Fabric Rosette Tutorial | DIY Fabric Rosette | Fabric Rosettes

Fabric Rosette Tutorial | DIY Fabric Rosette | Fabric Rosettes

Hello, welcome to my channel! You’re
looking at one of my favorite flower and I named this as sassy rosette Prepare your
fabric with the size 3″ x 20″ You can use any fabric for this
rosette, I like to use lining fabric. Remember when you’re working with fabric, the selvage (the edge of the fabric) is very important, and here the edge will
be the same as the width of our fabric Fold your fabric like this, This is to hide the raw edge If you want a shabby look for your rosette, you can skip this step Tie a knot. To form the rosette, if you can see this,
There will be two sides and I like to use this side for the center of our
rosette place it on a surface or a table, and
start wrapping few times before we handstitch to secure Stitch You can see the closer look here To make this rosette, I prefer to stitch
than to use hot glue Let me finish wrapping this until the
end and to finish this off, fold the tail
and stitch Cut the excess fabric and our rosette is
done! If you want to make smaller or bigger rosette, you can try using different sizes of fabric Thanks for watching and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. loved your videos! hope i can make all those cute flowers like you do! its amazing! im glad i discover your channel. subscriber here!๐Ÿ˜Š hope you continue sharing your gift of art. thank you!โฃ๏ธ

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