Ferret & Gibbon – Episode 7. 9th March 2019

Ferret & Gibbon – Episode 7. 9th March 2019

It’s Saturday, it’s half past ten in the
morning, the Sun is kind of out… let’s do it! Hello everybody and welcome to the
Ferret and Gibbon podcast. Thank you for joining me here today my name is Clair,
you can find me on ravelry as Merialc and you can find me on instagram as
Ferretandgibbon. Thank you for joining me on what is at the moment a lovely
sunny day down here on the south coast of England. We’ll see how long it lasts,
the weather has been… changeable… of late. But at the moment the Sun is out, there’s
no lights on… you actually get like actual colour representation today
hopefully so let’s get started while it still goes so the first thing that I wanted
to share with you is a finished object Hooray! This is my Kothbiro shawl that I
have been working on for a little while this is a really nice triangular shawl,
three colour shawl with lots of different texture patterns on the
different sections of the shawl so you can see here this is got some weird
slip stitch-y bits, there’s some bobbles the black… and this is really difficult
to see which is a shame because it’s actually one of my favorite bits… it’s got a lovely
little chevron pattern on it which, may or may not be able to pick up but it’s beautiful in
its subtlety I think that’s really nice and it is now finished, it is blocked, it
has had the ends sewn in it, it has had tassels attached. I went a little bit
over the top on the tassels I think but hey I can always take them off and do
them again later right and they’re quite fun.
So yes the Kothibiro shawl I’m really pleased with this the Kothibiro shawl is
currently… because the colours worked really well… it’s currently showing off
my smash the patriarchy badge there we go.. My smash the patriarchy badge
from An Caitín Beag (and also home of all sorts of wonderful lovely cat based
badges go and have a look they’re really glorious) I am really pleased with this
shawl. Let me take this one off and put that one on. It’s really comfortable it’s
a DK weight shawl so it’s lovely and toasty warm. Yeah this is me … Yeah, and I think that works
really well I’m really pleased with it I’m not sure I’ve got anything else to say
about this one actually, it’s yeah a DK weight shawl just as we hit spring but
I’ve needed it the last, last week or so it’s been really good. Yeah.
The quick run-through of the yarn: the black and the cream are both Manos del Uruguay silk blend and I can’t remember what the colourways’ numbers are but
they’re just called black and cream and the Green is the chromatic yarns DK, it’s
the sturdy DK so it’s a higher twist yarn, in the Dagon colourway which is beautiful
and I think they work really well together and I’m super pleased with this
and completely finished now yep fully blocked all the ends sewn in, all good to
go, really happy with that. I also got my blocking on and I’ve
finished the study strip shawl which was already finished last time but has now
been blocked and is now even bigger it is a massive massive shawl. Thank you for
people’s hints on how to wear it which kind of boiled down to however you
bloody want to you really… so study stripe shaw…study stri… I cannot say this
one at all. It’s also not called that it’s called the stripe study shawl isn’t it? Yeah
stripe study shawl by Veera Välimäki, yes that’s right.
It’s massive, it’s wonderful, fingering weight, love it. So that’s two now
properly finished shawls in the stash and then… I should make notes so I
actually remember what I want to talk to you guys about I kind of did I just
don’t know where I put them… give me a moment… see all the notes are actually on
my phone but I use my phone to record this so I can’t see the notes that I’ve
made to remind me what to say. Yeah let’s go with it and see what happens.
