Fancy Stitch Combo – Wishbone Stitch

Fancy Stitch Combo – Wishbone Stitch

[music] This week in the fancy stitch combo series
i’m going to show you how to work the wishbone stitch. and i’m excited to show you this, this was
a suggestion, the suggestion came from brian from australia. and it’s a pretty simple lace stitch, but
i really liked what he said that he does with it. he uses this stitch in place of plain stockinette
on the instep of socks. and that takes it from a totally plain sock
to a sock with a panel of lace in it. which i thought sounded really cool. and now that i’ve just done that on my hand,
i understand that it would also make a nice panel in gloves or fingerless mittens, or
something like that, too. oh! the ideas. you can put it in a lot of
things. this is a multiple of 8 stitches, it’s a six
row repeat. it has a very distinctive front and back to
the stitch. let’s go ahead and take a look. here is the stitch in a very bulky sample. you’ll see the wishbone shape, or i guess,
the wishbone shape is maybe more this way, when you think about a wishbone. but this is the way that it knits up. this
is the bind off row here. and this really prominent line that separates
the panels is a double decrease. something that’s nice about this stitch is
there’s never a mystery if you’re on track with your lace. this has has, like, a built in security system
where you always know that you’re on track. [laughs] this line right here is your security system,
so you know that you’re on track. this is maybe not ideal for this stitch, in
that it’s a bulky sample, knit on bulky needles, i wanted to show you exactly what it looks
like. this is maybe a more traditional example of
how to use this stitch. in lacier yarn. i did this on probably the same sized needles
as i did this one. i’ll have to check my notes. but you see you get a much much lacier look
with it. and the back looks like the back of the work. that’s why i would not recommend this stitch
for a scarf. also the fact that it wants to curl at the
edges makes it not ideal for a scarf. but the way that brian uses it in socks is
ideal! it fits right in with the work in the round. and in the video description below, and on
my website, i give you instructions for working this flat like this as well as in the round. let’s go ahead and take a look at how this
goes together. this is a six row repeat, and the first row
really the only row i have to show you is the first row, because the most complicated
stitch appears in the first row. i’m going to cast on a multiple of 8 plus
1. start with a knit 1, and then yarn over. and to do that i’m just going to pull the
yarn forward between the two needles, and back over the right needle. and if you are a continental knitter, it really
just means wrap the right needle, and go on to the next stitch. like that. so knit 1, yarn over, knit 2. and this is the security system right here. the next stitch is called s, k – s2kp. s2kp. and every time you start an s2kp, you want
to be one stitch before the column of knit stitches there, the prominent column of knit
stitches. that’s how you know you’re on track every
time. to work this stitch, you want to slip two
stitches together knitwise. to do that, you put your needle in as if to
knit two stitches, and just slip them from the left needle to the right without working
them. i’ll show you that again in a minute here. and then i’ll knit 1. and the last part of this stitch is to pass
those two slipped stitches over the knit stitch you just worked. so it’s like binding off, except you’re going
to grab two stitches instead of one. so you take the tip of your left needle, skip
that first stitch, go into the front of the two stitches that you slipped, and pull it
over the last knit stitch. and that just added to the double decrease
of this column of stitches. then to finish up the repeat, i’m going to
knit two and yarn over. and then i go back to the beginning of the
repeat. which is knit 1, yarn over, knit 2. and i’m going to work the s2kp stitch again. and i know i’m on track, because here is the
column of stitches, one stitch over, i can start this. i’m going to slip two stitches knitwise, knit
1. and then pass those two stitches over. to finish the repeat, i’ll knit two. and then yarn over. and because it’s the end of the row, i end
with a knit 1. all wrong side rows in this stitch are purled,
nothing fancy. and all the right side rows are just combinations
of the same stitch i showed you here. the most important part of this stitch is
that column of knit stitches that keeps you on track. to make sure that your lace pattern isn’t
getting wonky one way or the other. good luck. [whooshing sounds] [music]

53 thoughts on “Fancy Stitch Combo – Wishbone Stitch

  1. Your videos are so good. My christmas wish is that you demonstrate how to knit a Owl cable knit Owl that can be used in many different applications, scarf, hat, mittens, sweaters, head band or ear muff. I am obsessed with owls for some reason. I can send you the pattern I have I just need to see it demonstrated. Please?? 🙂 Thanks. Marci J. 

