Episode 64: Am I Back?

Episode 64: Am I Back?

[Music] [Music] Hello and welcome to the Freakish Lemon video podcast. I am your host, the Freakish Lemon. I go by Adrian. I use masculine pronouns- he, him, and his. Yeah, it’s been a while. I’m gonna stumble through this intro, as if I don’t do that every episode. Welcome to any new viewers. Thank you so much for clicking on whatever you clicked on to get over here. And welcome back returning viewers. Thanks for sticking with me. This is a crafty type podcast coming to you from the north west hills of Connecticut, which is an area that includes the Tunxis, Paugusset, and Mahican ancestral homelands. Show notes for this episode and all episodes can be found at freakishlemon.com. We have a group on Ravelry- just search ‘freakish lemon’ in the groups tab and you will find us. And you can follow me at all the fun places like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Ravelry as freakishlemon. All the links to these things will be in the downbar here on Youtube or around here if you’re watching this somewhere else. And if you do want to follow along with this podcast, please hit subscribe here on Youtube so that you know when I’m posting new episodes. I’m filming this on Saturday morning- May the 11th, 2019. It looks very dark in here on my screen but Oh trust me, it’s not. I had to position the camera so that that window was in fact not in frame because, even with the curtains closed, it was a shining beacon of sunrise. Yeah, so I’ve been on hiatus. My last episode was about mid-January, which was a period of time that culminated in some previously unrealized levels of stress. So if you didn’t see my Instagram post saying that I was dropping the podcast for a while because of stuff, that’s why I haven’t been posting regular episodes. But you know, some things that have happened since my last episode is more medical nonsense, some mental health nonsense- I shouldn’t call that nonsense- mental health stuff, the medical has been nonsense, but mental health stuff, job stuff, including one co-worker who I have worked with forever leaving and then within the same week my supervisor being fired, reading copious amounts of fanfiction to cope with life, started studying witchcraft, started taking a lot of walks, started making my own granola bars instead of buying them at the grocery store basically every week, sleeping a lot, gardening- started doing that, curating down my social media and YouTube feeds cuz it was stressing me out, and reorganizing my entire home library. So that’s what I’ve been up to, as well as the things that I will be talking about craft wise. The only thing I’m not including in this video craft wise is the natural dyeing stuff cuz frankly, I don’t remember what I’ve told you. And maybe I’ll do a roundup at the end of the year with like the things that I’ve learned about natural dyeing in the past year. Because I started in December, so that’s a nice easy milestone to aim for, I guess. I don’t know. It- I’m barely. I’m taking notes on all the actual stuff that I’m doing for the natural dyeing, but the timeline of it is completely gone. It’s just I have no idea when I did it. I don’t know. So that’s the only thing I’m not going to be talking about in this episode. As I said, maybe I’ll do a roundup since then I can just pull out my book of samples and be like these are the things that I’ve done. It’s an idea. The only update I have for podcast stuff is I’m hoping to return to the monthly schedule. However, I don’t know if that’s gonna happen because time and space are things that I have not yet gotten a handle on since January, so working on it, but I’m feeling like podcasting now. So cross your fingers, if this is something that you tune into regularly. Just a series of unintelligible noises. Let’s just get into the crafting stuff because this- I’m basically going to be touching on every single work in progress that I have probably- that you’ve seen in the past eight months. Because I’ve pretty much touched all of the works in progress since my last episode. So let’s start with some finished objects. The first finished object is the Shagbark cardigan by Tian Foley. This- I used Classic Elite yarns. So here is the sweater. Here’s my monster swatch, in case anyone forgot that I’m a crazy person who makes giant swatches now. Oh allergies. Okay. So this is Classic Elite Yarns Mountaintop Blackthorn in the Wolf colorway. It’s a- I don’t know- bulky yarn probably and I didn’t write down what’s actually the fiber content on this, but it’s wool. There’s some alpaca. I don’t remember if there’s anything else, but it’s this light gray. It’s giant. Not giant on me, it’s just a very thick garment because it’s bulky. It’s a seamed raglan cardigan with this collar thing going on and it’s super warm. I knit it on US 8/ 5 mm needles and my gauge was much looser than what the pattern called for, so I ended up knitting the smallest size for the measurements I wanted with my gauge. And things I have learned is I still like- I’m still digging the open front cardigan thing. It’s very warm. This collar thing drives me bonkers. Also the raglan seams feel wrong to me. It could be just because I don’t wear raglan things, but I ke- it- when I’m not looking at it in a mirror, I shift it so that this back arm seam is closer to the tops of my shoulders, which is not how it’s supposed to fit. But I’m so used to the shoulder seam here and then a set in sleeve, so