So last weekend… no two weekends ago? must have been two weekends ago now… I
went to unravel festival which was wonderful. I… it it was more than
wonderful. It’s the first time I’ve been to a proper fiber fiber festival so I’ve
been to Alexandra Palace and to Olympia for the Knitting and stitching show
before and while that does have lot of yarn it’s got quite a lot of commercial
yarn and it’s got a lot of fabric and I thoroughly enjoyed going there but it’s not
had as much, as much hand dyed, as much sort of small-batch yarn stuff going on
as unraveled did and I didn’t really know what to expect from unravel. I knew there
were going to be quite a lot of people that I was very interested in going to
see there. Such an understatement. I was I was giddy with excitement as I
went round it I was absolutely overawed by the amount of stuff that was on offer
there it was it was properly glorious. We went in, I met some friends of mine there,
we went in and there’s a basement area and there’s like loads of stuff there
it’s also shiny and then there was the main hall went and there was so much
stuff and then we went and had a coffee and were like “let’s go and do another a second look round”
and then I went hang on a minute stairs there there are some stairs over there
and then there was like a gazillion more rooms
and then we came out somewhere else and I went hang on a minute there’s more
stair.. basically it was about six times bigger than I thought it was and every time we
thought we’d seen everything we found another room with more yarn in
it and I…words can’t express how giddy it was all making me so I’m definitely
going back to unravel next year I may not spend any more money on anything
else between now and unravel so that I can afford to buy all the shiny things
that unravel that I want to buy but I would absolutely recommend that as a
really good fiber festival to go to I had a I had a wonderful time. I mean I
feel like I was relatively restrained with my purchases all things considered
so let me show you what I did get, in bits So the first thing that I got was, and
these are already caked up I’m afraid so you can’t see them in skeins but I got
some stranded dyeworks cashmere MCN merino cashmere nylon yarn from a from Amy at stranded dyeworks. Amy is a local to me dyer and so it’s always… it was
really lovely to see her and I will I’ve been watching her podcast for quite a
long time this is the first time I’ve actually bought any of her yarn because
I prefer to squish yarn in person. This is super soft really love it this is… so
it’s the MCN…. this is in pinata and this is in gloom, I think. Is that right? I have ball
bands… so stranded dyeworks MCN yes pinata and gloom they are superwash
merino nylon cashmere 80/10/10 fingering weight 400 meters per skein and
this is not 400 meters because these have already been turned into projects
because yay knitting bug. So what I did with these… when I went to unravel I took
with me some old stash yarn that I’d had for
quite a long time in some cases this one I had had for…bits of stuff on it… I’ve had this
since at least two thousand and…. twelve? I want to say… let’s check Ravelry. Okay so this is
EasyKnits deeply wicked yarn in the sea monster colourway. I bought this in
October 2014 when I was up in Edinburgh for work I bought this from, Kathy’s Knits
I think at the time and just love the colours of this, all the green and the
black and the gray and these are very me colours. As you can see these are very me
colors. But I didn’t know what to do with it, I’ve tried casting on with a couple of things a few
times and then frogged it and never quite found the right project for it so
I went to unravel with this in my bag along with this which is artist palettes
yarn… artist palettes yarn’s smoothy sock in the confetti colourway. And I thought there
is there’s something in I want to do something with the two of these together
and I was thinking exploration station so that’s when I kind of I got these two
to go with it and I thought that would be a fun, a fun colour combination
that would be sufficiently bright and wacky for a Stephen West knits project
without clashing too badly so I was really pleased with that combination and
when I got back from unravel then I cast on my exploration station which I have
finished… properly finished it this morning, finished weaving on all the ends
this morning. So this is my exploration station which has then got… so we’ve got
the contrast colour for most of the
stripes is the EasyKnits seamonster… that’s the stranded pinata…
that’s the stranded gloom and that’s the artist palettes yarn
confetti and we’ve got wedges, we’ve got knitting,
we’ve got brioche, we’ve got slip stitches we’ve got lace pattern-y bits…
it’s a Stephen West pattern there’s all sorts of things going on, which I’ve
really enjoyed it keeps it really keeps the interest going that there’s always
something different, you’ve only got a little bit to go when working with all the
