100 thoughts on “Exclusive: Former Canadian PM talks USMCA, divided government

  1. Can't believe that the fools in Canada voted for the little idiot over this man, I am ashamed of my fellow Canadians for doing that. We miss you Steve.

  2. It's the guy that de-registered our firearms and fought off a recession like a champ. Miss him a lot. I miss him as much as all the money i had when he was PM. I wish we could bring him back.

  3. What FoxViews never tells you; Canada's PM Stephen Harper endorsed the globalist trade agreement, took the taxes off of Tampons, introduced diversity regulations for riding nominations, introduced girls confidence days & tabled an actual climate change bill in Parliament. This is what a Canadastan conservative looks like.

  4. I didn't appreciate him when we had him in office, now we have Trudeau and he is tearing our country apart starting with the economy and ending with his stupid climate alarmism and identity politics….

  5. Am i the only one who got a little peeved when she referred to PM Harper by his first name. Small thing i know but still, he was a world leader of your nations closest ally. Show some more respect.

  6. Listen to Stephen Harper, out former Prime Minister and a trained economist, and realize:
    the Canadian public chose the moronic stooge Justin Trudeau, borne into wealth and prestige and having accomplished absolutely nothing on his own merit in his life, to be our Prime Minister over this sensible, intelligent, economically aware individual. It is staggering to think how foolish a nation of voters can be. America – be wary – young Americans, having been properly brainwashed by your educational institutions and lied to on a repetitive basis by the leftist-controlled mainstream media, could pull a similar moronic stunt down there.

  7. Wow amazing articulate full sentences and uses big word's👍
    Umm you know uh umm… I'm a drama teacher with umm colorful socks.

  8. Hey fellow Canadians, this is how a true leader speaks. Though I don't agree with the current conservative party, or liberal lite, as I like to call them, Harper did bring a time of economic growth to Canada. I think Maxime Bernier, and the PPC party, could be the next party to do the same. Check out their platform, policies, and people. There are a true conservative party, with a mandate to bring back economic stability and growth, for Canada and Canadians first. Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself. It's better than the alternative.

  9. unfortunately the bloc will keep Trudeau in office regardless of any vote of no confidence because they went from obscurity to 32 seats in Ottawa so they are in the best position they have been in for over two decades and they know they can milk Trudeau for concessions

  10. Harper looks good, haven't heard much from him lately. We could sure use someone like him in Canada right now. I wonder if he would run again?

  11. Canada deserves the prime minister that they elected. Canada doesn’t deserve Stephen Harper, who was the best Prime Minister in Canadian History, if conservatives and right thinking persons couldn’t get behind this guy we deserve Justin Trudeau and his pathetic leadership.

  12. got to love the paid trolls posting negative messages against our current government, we are what we are and that awesome, markets exist for everyone but not when our economy is at risk would i agree

  13. leaders and governments come and go. Everything balances out. What is most important is having consensus and having a government that can unify the population. Division is suicide.

  14. How ironc that they chose to interview a former pm instead of our currant pm. that says a lot. its embarasing to be a Canadian with our currant pm. what a joke!

  15. Look what has happened to Canada since Canadians turned their backs on Harper.
    Now we have a black face idiot who idolizes China's and Iranian leadership. Trudeau would love to be a dictator if he could, and is hell bent on destroying Canada's economy and removing personal freedoms.
    What a disaster Canada's Liberal Government has been.

  16. Thank goodness, you have the former Prime Minister coming to talk on Fox News, it would be completely embarrassing to have Mr. Justin Trudeau on your show he would embarrass all Canadians!

  17. Harper's changes to e.i. landed me a 5k bill for a clerical error (what was defined as a lay off was changed they wanted 5k or they'd charge me with fraud… company had been filing my seasonal layoff papers for 4 years at that point… some winters work was easy others not so much, so E.I. suppliment was alright, if i made too much E.I. cut off which was always the goal). That's why i didn't vote for his re-election.

