned earlier And I’m super excited to share this with you guys lights through the trees will be across three different bases I will have it on my Taylor’s favour 8020 workhorse 75 25 and lofty DK. Which is 100% superwash merino for applied DK weight yarn Sock sets will be across all three of those So I want to show you guys um first the lights the trees colorway And then I want to show you the accompanying mini fiber That’s gonna go with that because it is so fun and punchy and exciting I love it, so here is lights through the trees and this is on the DK weight base This is 100% superwash merino 4 ply DK weight This is the worsted or excuse me. This is the workhorse base right here this is 75% BFL 25% nylon and Then we have Taylor’s favorite 80% superwash merino 20% nylon two-ply twist these are the 3 bases that you will be able to get your socks That’s on in the shop update and now I’m gonna show you the mini fiber. That’s gonna go along with that And I’m just gonna hold up one skein of yarn and the mini fiber to go along with it I don’t know what it is like. I was just really into the idea of a really punchy Corresponding contrasting heels cuffs and toes for this colorway so here it is So you have your lights the trees and it will be And it will be combined with this really beautiful Kind of I would say emerald green, but it’s really not it’s actually kind of more of like a teal Green, I don’t know. It’s just it’s really beautiful. It’s got blue undertones to it more so than the warm undertones of an emerald green I don’t know, but maybe it is more like a true emerald, but it just beautiful in correspondence with this colorway I love it so much so that will be well to look forward to in the sock sets for the lights the trees This is the DK weight base here. This is the? Tailors favorite don’t my gosh look how much fun that is you guys So pretty oh, I love it so much, and then this is the workhorse base Right there So that is what’s going to make up your lights putri stock sets and I love it so much so through all three of these Contrasting colors together, I mean look at this it’s like an episode of Sesame Street. I love it so Much, they look so loud and like vibrance, but I think when you’re making socks it’s a lot of fun to have really punchy colors like this and I know that my Current socks that I’m working on right now are really not a huge indicator of that But I really do love you know in the weather site starts to warm up and your knitting Projects still it’s almost kind of fun to incorporate more color into your work I don’t know That’s just personal opinion, but I love the colors of the mini fiber for the contrasting heels cuffs and toes this update I’m just so obsessed with all of the different sock sets that are gonna be in the shops So I hope you guys are as well, so definitely make sure you’re there on Tuesday to grab now only your mini bundles But also your sock sets and anything else that strikes your fancy Those are the star players in the shop update for Tuesday. I do have to Lucky Strikes that I want to share with you guys One is actually there’s a really interesting story about this one Which has a lot to do with what I was talking about earlier about non super washing yarn And one of them is Lucky Strike that I kind of added a little something to just to give it a little something extra So the first is this Lucky Strike here. This is called. She did what? And I don’t know why that came to me as being what I wanted to call this, but that’s what it is It’s a really beautiful pale lilac color here and Really really pale almost bare yarn colors going through here And I added some little speckles to it just to give it a little something extra, so this is called She did what and it is a Lucky Strike there are only going to be two like this in the shop on Tuesday? So if you like it definitely snag it fast cuz it’s really beautiful. It’s a really fun Kind of subtle colorway, and it’s got a little punch to it there. I love this especially Pair for whatever reason I just love the way it looks paired with the workhorse low fidelity, colorway I don’t know. I just I think that looks really cool together Almost like you can make heels cuffs and toes with this one and this would be your main color or vice versa I just really Love this pairing so but that is a Lucky Strike. That’s going to be in the shop on Tuesday called She did what and then the second Lucky Strike was actually? kind of a mishap but more it’s just a misfit so as I mentioned a few times now the Non super wash yarn takes the dye differently less intensely it almost comes out more watercolor like More blended and in a lot of cases much more muted And that was what happened here big-time with what I’m about to show you so this was Dyed with the exact same dye the exact same technique as my lights through the trees colorway But it was died on my wist base and I really need to kind of go back and I take notes as I dye the yarn based on what’s happening at that given Dye session just so I know You know what to tweak in the future if I did something differently what have you just keeps me keeps me in Tune with what exactly is going on in the dye studio That time so I did take some notes about this and there are a few things that I’m gonna try and tweak But it just was so drastically different than the color way It was meant to be so this was meant to be lights through the trees which is this? and Wait for it It’s really pretty Amazing how drastically different. It is this is what we have So huge learning