different colours has been really good fun. What I have found is that there are
defi… certain bits of knitting which are actually magic so these are
two just knit sections these are the short row wedges in this merino cashmere
nylon from stranded which is very strokable, very soft and ooh this is lovely,
this is lovely soft… then it got to the brioche section which as it would happen
was those two stranded yarns together and I cannot explain how soft this is I
just I kept stopping knitting to come back and stroke this bit it was so soft…
in fact I had to invite Lesley of the not quite enough yarn podcast to
come and stroke my fluffy clouds which is apparently an invitation that she’s not
had before but it’s so soft and I now want to knit all of the brioche because
oh my god if it can take soft yarn and make it even softer oh that all that
makes me very happy. Yeah so on the shawl I haven’t blocked this yet so I’m hoping
it will stretch out a little bit when it blocks because I’m… I would like it to have
been just a smidge longer it’s essentially just about my wingspan. I think in an
ideal world it would have been slightly… what on earth are you doing….it would have been
slightly longer, but actually I think once it’s blocked I think it will be fine
although if I were to do it again I might put that two extra wedges, wodges
on there or make the bit I feel like I could have done with like one extra
stripe in it just to give it that little bit of extra
length but we’ll see what it looks like when it’s blocked but colour wise I’m
really pleased with it knitting wise it was great fun
thoroughly enjoyable and yeah because it’s all the different bits and bobs it
was super interesting and fun to knit and went really quickly so really
pleased with that this is used…. this is double bubble… this
is using…a finished object made from unravel yarn but also made from deeply
deeply stash yarn which means because over 50% of it was knit from the old
stash yarn… this gets to go in the #stashkal2019 knit along… yay! So that’s my
first finished object for #stashkal2019 which is quite exciting I’m very pleased
with that and is my third finished shawl of the year
Neil now says, my husband Neil now thinks I have enough shawls and should start
doing other things and I’m like well yes I should start doing other things but you
can never have enough shawls that’s that that that doesn’t work, that’s that’s not how this
relationship is going to work either if he can keep buying
autographs and cars and shiny things I can keep making shawls that’s all good. Other things that I’ve picked up at unravel and I need to start thinking
about what I’m going to do with… I got I got these babies and I don’t think I’ve
ever felt anything softer in my entire life so these are three skeins of
Triskelion yarn the huelwen, huelwen 4ply in Tyrian purple, estuary
and generic grey… there’s no colorway name on that one.. but…. I was trying to
decide whether I liked that color combination or that color combination
more and decided with a little bit of enabling from some friends that that
color combination worked best so I got all three of them. This is as I said this
is one of the softest yarns I’ve ever touched in my life it is 70% baby alpaca
20% silk and 10% cashmere it’s all the all the softness and I’ve got absolutely
no idea what I’m going to do with it apart from obviously shawl because
obviously shawl, but I don’t know what shawl yet. I’ve got a couple of patterns
that I’ve seen which have got some mosaic knitting in them which I’ve never
done before and I’m really trying to push myself to try new things and not
just fall back on just knitting stockinette all the time so yeah it’s
possibly some mosaic knitting in the future of that maybe maybe. If I can
remember… as I’ve mentioned before I’ve got a terrible memory, I have essentially
outsourced my memory to my computer I don’t have brain function for any kind
of long term memory anymore…. ok so yeah so the first one that I’ve got my eye on
is Jane Jacobs by Kirsten Kapur which is this one which has got some really
lovely sort of patterning in it which I’m a big fan of and then the second one
that I’m kind of tempted by is the La Crau by Melanie Berg which is
this one. Thoughts and feelings greatly appreciated on those ideas but I’m also
really tempted by and I’m not sure if this is the yarn for it possibly I think
it could work the Mysteries, She Wrote shawl by Susanne
Sommer which is this one. Maybe I should start a poll… maybe you should decide
what I should knit with this dreamily soft…so soft… you know how much I like soft
things this is all the soft things. Yes I’d love your thoughts or if you can
think of another three colour shawl that will make a really good effect of
those colors let me know your thoughts and feelings comments below please
that’ll be smashing. The final yarn that I bought at unravel…. see I was quite