  2. I am doing a very similar pattern as a scarf, but my pattern adds a garter stitch border on both sides to stop the lace from curling.

  3. Staci, at the beginning of the video you pointed to the wishbone as being the holes of the lace part…maybe it's just me, but I see the wishbone as the knitted part (where the "security system" runs down the middle, you have wishbones stacked on top of each other, 2 and about a 1/2 of them) Can you see it?

  4. Please please please make a pattern video for this:

  5. Hi there Staci girl, what do you do with all your beautiful sweaters? Do you donate or do you sell them; all or are they commissioned? If I'm being to nosey just don't reply. I can take a hint, lol! I am dying to find a pattern for a barrell bag knitted with cables, wouldn't that be just gorgeous? Do you have a pattern like that or know of one? I have a very good friend who's in the hospital everyday for dialysis, me (for MS) and her for dialysis, since she's  such a little show off with her skill, I thought maybe I could out do her (ha) and these ladies and men with a barrell bag that looks like one of those Gucci ones. A knock off in knitting, you know? I thought with cables down the front. If they turn out to be a hit, then I will donate them since I sit around some days with an IV supper lately! ha ha. She has her dinner here daily and I try to keep her company since hubby is trying to hold down the fort! We will see, that's a whole story by itself! One thing at a time right?Still, If you have some time please let me know. Have a good day now. By the way you looked stunning in your rodeo drive poncho and boots, the scarf and glass were a great touch! Sassy and classy all at once you have great style! Someday I bet we see you in a movie wearing one of your stunning creations!

  6. @Adirondackery BirchTree – I usually end up sending my finished sweaters to my mom and sisters in Alaska, since I live in Texas and rarely get a chance to wear them.  Regarding the pattern you're looking for – I don't know of a barrel bag pattern, but it's always worth a look on to see if one is out there.  Good luck!

  7. I store my yarn in a lingerie chest I found at my local thrift store. My circular needles are stored in a zippered makeup bag in order by size and straight needles are in a handmade case made by my daughter.

  8. Your videos are always so easy to follow. You share the best knit stitches. I see this being used for a Christmas present this year. Thank you for sharing.

  9. estimada amiga, este punto mi madre desea hacerlo. Cuanto puntos es tu muestrario. gracia y abrazos a la distancia. En Castellano tus tutorial también 

  10. Hmm. Interesting stitch! Great explanation. I gotta figure out where I want to use this – you mentioned gloves and then my mind exploded in about 50 other directions lol.

  11. In my pattern book, it looks very similar to what LA has – called horseshoe stitch. I tried the pattern out and couldn't get it to form right… Maybe with your vid, I'll be able to make it or just yours. Thanks!

  12. Hi Staci,
    Could you tell me what kind of border to use with this stitch to make a baby blanket?
    Thank you!

  13. Very nice pattern, I will try it. I want to knit a sweater for my daughter. I might make no extra border at the bottom edge, or would that make it curl up ? Thank you so much for showing us this pattern.

  14. If I were adding this lace to a sock pattern, would I just use the same sized needle as the regular stockinette stitch? Or go up a size to make the lace more visible?

  15. Hi Staci, in your video you say, “all wrong side rows are purled”…if I’m knitting in the round, do I just knit a round instead? Thanks!

  16. Thanks for another great tutorial. Just wondering — is there a way to cast off so that this edge as well has the scalloped effect?

  17. Giving this a go with socks now. Its my first attempt at lace and anything greater than a four row repeat. 🤞

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