Flowers with round petals in Bullion stitch and Chain stitch

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get a notification when I upload a new video Today we are going to make this flower
In rococo stitch with round petals
and chain (chain stitch) We need: A piece of fabric, colored skein threads, needle, hoop, scissors and the design I already have my design on the fabric and
I placed the hoop to hold it Let’s start by making this stick This is one which is made using chain stitch I pass the needle where the stick starts, there spin the hoop,
hold the thread with the thumb and now I pass the needle where I pull the thread I take a little of fabric more forward
and pass the needle Taking into account that the strand is
above the tip of the needle forming a ring I hold the strand again And I passed the needle through the ring that is formed and I take it out a little forward I make the same again in the next stitch This is how I continue I’m already here where the leaf starts Now, I pass the needle Keeping in mind: this strand
will be above of the strand formed with
the ring to rivet it I pass the needle in the base of the leaf,
turn the hoop and I make the leaf, it is made with backstitch Here, I am in the leaf tip now I turn the hoop and I end up doing it down Now, I’m going to make the midribs
these are made with the back stitch I make the stitch through the midrib of the leaf now, on the side I make small stitches that’s how the leaf ends That way we make all the leaves Now let’s make the flowers that are made in bullion stitch with round petals I pass the needle there,
on top of the center of the flower I take a little of fabric and I pull the needle
where I pulled the strand the needle does not completely pass I hold the needle a little with the index finger and I roll up the strand over the
needle in this way 30 times When I have it already rolled up I hold it with the index finger and thumb and I pull the needle and completely pass it that’s how the bullion stitch ends I slip it and give it the round shape then I pass the needle to the size of the petal I pull and pass it through
the ring of the bullion stitch and I rivet it Besides, I make another petal likewise keep in mind that the
petal will be round There, I make the third petal I rivet it now i make the fourth petal finally, I make the fifth petal this flower only has 5 petals that’s how the flower ends I’m going to make it the center, which is a French knot I’ll make this with yellow thread I pass the needle there, I make the French knot, I pass the needle back and I rivet it Now, on each petal I’ll make a French knot I make them with white thread in each knot I roll up the thread 3 times and so on in every petal now, I’m going to make the leaves which
are made using the lazy daisy stitch I pass the needle there and make the ring I pass the thread to the other side
and make the other leaf all leaves are made likewise the above branches are made using chain stitch
just like the ones below I pass the needle there and I start to make the chain. I give it the curved shape these points are made with French knot I roll up 3 turns of thread to each French knot I make 3 fuchsia French knots
and 2 white French knots and at the end I make a yellow French knot This embroidery has
been finished completely I share the design on my Facebook page This flower is also used to decorate
the smocking point I hope you liked it See you in an upcoming video, thank you very much

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