seamed raglan’s are not the way to go for me in the future. Also these collar- this collar nonsense is not conducive to my life. Basically this is a bum around the house sweater because it’s hard to wear with collared shirts, which is what I wear to work every day. So it’s basically a weekend/ when I get home from work and I put on pajamas and I need to just like snuggle down just like do this and watch TV. So it’s not as useful as I would have hoped. I was hoping that I would be able to use it as a light jacket, but again this collar thing. And it could be because of the content of the yarn that this collar thing isn’t working because alpaca is drapey, so it’s not staying wherever I put it. It drives me a little crazy, which is why I’m fiddling with it in the screen right now. So I learned a lot from this sweater and I definitely wore it a lot once I finished it because it was toasty and delightful. It’s just- I know this is going to end up a kind of shapeless wooly matt- mah- mmm shapeless wooly mass, shapeless mass that is wooly- that will basically be a blanket with sleeves one day. So that is the Shagbark sweater. Drop that on the floor. I finished a pair of socks- not a fingering weight pair of socks, but a worsted weight pair of socks. I finished pair number two of my Palmer family farm- my notes shut off. It’s like I’ve never left. These are a little hard to see because they’re brown and I’m wearing black and everything is dark behind me because light is being weird, but these are my Palmer family farm ribbed socks version two. This is a pattern that I’ve been tweaking specifically for this yarn because I love this yarn and I buy basically a couple of skeins from this farm every time I see their booth at a specific farmers market in September. Yeah, it’s a basic ribbed sock, if you haven’t seen it before. It’s a 1×1 rib for the cuff. It’s a 3×1 rib for the body. It’s a fish lips kiss heel and then what toe was I doing? I guess I’ve just a standard decrease on either side toe. I knit these using a US 3 which is a 3.25 mm needle and this is- I keep mentioning their name. It’s a CVM wool. I think they’re the only farm in Connecticut who has a CVM flock and it makes for great socks. This is the second pair in the series that I’m working on, but it’s my third pair of CVM thick worsted weight socks. So pleased to have those off even though it’s spring and I probably won’t wear them until November. But I am very excited to have these done because I get to wear them and this is starting to become old stash – the Palmer family farm that I’ve had. So those are done. On to sewing finished objects. I did finish- I don’t remember if the Shagbark was part of my Make Nine, but I did a Make Nine for 2019. It’s on Instagram. I did a post not too long ago where I kind of established where I was with my Make Nines. One of my Make Nines was to make a Halloween shirt, which I did. So here’s my Halloween shirt. This is using the McCall’s M6044 pattern. I used that pattern before to make a Christmas shirt, which I believe I’ve shown you. If I haven’t, oops, but that one fit weird. The back was too wide, so this one was done with an adjustment to kind of narrow the back. Basically I took some of the pieces and narrowed them down to the medium size instead of the large. So here’s what it looks like. I do have a picture on Instagram of me wearing it. It fits pretty comfortably. The arm holes are still a little bit weird, not uncomfortably so. If I was wearing this to work, it wouldn’t bother me, but if I was doing a lot of things like around the house and had to move a lot more than it would bother me. But you know, for going to work. I haven’t worn it to work but in October I will. So I have this Halloween cotton on the collar and the cuffs and this black is a cotton that I got at Affordable Fabrics which claims it was a quilting cotton, but it doesn’t stay put very well. I’ve used it in quilts before and I didn’t like how- I don’t know the word I’m looking for- how much it moved in comparison to the rest of the quilting cotton, so I figured if this shirt really didn’t work out, it was no loss for me. I did purple top stitching because I have a ton of purple thread and purple’s a great Halloween color. I also did mismatched buttons because if there’s any shirt you’re gonna be able to mismatch your buttons on, it’s a Halloween shirt. So that’s very exciting. I can’t wait to wear this in October. I just wearing it around because I know somebody’s gonna ask and I’m gonna go I made it and they’re gonna freak out, which is the reason why we make our own clothes, right? So other people will freak out about it? So that’s a finished object that I’m really pleased with. In my Make Nine, I do have plans for two more button-down shirts that I was going to use that McCall’s M6044 pattern for, but I haven’t quite figured it out yet and I have a Simplicity pattern that I made a grey button down with that fits me very well with minimal adjustments. So I think I’m just going to make those two shirts out of that pattern because I’m going to need them sooner rather than later. Because I’m wearing through shirts for work. So I have another finished object this is a combo weaving and sewing project. This is a sweater size project bag. There’s a sweater in it, but these are all scrap yarns from mostly my marled magic shawl- marled magic shawl and my big woven lounge pants, I guess we’ll call them. So I wove this fabric. I did one side