Fishing Knots: Surgeon’s Loop Knot – How to Tie a Surgeon’s Loop for Lures and Hooks!

Fishing Knots: Surgeon’s Loop Knot – How to Tie a Surgeon’s Loop for Lures and Hooks!

HOW TO TIE THE SURGEON’S LOOP KNOT: Hello everybody, welcome back to Fishthatwontquit. Today I’m going to show
you how to tie the surgeon’s loop. So stay tuned. Alright so with your line
you’re going to want to double that over. I like to use about 8 to 10 inches of a
doubled over line. Now what I like to do is with my right hand, pinch the loop. My
left hand go on the left side and hold both tight. And now what you’re gonna be
doing is making a loop with both lines together. You can go under or you can go
over, whatever way you prefer. I’ll go over here. Now with this loop you’ll pass
it through the loop you just created… once.. and then one more time. So you’re
knot sould look something like this. Now go ahead and slowly start pulling the knot
together. And once you get to the point right before you’re gonna snug it all
tight, go ahead and lubricate your knot. Okay now grab a hold to the left and the
right and give that a really nice tug. Now what you’re left with is a tag end to
cut off. And what you’re left with is a completed
surgeon’s loop. Now you might want to add a hook or a lure to this loop. So you’ll
do a little different process. So with your hook or lure.. I’m going to use this
hook here… The first step will be to place the line through the eye of the
hook and then go ahead and double over your line. And the same as before, get the
left and right side tight, make your loop. Now you’re going to make sure this loop
is as big as the item you’re trying to pass through it. And same as before, we’ll
go through once and twice. Okay and then go ahead and start pulling that knot
snug just like before. You’ll have that same tag end to cut off here. And that’s
how you tie the Surgeons Loop with an item you want to connect to it. Hope this
video was helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment down
below. If you like the video please hit that like button, and until next time
thanks for watching!

5 thoughts on “Fishing Knots: Surgeon’s Loop Knot – How to Tie a Surgeon’s Loop for Lures and Hooks!

  1. So you put two turns on your loop. I put like 5 maybe 6 turns. My line is 60lb and going for stripers and other saltwater big game. Are you able to put as many turns as you want or does that ruin the loop

  2. What would be the best, this or the perfection loop for easy change leaders? I'm mostly curious about which would be best for chinook or coho fishing. Thanks, I'm learning a lot here.

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