restrained I only bought from like three vendors… the final yarn that I bought is this
beautiful beautiful skein from Third Vault Yarns. I came across third vault yarns recently because of the absolutely amazing colorway names and when I heard
they were going to be at unravel I was like right well I know where I’m
gonna be stopping off. I only got the one partly because the stall was a little bit
busy at the time and I couldn’t I wasn’t sure… didn’t have enough time to look so…
but I will definitely be buying more of these because they’re really lovely the
colorways were absolutely beautiful…. Third vault yarns…. and said there’s… the colorway
names are amazing. So this particular yarn is the companion 4 ply which is
100% superwash merino it’s a fingering weight 300 grams on the skein [it’s not, it’s 400!] and the
colorway is Oh no, not again! which is a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the
galaxy reference which is one of my favorite book slash radio series slash
films – yes I liked the film! – slash TV series, also wonderful, I know a lot
of hardcore hitchhikers fans aren’t a fan of the film I like it I just like
very much treat it as its own separate thing, I still like it,
the rest is better but I still like it. The radio series is obviously the best… but
this is the Oh no, not again! colourway is a reference to a moment when a sperm
whale, grey, and a bowl of petunias sort of emerge in space and start plummeting
toward the ground to which the petunias
response is Oh no, not again! you find out more about that later. So I
couldn’t, absolutely couldn’t resist this colorway I don’t know what I’m gonna do
with it yet maybe a hat, maybe a cowl maybe I’m just gonna love it cuz it’s so
pretty… I don’t know. um maybe I get some more from her and make something bigger
I feel like there could be a really cute cardigan in this if I get a few more
skeins of it or complimentary ones. Now that’s a thought, but anyway yes
so Third Vault Yarns absolutely beautiful love it love it love it definitely
getting more of those. I made a couple of non yarny purchases at unravel, shock horror! First one
I want to show you is… this will make my husband laugh, not sure he’s seen it yet, a tea towel!
Look at that fabric isn’t it just smashing so this is a tea towel with
this beautiful knit fabric by Tillyflop and it’s…. not going to be a teatowel for very long. She had made up
on her booth a couple of little project bags made out of the tea towels and that’s what I’m gonna do with it so I’m probably gonna turn it into a little
I don’t know drawstring project bag of some
description but look at that fabric it is so delightful and just cheerful and
gorgeous and wonderful so thank you very much
Tillyflop for that. I feel like I’ve got the label that came with it somewhere, ah, there you go… okay
tillyflop tea towel. I like what it says on it: sews a little, knits a little, designs a little and dries up even less I don’t do drying up I hate drying up. I hate washing up. I hate most
housework to be fair. Don’t mind putting the hoover around and anything beyond that…. no, not me. I’m a bad person and I’ve got a very very good
husband. Final bits… second from final thing that I bought, I bought some… Ooh third from final thing cuz there’s another thing inside the thing. So I got here’s a thing
that I didn’t know I needed… I bought a flying unicorn llama stitch
marker because it’s a flying unicorn llama stitch marker so…. alpaca… llama…. thing….alpaca…. it’s beautiful so this is my Rebecca’s
room she had a little stall with various stitch markers and progress keepers and
things like that and I mean look at him he’s so pretty
so… he came home with me and I also went to the textile garden store to get some
buttons for my cardigan so the…. I can’t even remember the name of the cardigan…
the cardigan…. my first cardigan… that I made is called…. crumb. My crumb
cardigan which I think I showed you last time has been finished bar blocking,
weaving in the ends and buttons. It’s still in exactly that same state but I
did buy buttons I bought two sets of buttons at unravel
because I couldn’t decide which ones I liked so I’ve got some metally ones
which I’ve very pretty and sort of these more woodeny, bluey woodeny ones. I’m
thinking maybe the wooden-y ones for this and save this for a different
colored…. these for a different colored project but they’re very pretty so
little handful of button-y goodness. Very much like those. And I also got from
them this big button just because it was beautiful and I might just turn that
into a brooch or a badge or a necklace or something or I can save it for a
project that just needs one big button at the top, Something like that. And I got some little bees again probably just gonna
get used as decoration at some point on a honeycomb-y kind of project, might just
like a little honeycomb hat, with some little bees on it as well because, because bees
maybe … might do that and finally from there I also got a lovely shawl pin thing