with twists because I like how they look and I think that’s fun and I just folded that over and top stitched it down to the zipper. The other side has is just a plain piece of fabric. It’s got a boxed bottom. I was so excited to find this green zipper, and then the inside of the bag is this black and white checked fabric because I had enough of it to be perfectly honest. The most challenging thing about sewing this project bag was my hand woven fabric because these yarns are not all the same weight exactly so my selvages were a little wonky and I’m not the greatest weaver, let’s be honest. I’m learning. So my selvages are wonky so it’s hard to get a straight seam, first of all, but also because hand woven fabric is- it’s a thicker fabric, which usually my sewing machine can do but because the weave is so much bigger than commercial fabric, the feed dogs have a hard time moving it. So you have to go real slow and if you get impatient, you d- you don’t quite go where you need to be going, which I do often when I’m sewing. Because I- the thing I love to do when sewing is to get a big long straight seam or a bunch of quilt blocks that are even and just zoom, but I gotta learn to not do that with my- my hand woven fabrics. I gotta train myself not to do that. I do use um a walking foot with the hand woven fabrics, but I think I’ve busted that walking foot. So I may need to get another one or I gotta open it up and fix a spring somewhere. There’s something not quite right with it, so mm-hmm. But it’s a functional bag and I’ve been using it and I’m very pleased that I have a sweater sized bag that’ll actually fit, you know, a sweater’s quantity of yarn for me and it’s got room in it for the project, which has been my problem with my other sweater size project bags. Except for that duffle bag that I made that one time. Put that here until I’m ready to talk about that project. I also finished some handspun- where did it end up? There it is. This is my pumpkin patch handspun and this was intended to be finished for the Pumpkin MAL that Gabby from Once Upon a Corgi and Joanna from Stitching the High Notes- remembering things is hard. They host that- They’ve hosted that a few years now and this was going to be my project for that, but I kind of lost mojo and had a lot of issues at that time of year, so it just didn’t happen. Here it is. This is a two ply. I got this fiber, which I don’t know what it is, at a farmers market. They just had a piece of paper that said ‘pumpkin patch’ on it attached. ‘Pumpkin patch’ two ounces for each of the batts I got. So some kind of wool- it’s a toothy woolly wool. I don’t remember whether I spun this worsted or woollen. I spun it on my Hitchhiker wheel, which I have now sold so no more projects gonna be coming from that wheel. We just didn’t click. I gave it a good go- gave it you know over a year, pretty sure, but I sold it. Especially because I have an espinner coming as soon as that kickstarter finishes manufacturing. It’s from the Electric Eel espinner folks. I believe I got all those names right. It’s a 3d printed espinner and it’s gonna be small, so you know. I’m running out of space in my craft room for all these things and it just made sense to find a new home for a wheel that I wasn’t really spending a lot of time with. So this is the hand-spun. I haven’t measured it, haven’t gotten to it. That’s kind of been the theme I’m just going with the flow this year because last year was too much. So that’s my handspun. One more finished object. I finished that rug hooking sampler that I bought at New England Fiber festival. It’s- the company’s Loop by Loop. The designer was Sharon Perry. It was a fully inclusive kit, including the fabric, the wool strips, the- here’s what I have leftover, hook, and this black stuff for finishing. The only thing that you have to supply with that kit is your own embroidery hoop or you know hoop contraption, which I have plenty of and here is my finished little rug. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, especially for our first time project. Once I finished the edges and then just put a wet towel over it and just kind of like steamed it a little bit it, really just smoothed out nicely. Will I do this again? Probably not unless there is a specific thing that I want to do. I don’t think this is going to be added into my normal fruit salad of crafts, but I’m glad I did give it a try. I got my two crows, my star, my background, and my border. I don’t know where this is gonna go. I’ll probably sew a couple of loops onto it and hang it on the wall. Those are my finished objects. Whoo, I’ve only hit 25 minutes on this filming thingy. I thought I’d go for longer because we know how much I ramble, but get ready because we’re about to start works in progress. So first let’s start with some blankets. We’ve got the granny stripe marled blanket. This is a pattern by Lucy of the Attic24 blog and I do have a progress keeper somewhere on this. So here’s how far I’ve gone since I last showed it to you. There’s my little egg on toast. This is marling black Knitpicks stroll fingering with these magic cakes and magic balls. The beginning of it was an advent calendar from Legacy Fiber Artz and my goal is to get these two magic cakes and finish up this little one into this blanket. If I hit the desired height that I want, I’ll just start doing borders and use up as much of these as I possibly can. I’m using a US G which is a 4.25 millimeter hook. That’s