Every celebrity stylist have their own secrets
when it comes to dressing their clients for big red carpet events. Having styled Selena Gomez [inaudible 00:00:09]
Bella Thorne [inaudible 00:00:11] and many, many more for big red carpet events. I have my own fashion hacks and secrets to
make my clients look picture perfect. For tips and advice about the styling industry,
make sure to subscribe, hit the bell to get notified when I post a new video every Monday. There are many quick fixes that stylists can
do on a go and many that are strategically planned way in advance, but at the end of
this video you will learn the most 5 popular red carpet secrets and hacks that every stylist
is using. Hi, it’s Basia Richard and the founder of an online program for upcoming and aspiring stylist. If you want to learn what our fashion secrets
that every stylist swears by, well let’s dive in. Double sticky tape also known as a fashion
tape. It’s the most popular item you will find in
every stylist kit. It’s very strong double sided tape that you
can stick directly to the skin to secure a fabric or directly to fabric for clothes. Let’s say like a gap in a button down shirt,
the double sided tape is the most popular item to close deep v-necks either on a dress
or on a jacket. So what you want the door is to stick one
side on the edge of the fabric and [inaudible 00:01:36] you can place it on top of the skin
now. One very important tip that I can give you
is we want to make sure that the skin should be clean from oil, moisturizer, and makeup,
otherwise the tape won’t stick well. Illusion fabric and it’s a secret that my
amazing tailor Olena told me many, many years ago. It’s a four way stretch fabric and as you
can see I’m stretching it totally in four different directions. Those many holes will work total magic when
it comes to lining it with a see through or maybe like a transparent part of the dress,
like maybe a lace. So there are couple of rules that you want
to remember. Number one, always make sure that the illusion
fabric is super soft, not stiff, otherwise it won’t be easy to line it. Tip number two, make sure it’s not too thick
and it’s also not too thin. Now, the last thing you always want to pick
maybe one or two shades darker than your clients skin tone, a lighter tone will read through
light and then you will see the difference when photographers will take pictures with
a flash. Now, we can get this fabric pretty much in
major fabric stores. My favorite store I always go to is in Los
Angeles, it’s called ISW on Beverly Boulevard and I will link that store under this video. Alterations. Now, if you think that a stylist pulls dresses
for their celebrity clients and it all fits perfectly, well you couldn’t be further from
the truth. Alterations are the most vital part of celebrity
clients looking their best on a red carpet. Now, a good tailor is like a surgeon. I love calling my tailor a surgeon because
they can do absolute magic with dresses and transform it into the point where it looks
like it was made to measure. Now, I’ve had some dresses in my career that
it took almost 10 hours to alter to look absolutely perfect. So the key is to find an amazing tailor who
understands the complexity of the constructions and can also has a great technique to turn
any garment into a gem. Moleskin. So moleskins are very heavy cotton fabric,
but very soften has a feel of like a plushy velour feel. It’s great to use for blisters and it’s much
better than just like a regular bandaid. So mostly because of the stiffness and that
softness, sort of like a combination. You can simply cut it and then just stick
it either directly on the skin or on a back of the heel. Last hack is fabric softener for static fabric. Now, this is a great hack when you don’t have
an a anti-static spray on hand. A fabric softener will do very similar job. So what we want to do is to pick one sheet
and gently touch the dress from underneath. Now, you can rub it on top of your skin as
well. Now, fluff the skirt and rub it and try it
again and again until it doesn’t stick anymore. Now that you know the secrets and hacks that
stylists are using for their celebrity clients for red carpet events. If you want to learn more make sure to grab
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  1. I'm not a stylist, but I love double-sided sticky tape. Whenever I give presentations, I always have it in my bag for quick repairs or hems! Love your styling!

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