which I’ve been after one of these for a little while so I thought that was really
cute and …yeah. And I think that’s everything I got at unravel. As I said I would definitely go back to unravel again next year I loved
it it was great fun I felt that there was a good range of stuff across a range
of different price points. Obviously lots of it is it’s mostly indie died so
there’s quite a lot of stuff at the higher price points but there was enough
stuff at lower price points that I think it would still, could still be worthwhile
if you’re working to a more of a budget I spent quite a lot of money there I
mean because hand dyed yarn… it’s expensive but it’s gonna last me this is gonna
keep me going for a little while it will supplement my stash nicely and I will
yeah I’m gonna save up for next year and see if I can get, see what I can get next
year because I’m definitely going back and if possible I might see if I can do
a workshop next year as well because it sounds like fun and I didn’t get to
go to any of the talks or any of the workshops and I would like to. I did get
to chat with Amy from stranded which was lovely. But yeah it was really lovely to have
a bit of a chat with her but she was very busy I saw a couple of other
podcasters around that I was way too nervous to go and talk to so I know that
Caroline, dunderknit, from Knitting vicariously was there I saw her, I saw
Hannah from corner of craft who dyed this yarn… I saw her there…
too scared to talk to her. Eli from skeindeerknits was there and I think there were
quite a few other people there that I’m aware of from the knitting community and I
spoke to none of them because I was scared. I did bump into a couple of ladies from
knit night and I had a little bit of a chat with them which was nice but yeah
the whole going up to strangers and talking to them there is still…. we’ve had
a conversation about that before in previous podcast it’s not something that
I’m good with um yeah. I did, I have since since unravel I’ve not bought any more
yarn I did say that I was going to be on a yarn diet, which I have stuck to since
unravel… I mean it’s been like two weeks but still I haven’t bought any more yarn
since unravel I did however… this is a comput multi-part story so I’m just make
sure I’ve got all the parts with me that I need. Right so last time, last podcast I
did chat about how I had found in my stash a load of cones of yarn that I wasn’t
sure what to do with because it was very it’s very fine yarn and didn’t know what
to do and the idea just slowly crept into my head that I needed to make a
boxy sweater, that I should make it out of this yarn, and I should make it out of
this yarn held triple because I had three colours that worked really well
together I should definitely definitely cast on a boxy sweater. So I did it… yeah.
So this is no longer attached to the ball, um to the cone, I started on….
actually I did a swatch first and I actually really enjoyed knitting the swatch with
the three yarns held together which gives I think a really nice effect you can see
it’s a dark blue / black a maroon… a Maroon-y purple which is both
quite dark and then the silver with it which gives it a bit sort of a marled-y, marled look. I really enjoyed making the swatch which is somewhere in
the house and I thought the fabric looks nice. It gives it very it’s a good it’s
very drapey fabric it’s gonna be quite loose but I wasn’t enjoying these
needles so these are sort of the standard the interchangeable needles
that I’ve been using since I first found out that circular needles were a thing
and at the time I sort of saved up and bought myself interchangeable set which
are the the knit Pro Symphony wood needles I’ve got them in all sorts of
different sizes all sorts of different cable lengths and for most of the
projects that I’ve been working on before hands they’ve been great I’ve had
no problems with them. I have snapped quite a few of them over the years so
I’ve got a random selection of needles in my bag now but generally okay I
have been sort of knitting worsted weight projects and I’ve had no problem
whatsoever with with these needles with those with this which is not worsted
weight I found that they were the yarn was really catching on the points where
the needles interchange so both from the transition from the cable to the metal
and also from the metal bits to the neither we can see there’s another ridge
there and… can I get this to focus? one day I’ll get a real camera… and so that wasn’t I wasn’t
enjoying knitting with these needles I also wasn’t enjoying knitting direct
from the cone because of in order to make the in order to make the yarn come
off the cone nicely you have to sort of be quite above it and when I’m knitting I
tend to either be knitting on a train, not a portable project, or curled up in a
corner on the sofa surrounded by footstool and stuff which means that I
the angle was wrong off the cone and it wasn’t flowing nicely for me so I made