all the stats you need, right? Great. Many of you have seen these blankets before. Then I also have my cozy memories blanket, which I will be so excited when this is done just because it’s been lingering for ages because I really don’t spend a lot of time with it. This is the Memory Blanket pattern by Georgie Nicholson. I’m using a US 1/ 2.25 millimeter needle with fingering weight yarns. So my last strategy was to start building it up to stair step and all these ones with progress keepers are new since the last time you saw them, but I’m changing my strategy again. So I’m going to- because I’m not sure how long I actually want this side to be. This other side is at a set length. I’m not going any longer than this, but I’m getting real sick of doing these tiny squares, so what I’m going to do is continue this row out to the end so then I’ll have four squares of height and then I’ll do the next two rows up until the last two and do a double size square and stair-step double size squares on the other side of the blanket. So there will be a diagonal dividing the blanket and half of it will be the size squares I have and half of it will be double size squares. That’s the plan for now because I think once I get some double size squares in there, it will seem a lot less daunting to finish out this blanket. And this blanket, I’m practicing English style knitting on since gauge kind of doesn’t matter. So I’ve got my needles in the next square for row 4? Yeah, row 4 and I’m gonna start going that way. If this idea changes again, I’ll let you know sometime in the future. Socks- I have a pair of fingering weight socks that I’ve been slowly working on. I have made progress since you’ve last seen them. I still have only one finished- well, one tube finished. There will be an afterthought heal going in it later and I’ve done a couple inches since last time I showed you. Since it’s been a few months, just to remind you these are the Jyn Erso self striping socks from self striping yarn from Must Stash yarns. I’m using a US 0 which is a 2 millimeter needle. It’s a 64 stitch stockinette tube with 2×2 ripped cuff, normal decreased toe, and then I do an afterthought heel in them. And then I have pair three of my Palmer family farm ribbed socks. This pair will have the sort of brick red color for the cuffs and toes and the rest will be dark brown because I have a full skein and then- this is probably half a skein and this is the last of my stash for Palmer family farm. That’s it, which is very exciting. That means when I see her again in the fall, I can buy some more and the these- the pattern for this is identical to the last two pairs of socks that I’ve done. Still the 3- US 3 which is a 3.25 millimeter. These
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are my cubics needles. I love these needles. I love cubics needles. They’re so comfortable. Now on to sweaters. I have two sweaters that are ongoing. The first is my self-drafted handspun sweater. You’ll remember, if you’ve been watching, that I tried making this sweater before using Amy Herzog’s Custom Fit, but there must have been a measurement wrong because the arm holes were way too long and I didn’t know how to fix them. So I have a book Knitting Pattern Essentials by Sally Melville. I did a swatch and I calculated out a it’s- a simple crew neck set in sleeve long sleeve sweater, like no shaping. It’s straight rectangle for the body and just simple simple shaping on the sleeves. Nothing fancy at all. So I before I got ahead of myself, I just did the back piece on my- on my Silver Reed LK 150, which is a flatbed mid gauge knitting machine. I did the rows for the ripping, scrapped it off the machine, and then laddered up the purl stitches. Because the this flatbed machine can only do stockinette without considerable manipulation and I just find it easier to ladder up the purl stitches with a latch hook tool while it’s off the machine. So I just scrap it off with some waste yarn, undo a row of stitches, ladder them up the other way, put the ribbing back on the machine, and completed just the back piece so that I could wash and block the easiest piece. Because it’s got the least amount of anything you need to pay attention to and compare it to shirts that already fit me. It looked good compare it- like laying it on top of a shirt that I know already fits me. So I’m going ahead with it. So here’s the back piece and then what I did is I did the rows for the ribbing for the front and both sleeves. And here’s the front, here’s one sleeve complete, and this sleeve piece is half complete. This is what I- sorry, it’s black and hard to see. This is what I pulled off of the machine, just to stockinette piece so then I turn it around and then- I’ll do one now. I actually, so you can see what I do, is I- it’s a one by one rib, so from last pearl row I did, you just this row- this um yarn is a little grippy. This is- the orange is my hand spun from Spinners Hill Farm. It was a pre-dyed roving. I don’t remember the fiber content and the black is Classic Elite Yarns Mohawk wool, which is pretty toothy. But basically, you unravel that row and then I take a latch hook, because it comes with the machine, and create the knit stitches on the purl side, which is you know something mindless to do when you’re watching TV. One of the first things you learn about machine knitting is just undoing, ripping things out, pulling out a row to ladder it back up correctly. That’s like