Fabric Rose Flower Tutorial

Fabric Rose Flower Tutorial

Hello, this is Risa from Anjurisa!
Welcome to my channel and in this video I’m going to show you how to make this
flower If this is your first time here, please hit the subscribe button I’ll be really happy if you do so! Let’s get started I use chiffon for this flower Prepare your petal template like this My petal size is less than an inch if
you want to make a bigger flower then you should make a bigger petal And if you want to make smaller flower then make a smaller petal The shape of your petal doesn’t have to be perfect because we are going to burn the petal later Now let me show you how to make the
petal with our template We fold our fabric so we will have multiple petals
in one cut, when you cut leave about half an inch because we are going to burn this You can use any fabric for this like
satin fabric, lining fabric, and crepe fabric and I will show you how to burn this
petal I like to pinch the petal like this so
we don’t need tweezers for this and then burn your fabric and you will get the
beautiful shape for the petal Let me show you one more time, like this We need 22 petals for medium
size of flower, you can make more or less according to your desired shape Now take a square fabric about twice the size of your petal Fold it like this and use hot
glue to secure Twist Secure with hot glue again and this
will be the center of our rose Take one petal and wrap around the center of your rose Take the 2nd petal and we will attach
this from the middle of 1st petal Then attach this 3rd petal starting
from the middle of 2nd petal Like this Now starting from here I like to divide
our petals Divide by 4, 5, 5, and 5 Take the 4 petals and this
will be our first layer So, to arrange the flower, for the 1st layer we spread evenly the 4 petals Let me do this So we spread the 4 petals evenly for
this 1st layer Now cut the excess fabric and use hot glue
to secure From here, I like to arrange the flower
from the back side So we take the 5 petals for the
2nd layer and we spread evenly this 5 petals Like this, spread evenly and do the
same for the next layer Don’t worry if your flower shape doesn’t look good here, because you will catch up on the next layer So we just spread the petals
evenly on each layer and for the last layer, if you want to
use 6 petals then you spread 6 petals, but I’ll just use 5 petals here So the key for this flower is to spread
the petals evenly on each layer and our rose is done! If you want to see how I make the
smaller version for this flower, please see the description below If you liked this tutorial, please like, comment, share and SUBSCRIBE!

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