the executive decision to say Sod It Pulled that off, I will unravel that
and release those needles at some point, and I had already and had been intending
for a while now to … had been intending for a while to buy myself some new
interchangeables and this seemed like a really good excuse so I wanted the Ciaogoos, a ciaogoo interchangeable set i… cos i’ve got i’ve got a couple of odd chiaogoo
needles, I’ve got some hiyahiya’s as well but I really like the chiaogoo’s that
I’ve got, so I wanted the interchangeable chiaogoos… I wanted the
full set because I’m a completionist and I like to have pretty things and yeah… but
I had a bit of a look around and I found a particular yarn.. yarn store online that
was selling them at a really good price for the full set and I had recently had
a 25 pound voucher back from my train company for delaying me and buggering up
my journey quite severely the other day so for well I can just put that 25
pounds towards the needles not gonna buy any more yarn for the rest of the summer
and these came home with me. So I got these from I’m sure I’ve brought the…. I
could have sworn I brought her business card over here somewhere but apparently
not I bought these from gorgeous yarns online I will put links below. I mean
regardless of where you buy the chiaogoo set from it’s the same set but
that’s where I happened to buy it from and I’ve got a really good price for
it and I’ve got the full set of five-inch tips which are the slightly
not longer but not short if that makes sense it’s likely so the 5-inch tips and
maybe my Christmas present to myself will be the matching 4-inch tips… can’t
justify that… to go with it and so far I am loving these. These arrived before I
finished my exploration station so I moved the exploration station over on to
the ciaogoos to finish it off and they just light.. they’re really light, they’ve got
a beautiful transition between cable to connect to needle so
it’s really smooth and they’re just things are zipped along really nicely so
I thought right okay I’m happy with those
I will cast on the boxy again but what I’ve done this time is I’ve wound the
yarn off of all three…. I ran around a ball of yarn…. I’ve taken three cones and
wound them onto one cake so that I’m working from a single cake for this
project but it has got all three yarns in it…. and crumbs…. which is making it much
easier to knit from working from the chiaogoo needles now, much easier to
knit from, so I’m now I mean I still barely done any but it’s noticeably more
than in the old one and I only really started on this yesterday so very
small start on my boxy, it has about a gazillion stitches it’s gonna take a
little while, it’s gonna be a really light drapey fabric so even with the
three strands held together this is still not a fingering weight so you can see
it’s quite holy you can see through it but actually I’m quite intrigued to see
what that will be like as a fabric I think it will probably be quite delicate.
I tend to when I’m wearing cardigans a lot of the time the cardigans that I
wear essentially it’s just t-shirt fabric anyway it’s just to give an extra
layer. I just feel more comfortable wearing multiple layers rather than
wearing a single layer even if the temperature doesn’t need layers I like I
like layers so actually a very light very lightweight boxy I think could work
really well for me hopefully we’ll see what it looks like when it’s finished
it’s hoping that I think the gauge is right
I think the gauge is right but we’ll see how it comes together. At the moment it
is still… I’m doing ribbing at the moment I’m still missing this flat for now, for
a couple of reasons so firstly I’ve known a couple of people have said that
in order to have reduced the risk of twisting your stitches when you join
them together for circular knitting it’s quite good to knit a few rows
of flat first makes it easier to see whether things twisted or not so that’s
a very good idea but mostly it was because I was casting this on on the
train on the way to work and when I got to the end and was about to join it all
together realized I didn’t have any stitch markers with me to mark the
beginning of a round so I thought let’s knit the first bit flat. So I’m going
to knit the ribbing flat then I’ll join it together I’ll steam that little bit
of ribbing and then I’ll carry on with the stockinette in the round after that
and so this is a lot of stitches there’s four hundred and something stitches on
this I may be knitting this forever but it’s actually quite an enjoyable knit
now that I’ve solved those teething problems of working from the from the
cones and from the… and with the needles I’m actually really pleased with with
how that’s going and say I’ve only only started this yesterday so yeah that’s
not bad I’m quite pleased with that we’ll see how that goes along all good
fun. Shawls… Yarn…. oh one last thing that comes with