the first thing you learn to do in machine knitting because you will screw up and it’s a machine so it takes you less time to do straight stockinette. So this is half done and then once this one is done, then I will start rehanging these. I’ll rehang a piece onto the machine, probably the front so I have the front back. Knit up the front piece. Knit up the sleeves, then start seaming, adding the collar, all that fun stuff. Did I write down any other details? No. I don’t remember what tension dial this is that on my machine. If it’s not on my Ravelry page- there is a project up. I don’t remember how much I’ve filled in, but if it’s not on my Ravelry page, it will be soon. Or just ask me and I’ll go look it up. And the second sweater I’m working on is the Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry, which is something that’s been in my queue for ages, but um has been pushed to the top of the queue since I saw many of them in person at Rhinebeck last year. So it’s in my new sweater bag, which is great. I’m doing this cardigan a little differently, so let me grab my unusually large swatch. This is the stockinette side. Here’s the reverse stockinette side, which is the right side for the body of the sweater and you can see I have a lot of ends over here. That’s because I have eight Once Upon a Corgi yarns that go in a fade and I have limited DK yarns in my stash, so what I’m doing is I’m holding two Once Upon a Corgi yarns together for each of the four colors called for in this pattern. So I’m going to name them all now and I probably won’t name them again until this sweater is finished. Before I forget I’m using a US 4/ 3.5 millimeter needle and, again, my gauge is bigger than what’s called for, so I’m down a couple of sizes. So the first color which I ended up using this- I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go dark to light or light to dark so I did both on this swatch, but I like the lightest color at the top and it unintentionally mimics the actual sample that she has on the photo of the pattern. So these two yarns- let’s do the stockinette side because it’s easier to see the blue green there- if my notes don’t fall asleep. Wake up, notes. These are- I’m holding together Queequeg and Briny Beach, which are both Series of Unfortunate Events colorways and then the next, which is this lighter color here, I’m holding together Tomorrow I Shall Be Fetterless and Lemony Snicket, both early versions of that colorway. They’re slightly different now, I believe, and then this kind of brownish grey here is holding together Miracles and Meatballs- now I should say Tomorrow I Shall Be Fetterless is an Edgar Allan Poe club colorway and Lemony Snicket is Lemony Snicket, and then Miracles and Meatballs, which is a Series of Unfortunate Events club colorway, and Ghoul Haunted Woodlands of Weir, which is an Edgar Allan Poe club, and then the darkest one is holding together Dark as a Crow at Night and Dying to Burn at the Stake. So those are my colors that I’m doing and I have split for the sleeves, and I’ve just started fading in my third color. Let’s actually show you the correct side out, so here we are now split for the sleeves and I’m about two inches down past that point. And I am fading in that brown there. So I am liking how this is turning out. I don’t know how well it goes with anything that I own, but I think this is a fun experiment. To both marl and- well, not really marling cuz they’re pretty close, but holding two colors together and also fading them is pretty cool. So it’s neat and it’s going by much quicker than I thought it would. I’m hoping that I don’t have the fit issue I have with this raglan sweater that I do with the seamed raglan sweater. I’m hoping just because it’s- if it’s seamless then I won’t be trying to line up seams unconsciously, but I also think that the way the band goes it’s more similar to my blue cardigan where’s it- there’s not like a collar collar. I’m not explaining this very well. We’ll move on. I’m hoping that I’ll get a lot of wear out of it despite the raglan sleeves and if this cardigan doesn’t do it for me for the raglan, then no more raglans. I’ve also been working on a shawl. A shawl? I know. I haven’t touched this shawl in probably closer to a year than not. This is the Rice Fields a shawl by Elzbieta Torenc. It’s a half-circle brioche- half-circle two color brioche shawl. I’m using US 3 which is a 3.25 millimeter needle. The black is Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light and the contrasting colors are Legacy Fiber Artz- their first Halloween colorways. There is Mary Sanderson, Winnie Sanderson, and Spellbook. I’ve just finished the green section and after a series of increases I will be going back to Mary Sanderson, which is the pink that I started with. Things that I’m learning about this shawl- I don’t mind two color brioche. It’s not my favorite, but I don’t mind it. But I’m likely never gonna do a half-circle shawl ever again unless I can do it on the knitting machine because these rows are getting tedious. And I’m nowhere near done. It’s just a lot of rows, but I think I’m also kind of moving away from shawls, in general. Because I have a lot of them, I don’t really feel like I need to spend time with them. I just sometimes still wake up dreaming about this shawl because of the the actual way the colors interact with the black is really appealing to me. So that’s really what’s keeping me going with this shawl. I’ve