    Trudeau though…the inaction needs to go. Canada needs to stop buying foreign oil. That should include US oil if the US don't want to buy our crude at market value.

    An Canada should ship the finish product.. the chemicals that make bitumen flow threw the pipes can't be cleaned up like oil, an we want to keep the vanadium extract so we can export industrial batteries to the green economies emerging and for our OWN power storage.

  18. Knowledgeable, answers questions in a very mature and professional manner. If Americans want a glimpse of what a far Left SJW leader looks like, check out our "Fool on the Hill".

  19. "Globalism is a world system where the overwhelming majority of the human population are dominated, controlled and exploited by a political, economic and media elite."

  20. Every country is free to buy their oil from who ever they please, America should mind their own business. America is also a terrorist country. People in Iran are real people not Animals, America has to realize they are not going to be able to control the world going forward.

  21. Harper and Trump would have got along great. Unlike this trust fund punk of a Turdeau who has never worked a day in his life. I think the relationship between Canada and the United States would be much better if Harper was still Prime Minister.

  22. Harpo is what I always called Harper as a nickname but I will be honest here and that is he is a very intelligent and well educated man. Trudy has no respect at all on the world stage and has no education at all. I myself can succeed in a Fine Arts Degree even at age 69 and it is a worthless paper and a huge loss of money to go into such a thing. Harpo has a degree in economics and is an economist by profession. Harpo is a very intelligent person and he doesn't need to answer by prepared answers on paper and he always was that way. Harpo till tell you straight and not stutter and look for answers when he has them already. Like him or not he was one of the top PM's that Canada has ever had.

  23. When i was good looking and stupid i was opposing Harper on superficial things. Now that my brain is fully formed and i am mature enough to understand how real life works i cant help but think how good life was when he was in office.

    The country is missing him either they realize it or not.

  24. I admit I made a big mistake voting for Trudeau and not Harper which led to Trudeau coming to power. However, right now giving the shift of the Conservative party to the center, I think now is the time for Canadians to give the new party the People's Party of Canada and Maxime Bernier a chance. I think Canada will gain a lot from his immigration policy and his bold policies including supporting pipeline construction, reworking the equalization payment structure, getting rid of the dairy cartel and so on. We need a change of direction and the PPC is the way forward.

  25. Our country would be so much more prosperous if we still had PM Harper…we could be a leading country instead of falling behind and a joke….so sad

  26. Canada use to have a brilliant leader. Now they have a narcissistic moronic groper traitor liar ethics violator fake feminist stuttering imbecile and blackface aficionado.

  27. Wow…Stephen has a mind, intellect and working knowledge of world politics and finance…and then there is Justin Turdrow the sitting village idiot of Canada blundering around in Ottawa on a good day and wandering around in the 3rd worlds palaces on any given bad day…seeking those he can give our tax dollars to in trade for votes on a UN council seat….corruption and unscrupulous behavior that must not go unpunished.

  28. Man clear cut answers, solid stance, great economics. I hope Harper has someone under his wing. Mentorship is by far the greatest gift a man like this could give back to our country.

  29. 47 yrs as an Extremely Grateful, Privileged, and, I'll even say Proud, Canadian. Im very pained to say, I am now embarrassed and ashamed. Trudeau is so pathetically deluded and incompetent that I actually wish he was just a Traitor and not a fool…

  30. We all took Stephen Harper for granted and bought into the character assassination of him by the mainstream Leftist Canadian media cartel. Now that Canadian sovereignty and way of life is threatened by the Turdeau regime, we Canadians are all sad and feel hopeless. May God Bless President Trump.

  31. just another globalist pup[pet who made many natural remedies illegal even cds the best cure for cancer. he let all are manufacturing go to china and everything else. he also made getting a pardon tougher for weed charges ahead of legalization, he's a pr*ck

  32. A prime minister of canada who does spend all his time in custume and blackface and at homosexual parades? wow, what the fck happened.

  33. lol he’s also from western Canada. Notice a trend here? Intelligence sways to the west, support for terrorists and hate for country come from the east.

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