experience for me now I’m gonna take lights through the trees away because I feel like it gives you a little bit of a perspective on the Lucky Strike yarn here Maybe makes it look a little muddy because you’re comparing it And I was really worried about that at first when I saw this. I’m like oh no it’s like It’s too blended the colors are so muted it almost has a chalky look to it But then I was thinking like if you’re comparing it to this color then yeah, that’s definitely what you’re seeing But if you look at it in its own right and you see it by itself It’s actually really lovely my husband came out, and he’s like hey. This is really cool How did you do this and I explained it to him and he says well it almost kind of resembles like an unwashed chalkboard Because it does have that Milky kind of undertone to it, but it’s really beautiful and I imagined it in a knitted fabric or even caked up to see all of these colors kind of coming together I Don’t know. I really really love it. So this is going to be in the shop as a misfit or a Lucky Strike I’m not sure how I’m going to list it. It really doesn’t matter. It’s considered a one-of-a-kind right now Just because it’s so different from what it was intended to be but it’s really very beautiful, so this is the wist base 100% Nunn superwash merino yarn two-ply really, beautiful, so this is going to be one of the full skein Lucky Strikes in the shop as well as She did what? Will also be in the shop is a Lucky Strike So that’s it you guys. That’s what’s coming to the shop on Tuesday I’m super excited about all the sock sets About the mini bundles about some of these Lucky Strikes are a lot of fun the kit that I’m creating with darn yarn MN in Collaboration with Chelsea, I’m super excited about those those will be released on Friday and limited So definitely keep track of that, but I’m really excited about this update I’m excited about every update ice I get so Attached to the colorways into the yarn that I become really excited to share them with you guys so definitely mark your calendars Be there on Tuesday 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time sign up for the newsletter ahead of time that when promotions come out in the newsletter Which comes up before the update? You can be in the loop on that and you can get your discount at the time of the shop update also Don’t forget when you check out make sure you create a customer account because if you can create a customer account next time you come Back to buy yarn you don’t have to go through the whole billing information process it gets saved to your account I have zero access to that information. I have zero access to billing information It’s saved in the database so that it can be brought back out for you for simple or checking out and that’s it I do Not have access to any of that information And that information is never shared just FYI so keep that in mind when you head over to the shop sign up for the newsletter Check out the options that we have for kake winding That’s about it. I think that’s all I’ve got so that is fiber for the people yarn.com shop update is coming Tuesday All right you guys, it’s about time for me to head out, but before I go I wanted to remind you of a little thing that we have going on over here at the wool needles hands podcast that I’m really Needing your guys’s help with it is called the local yarn store Call to action and what that is is where I? Elicit the help from the viewers to go out into the wild in their communities to their local yarn shops get some photos get some Video send it back to me here at will needles hands at gmail.com so that I can compile it into a little musical montage Sharing the local yarn stores in all of our various different communities I really really enjoyed doing this segment of the podcast. I haven’t been able to do it lately I don’t have a lot of new footage Which has inspired me to head out to my other local yarn store that I haven’t shared on the podcast called Sin City knits I’m going to be doing that next week, and I’m gonna be sharing that on the podcast but in the meantime if you’re heading out to a local yarn store in your area or maybe you’re Traveling and you’re gonna be going to some local yarn stores there send me the footage if you’d be so inclined so that I can Share it here on the podcast and we can continue to broaden our View of the Knitting community out in the world we live in so that’s something really important to the podcast really important to me So please help me out with that send it over to the wool needles hands at gmail email account Well it is time for me to go Thank you guys again for hanging out with me for another episode of the wool needles hands knitting podcast I am Eternally grateful to everybody who has subscribed and supported this channel either new Subscribers or people that have been subscribing and supporting the channel from the very beginning as always. Thank you so much It couldn’t be done without you you guys keep this thing going So please don’t forget to thumbs up like the video subscribe if you like what you see here So we can continue to grow the Knitting community the crochet community the fiber community here at the wool needles hands knitting podcast Thank you guys, so so very much until next time on episode 21 – the wool needles hands podcast Happy knitting happy crocheting Happy whatever. It is that you’re doing have a wonderful weekend and week see you at the shop update on Tuesday See you for the next episode of the podcast goodbye