also been doing some spinning. I finished the singles for my brown cormo sweater spin, finally. So I have these three bobbins. These are all that’s left that needs to be plied. If you don’t know, I like to spin a lot of singles and then have plying parties because then you suddenly have a whole bunch of yarn. And that’s very exciting. So these are waiting until a plying party. And I say party- it’s really just me and a crowd of bobbins. Nobody else is plying with me. It’s- it’s solo times, but I finished my brown cormo sweater spin. It’s been like close to three years now. Yeah, so that’s done, which means I’ve been going a little color crazy since then because I was determined to finish all that brown. So I started with some of my older stash, which is colorful braids. This bobbin actually has two different things on it. I’m talking about this one first because this is all I have that’s visible of it and I don’t have any photos because I’m a genius. This is Mad Color Fiber Arts in the colorway Life is Short and You Are Hot, which is a Doctor Who colorway, in superwash Targhee. I did a two-ply fractal spin and then when I finished that, I was like- wow, this really doesn’t take up much of the bobbin at all. So I put on a new leader yarn and I’m spinning on top of it. So this green and blue is Greenwood Fiberworks in the colorway Mallard and it’s merino and Stellina. Again, a two ply fractal spin. So this is the long color repeats. This is the short color repeats and it’s the opposite with the Mad Color Fiber Arts. This is the long color repeats and the short color repeats are under here. And since this bobbin is not full, I’m going to spend something else on top of this. Probably a smaller spin just because my fiber takes up a lot more space than yarn does. And the way I have my fiber stored, I can’t see it all the time the way I can my yarn. So I end up with quite a substantial amount of stash and I’m trying to be more purposeful with my spinning when I’m buying new fiber. Except for Classy Squid Fiber Company because I love her fiber and it doesn’t matter. It’s very textured, her batts and stuff, so I just- you know, it’s gonna be what its gonna be. But braids and- you know I’ve ended up with a lot of just one braid spins that I don’t know what to do with, which is why the marled magic shawl even happened. So I’m trying to bust through that stash so I just have the purposeful stuff. Then I have a general idea of what I’m going to do with it, so spinning. Spinning everywhere. And then I’ve also been working on a little bit of spindle spinning. I’m working on a set of Darth Scabrous batts because I made a bunch of them, for some reason. I’m working on my second two ounce bag of them. I have three two ounce amounts. So the first bag went on this bobbin. This is not all Darth Scabrous. There’s another set of yarns under here because I’m making economical use of bobbins- just fill them. So this is bobbin number two and I’m finishing up this group of Darth Scabrous fluffs on that bobbin and then I’m splitting the last one between the two. I’m doing this on my Turtle Made 3d printed drop spindle, but I will probably be switching to the Classy Squid Drop spindle because I finally ordered one cuz I need it in my life. This is slow going because I don’t spend a lot of time with it, but it’s going. One more work in progress. Let’s see if I can be quick about it. This is another of my Make Nine 2019 projects. This is a combo weaving and sewing project. I’m using this pattern by Get Weaving. Um, she sells these on Etsy and she’s on Instagram. I- definitely check out her Instagram. I am making view A, which is the sleeveless sort of tunic shirt and this is- I’m sure I’ll make one for myself for regular wear at some point, but this is specifically for my Renaissance Faire garb because I’ve been meaning to replace the vest that I have. Because it- I bought that vest just after I started college and it no longer fits as well as it could, so I’m making a new vest. I have traced out my pattern. Well I’ve- what I do is I loosely cut around the pattern pieces and because I knew I was going to make a muslin for this, I just traced- and muslin’s a pretty see-through fabric. I just traced with a sharpie. When I go to do it for- go to make the pattern for real, I will use Swedish tracing paper so that I have the multiple sizes in my original pattern. So here is my muslin and I like how this fits. I like how the armholes fit except the sides are a little wide, but I’m not worried about it. And the actual measurements are a little short because I know it’s designed to be a shirt that you just wear. Whereas with my Ren Faire garb, I do cinch it with a belt so it comes up a little shorter than I want. But I always put in plenty of waste yardage when I weave, so I’ll be able to finagle with the length. It’s fine and I’m not really worried about the width because, again, it’s going to be hand-woven. My selvage is not going to be the most even and I can always take it in. So did my muslin. I did a sample of my yarns, which I’m very pleased with myself. So I could figure out shrinkage since is going to be out of cottons and linens and plant fibers and they shrink in the wash. And I will throw a video onto the screen here so you can see real quick what the start of my weave looks like. And that is finally it for works in progress. I have a swatch a segment in my notes, but I don’t actually have any swatches to talk about at this