Fishing Knots – Palomar Knot

Fishing Knots – Palomar Knot

hi and welcome to the north west carp and anglers diary fishing blog for this episode we’re going to look at the
Palomar knot this is part 2 of my series on fishing knots now the Palomar
is a really strong knot and it’s probably one of the simplest there is to
tie I’ve put a diagram on the right-hand side of the screen in the middle and
I’ll show you how to tie it right now so let’s go to my board at home and I’ll
try tying a piece of 40 pound braid to a swivel for you so you can see just how
easy this knot is it gives great knot strength and it’s absolutely solid one
of the most reliable knots there is and so easy to tie let’s take a look okay so
today we’re going to take a look at the Palomar knot now I use this knot for tying to hooks and to swivels it’s exceptionally strong and definitely a knot you should be using because it won’t let you down I’ve got a piece of braid
and I’ve got a swivel and I’m gonna tie the braid so that swivel so come through
the eye of the swivel like so and I’m gonna go back on myself so the line is
doubled okay now you can just fold the braid over and
thread it through the eye of the swivel but I prefer to do it that way especially
when it comes to hooks which have a much smaller eye so all we’re going to do is we’re gonna tie an overhand knot in that okay put that down so you can see it okay and
from there all we do we take the swivel and we thread it through the loop and we
pull it tight okay that little piece of loop there you can tighten that down by
grabbing the main line let the tag go grab the main line and pull it and there
we go obviously you’d wet it on the way down I’m behind the camera so I can’t do
that and the tag end take the braid scissors cut the tag off and there we go one Palomar knot tied to a swivel it’s that easy it’s probably the easiest fishing knot to tie it’s got
exceptionally high knot strength and it’s one of the few knots in fishing
they really won’t let you down it’s taken me a long time to get these knots
down to a tee and to use the right ones on your setup you know it’s such a weak
point you really don’t want to be using a strangulation knot like a blood knot or
anything like that the Palomar or the grinner knot are 2 of the best knots
going okay so that’s it for now I’ll be back with another video soon errr this is
the second in a series of three I’ve covered the Palomar knot I’ve done a
shock leader knot and coming next will be the grinner knot so stay tuned for that
hit the subscribe button and I’ll see you in another video thanks for watching

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  1. This video of part of articles on fishing knots and dropshotting, click the links to read the articles and see how to tie some of the best fishing knots.
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  2. Bang on mate step by step and slow , most others just explain and im a visual learner, new sub bro.. also any decent places to fish in liverpool ?

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