24 thoughts on “Episode 20: I don’t block ’em. I just wash ’em.

  1. I was knitting the Gramma's Favorite Washcloth as I watched you talk about your washcloth making! I just found out about the Yarn Hoarder washcloth challenge, so I knitted up 4 this weekend to catch up! Love the colors you selected for the baby blanket. Have a lovely time enjoying your toddler these last few months before he becomes Big Brother.

  2. I have mentioned your KAL in my podcast as I am hosting annual knit a hat kal too my second year 🙂 Please feel free to include any of my patterns into your prizes I will deffinitely add my hats to your kal as I can't add them to mine 😀 I will try to send you an email too 🙂 I love that Light Through the Trees colour for a hat 🙂

  3. Hi! First time viewer and loved your podcast (can't wait to check out your shop). Regarding row counting, you should always count the loops on your needles as a row. Using your analogy with the first row, you have manipulated the yarn with two needles to create the loops sitting there, ie, a row completed!

  4. I rec'd my Babycakes alpaca skein in 'Grapefruit' from you & it's beautiful!! I have it by my side & stroke it every once in awhile. Our dog is jealous 'cause I have a new pet, haha. Anyway I've never knitted with alpaca & I was searching around for a super easy pattern but 1st I came across this newish podcast by a young woman who is an alpaca rancher in Nebraska. I asked her about knitting with it & she told me one should NOT make hats with alpaca….will super size stretch out & anything you knit with alpaca should be knit with another fiber such as wool. I was disappointed….I don't want to knit with another strand of fiber. I need your thoughts please since this is your yarn & maybe a link to a simple hat pattern using this fiber?….I couldn't find any. Sorry this so lengthy & thank you 🙂

  5. You are definitely good at explaining about the yarns and how they pick up dyes. It's very interesting. This is my first experience your podcast.

  6. I am with you on the heel flap and gusset look, all my socks are done in that method and the rib stitch for heel flaps is awesome. It is a nice easy one I feel. What pattern were you planning on using for your dish towels? I saw one on purl soho recently, but haven't decided if I want to do that one specifically or not. I really like your wist (?) base and the bfl I am dying to try! I think my favorite colorways are the outlander one and low fidelity. So beautiful!!!

  7. Thank you for the hat inspiration! I just casted on my first hat! Barley by tincanknits. Now the possibility of picking up one skein of yarn is there… For all the hats! Thanks again!

  8. You inspired me to take out all of my old cotton yarn and whip up some face cloths! I used to make them all the time for others but never for myself! – Therese

  9. Love your podcasting space. Fairy lights add so much coziness but maybe have them burning steady and not blinking when you are recording. It's a bit distracting. Just a friendly suggestion– it's your show, you get the final say!

  10. The first name that came into my head for your sock collab skein was "Garden Party." All the bright colors with that pop of teal/aqua just screamed party to me. Plus the fabric of the bag reminds me of bright cotton-print dresses and sitting in the spring sunshine. Look forward to seeing more mini sets too. Great idea!

  11. Enjoyed your podcast, and will subscribe… I love that you are doing the hat KAL. I am primarily a Hat Knitter…mostly for charity.. No desire to knit socks… ..but I do enjoy my hats…

    The Question segment is such a good idea… It will be a great opportunity to learn something…

    Congratulations on having so many viewers!

    Sandy from Cincinnati

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Thank you very much.. Love your Channe! And your Ravelry group. Organizing my first order at the shop this week (you know, what type and weigh of yarn for which projects). Can't wait to try out your workhorse and a couple others.

  13. I agree, baby blanket pattern have to be easy, i am on my 3rd blanket and i enjoy it, however pattern number 2 was a pain – i had to count stitches all the time 🙁 , i had to bind off it earlier as i didn't enjoy it at all

  14. A knitted cast on uses both needles, so, according to your definition, this cast on is a row. That is incorrect, the cast on, regardless of procedure, is not the first row, only a cast on.

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