time. But two things that I want to start working towards this summer. It’s two specific types of projects to do combo hand knitting/ knitting machine. The first is circular yoke sweaters. There are a lot of folks in the machine knitting groups on Ravelry that I follow. They will do the fun parts hand knit and then straight stockinette on the machine. So I want to start getting some swatches and kind of some little samples together to just kind of figure out what my hand knitting gauge goes with what machine knitting gauges. So I want to- I want to do some worsted weight samples and see which gauges go where. Once I have a couple of baselines- if I know what my worsted weight needle size goes with the gauge I like on the knitting machine and the same with the with fingering weight on my standard gauge knitting machine, I think I can sort of figure out with minimal time later on for anything in between those. Like, if I know what gauge I like for worsted, I can- if I know what gauge I like for DK, then I’ll be able to correspond that with a needle size or vice versa. So there’s a lot of really awesome color work yoked sweaters and I have yarn for some of them and I’m real excited to do the yokes. I am not so excited to do miles of stockinette, so if I can do the stockinette by machine and just seam it, I am all for it. And the other thing I want to do is really get to know my standard gauge machine with the ribber bed engaged. I don’t know if the problems I’ve been having are because I just don’t know how to use it correctly, I just haven’t practiced, if I just don’t know its eccentricity’s enough, or if there is something wrong with the ribber bed machine because when I do straight stockinette the the Brother 836e is a dream and I’ve had- I’ve played around with the color changes with the punch cards and, you know, tuck stitches at the punch cards and I’ve had no problems with those, except when I screw up because I didn’t engage the right levers or whatever. So I don’t- I- I need to play with that ribber bed some more. It’s possible that the the ribber bed is not- just not good because the person I bought it from didn’t know. They kind of came into an estate with a lot of knitting machines, so I don’t know. I have to work at it because one of the things that I want to do is see if it is feasible for me to do sock tubes on the knitting machine instead of getting a circular sock machine. Because I have a lot of self striping sock yarns that I want to be socks, but knitting with size 0 needles is not fun and I need to to get the gauge that I like for socks by hand. So I may still end up getting a circular knitting machine, but it’s not in the plans anytime in the future until I can make more room in my craft room to set one up. Which means not increasing my stash by a considerable amount and, in fact, using a lot of stash because I love all the stuff that I have. I just want it to be things so it’s out of the craft room. Those are my plans for upcoming swatches. You will probably see a lot of them at some point. So other stuff- I’m gonna try to run through these as quick as possible because there’s a lot of it and I don’t want to get bogged down and have this episode be five hours long. So stuff I’m listening to- I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts because watching things was stressing me out for a couple months there, so I started listening to a lot of podcasts, um, and I’ve grouped them into three categories. The first category is podcasts from a non-white perspective. These are all from black or indigenous people of color because I was listening to a lot of white voices so I needed to get some other perspectives into my ears. So I’ve been listening to the Good Ancestor podcast, which is interview style from a black POC perspective. Unlearned, which is a podcast- it’s a series of discussions between two young black women. The Cuts with Sterlin Harjo, which is an interview style podcast from a North American indigenous perspective. Métis in Space, which is science fiction analysis a Métis perspective. It’s a hilarious podcast. They love playing with old space tropes and just the sarcasm is perfect. That- they’re great. The Toasted Sister podcast, which is an interview style podcast about the indigenous relationship to food and food sovereignty. And All My Relations, which is an American indigenous discussion show. And then I started listening to a bunch of witchcraft and witchcraft adjacent podcasts. The Fat Feminist Witch, Tarot Bytes and Astrology Bytes, which are by the same person, Awaken Your Inner Witch podcast, the Witch Wave podcast, and the Witch Bitch Amateur Hour, and they’re funny cuz they’re like- we don’t know what we’re talking about. They’re great. And then, entertainment. I’ve caught up on The Far Meridian, which is a magical realism fiction podcast. I’ve started relistening to the Celtic Myth Podshow, which is a series of dramatizations of the Celtic myths. It also features music and interesting anecdotes about language and historical study and all the fun Celtic history myth stuff. Witch, Please, which is a feminist analysis of the Harry Potter series. Uncover, which is a CBC investigative podcast. And Spooked, which is a first-person sort of campfire style horror story podcast, which I’m super enjoying. Also, for once prop- probably since the first time since this podcast has been around, getting my act together reading some books again. I finished All Out: The