that then I so I ordered those needles from gorgeous yarns and when she sent me them, so Gorgeous Yarns, I think they’re based down in Cornwall, when I got them and they came
super speedily they also came with a beautiful little mini skein. Hand dyed
mini skein which I’ve now wound up and which I’m going to turn in to hexipuffs as I do with all mini skeins, which was very sweet so a little hand dyed
by the owners’, by the owner a little mini skein as a freebie with my needles
so bonus, there was also some tea in there and it arrived the package arrived
super speedily and the customer service from them is just generally been great
there was one thing missing from the needle set when I ordered, got in touch…
it’s got sent straightaway… I mean I really couldn’t fault the service at all,
wonderful so yeah thank you yeah thank you to go to Gorgeous Yarns that was that was
great I really appreciate it and put the yarn down Clair you’re not a cat. I think
that’s all I’ve got to say for today. I’ve been back to knit night a couple of times…
really enjoying knit night, the ladies there have filthy minds and I thoroughly
approve of it it was I’ve been laughing a lot at knit night, that’s that’s really
good. Drumming has started again and drumming
practice has started again we’re getting ready for… stuff’s already going in the
calendar for performances so that’s good the Sun has come out brighter and I’m
going all a bit weird colored never mind yeah I got voted in as membership
secretary for drumming I wasn’t planning on that but very happy to be doing that
The previous membership secretary had been doing it for quite a few years and
wanted to step down and I was like oh okay and then but obviously someone else
will want to do it and there was a deafly silence in the room so okay
okay I’ll do that that would be me so yeah new job working
my way up the ranks Kellyann I’m coming for your job next.
No I’m not… Kellyanne is a leader and she’s also podcaster she runs the Yarn
tales by the sea podcast but she’s one of the drumming leaders so she’s the one
that stands at the front and tells us what to do I am NOT doing that cuz I
can’t remember the songs apart from anything else but yeah really excited
that drumming starts again, once drumming gets going I’m sure there’ll be more
drumming related knitting as well um as it gets going properly for performances
but we’ll see what that’s like when that happens. I feel like I have been talking
very quickly please feel free to play this on a slow-speed if that’s helpful but yeah anyway thank you everyone for
continuing to watch and spend time in this little corner of the internet I
really appreciate you watching it and I love it when you comment so please
comments below, questions, general chats feel free anything that you fancy. It’s a
lovely day that I might well I say it’s a lovely day it’s sunny
it’s very windy and cold out there as well but I might venture out and go and
look in some shops. Neil was working overtime today I’ve got the day to
myself I could do anything I might just sit on the sofa and knit… there’s a boxy to
be worked on it’s gonna take a while to make the most of the opportunities. Anyway, I’m
literally just just rambling now and I know it says rambling at the front but
yeah there’s a limit so yeah thank you very much everybody thank you for
watching sorry for being so rambly but that’s kind of just me it’s all a bit
stream of consciousness here I hope you have a lovely week, weeks, month, however
long it is until I see you again next and

8 thoughts on “Ferret & Gibbon – Episode 7. 9th March 2019

  1. one cannot over do a tassel, ever! I like the colours for exploration station I haven't thrown mine on the needles yet still oohing and awwing over what colours to use. nice to see you (La Crau by Melanie Berg) and I know where my towel is….;) lovely yarn that is

  2. Love the shawls. The colours work so well on both of them. Great stash haul as well. BTW, I used to be the membership secretary before I became a leader 😂 xx

  3. Lesley sent me. What an enjoyable 40ish minutes I just spent. I think I may stick around and even backtrack other episodes

  4. I heard about your podcast through Lesley’s Instagram; glad I watched! I have been thinking of knitting the Boxy (as my first sweater, no less), but the amount of stitches around has put me off. I will love to see how you progress.

  5. I have just caught up on your latest two podcasts, Clair. Love the shawls and will need to squish the exploration station now it’s off the needles. Speaking of needles, make sure to remind me or Maria about my first visit to Unravel a couple of years ago when I got the Chiagoo set.

  6. Love your exploration station. Thoroughly enjoyed knitting mine for the same reasons you had. If you are doing more Brioche, I can recommend the Sockmaticians one pass method. I saw Lesley at Unravel, where I was restrained (for me), maybe I’ll see you next year.

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