No Longer Secret Stories of Queer Teens Throughout the Ages, which is a series of fictional short stories through various queer perspectives, which was brilliant and amazing and I never want to read straight people’s stories ever again. I’m so tired of straight people in fiction. I’m also working through this book, which is Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revision of Feminist Spirituality by Lasara Firefox Alan. This is very slow going. This is where I am because this book features a lot of journaling questions and it’s sort of workshop-y, so I’ve been actually doing the journaling questions. So very slow going, but interesting. I’m enjoying the process. I’m about halfway through Magical Destinations of the North East: Sacred Sites, Occult Oddities, and Magical Monuments by Natalie Salmon. It’s interesting, but I’ve gotten past the chapter on Connecticut and now I’m just sort of eh about it. So I might drop it. It’s not as compelling as I was expecting it to be. I was list- the author was interviewed on the Fat Feminist Witch podcast, I believe, which made it seem a lot more exciting than it is in my brain when I’m reading it. So I might drop that one. I borrowed digitally from my local library Wicca: A Self Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham. It’s interesting to have read it to put Wicca into context, but it definitely cemented that it’s- that’s not where my brain is and there’s some dated language that I had issue with in this book, which just kind of like turned me off to most of any of the information. So, glad I got it from the library. Just returned it. I also actually physically went to the library because they’ve finalized their schedule again. Because budget cuts are really wreaking havoc with our public library. So their schedule has changed a few times in the past six months, but I think I know when they’re open where I can get to them now. So I found this gem Natural Color by Sascha Duerr, which is a great resource if you want to start doing natural dyeing. I like how this book was laid out. It’s sort of divided up by seasons, which is helpful if you want to get started. It’s probably not the best reference book. Like, it’s not, you know, look up this plant type and how you dye it and whatever, but I think it’s useful to get used to this sort of cycle of natural dyeing. I took a lot of notes, which I appreciate, and I definitely didn’t expect to find something like this in my local library. My local library is small and this is a pretty niche subject, so I didn’t expect to find anything or if I did expect to find anything, like- historical practice of dyeing in colonial New England was the type of thing I was likely to find, so that was exciting. And I am making progress with this series of Star Wars children’s books that I’ve been reading forever. This is Last of the Jedi: Against the Empire by Jude Watson. This is book number 8 and there are 10 books in the series. Only two left to go. I’m excited about it. I’m halfway through. Yeah I’m excited to finally be nearing the end of this series. Then I can read some other things. It’s just one of those things where it’s like, once I sit down and read I- I mean, this is an hour. I just got to sit down for an hour. It’s one of those things. Um, I just got to sit down and do it. I just that carve out some time and read my silly Star Wars children’s books because I do love them while I’m reading them. It’s just finding time. Time’s the worst. So that’s gonna do it for this episode. That was a lot of things. I’m gonna leave it there. Show notes on everything can be found at freakishlemon.com. Come join the Freakish Lemon group on Ravelry, just search ‘freakish lemon,’ you’ll find us. Um follow me at all the fun places, if you’d like, as freakishlemon: Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Ravelry. Links to these things are in the downbar here on Youtube or somewhere around here if you’re watching this somewhere else. And if you want to know when my next episode is, consider hitting that subscribe button here on YouTube. That’s the most reliable way to find out when stuff is happening on this channel. That’s gonna do it. That’s it. Goodbye.

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  1. Hey dude, glad to see your posts (‘tis Nikoru-chan btw!) Question: do you ever do livestream? If so I would love to add you to catch them when I can!!

  2. Brilliant tip about latching up ribbing off the machine. I'd never even considered it.

    The ribber can be really temperamental. It needs more weight on the knitting than you think and it has to be at the correct angle. Also its really sensitive to the main-bed's sponge bar. Sometimes it doesn't want to work when the sponge is just starting to wear. The knitting machine facebook groups are really helpful. Even if you don't want to use FB for anything else having it available for the MK groups is worth it. I'm in Machine Knitting Beginners Circle, Brother Knitting Machines, Machine Knitting, Bulky & Midgauge Machine Knitting, and Plastic Midgauge Machines KAL (though I'm in a few more but thats a really good place to start)

  3. If you’re looking for more podcasts from an Indigenous perspective, you should give the CBC’s Unreserved a try. It has a lot of Canadian content, but it’s all very well produced and interesting. The host, Rosanna Deerchild, is also a great poet and is hilarious.

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