– I’m Coyote Peterson. How do you guys
think I would look with a blond mustache? (jaguar roar) (rapid drumming) The rainforests of Costa Rica are filled with
beautiful animals. However, sometimes the
most stunning creatures can also be the most dangerous. Defensive appearances
are everything on the Osa Peninsula, whether it’s camouflage
to keep you hidden, look at that gross bugger. Uuugh, and I know everybody’s
watching right now saying, “Coyote, are
you gonna get stung “by the toe biter today?” Absolutely not. Or bright colors
to warn predators that you would be
one toxic treat, it’s all about survival
of the best hidden or best dressed. But what if you
don’t care to hide? And what if you are not
born with bright colors? But instead, one
soft-looking cuddly coat, which conceals beneath it
an armor of venomous spines. Get ready to meet the
furry puss caterpillar. Holy cow, look at this,
look at this caterpillar. – [Cameraman] What
are you looking at? Whoa. – [Coyote] You don’t know
what that is, do you? – [Cameraman] No, I
wouldn’t touch that. – [Coyote] This is what the
locals call a fire caterpillar. – [Cameraman] You sure
that’s a caterpillar? – Oh yeah. Watch, I’m gonna
bend this branch down because I don’t want
him to fall on my face. I would be in pain for hours. Look at that. It looks like a mustache. I don’t exactly know the proper
name for this caterpillar. This caterpillar
has many nicknames. On the Osa Peninsula, it’s
known as the fire caterpillar. However, it is more
commonly called the furry puss caterpillar, because it so closely
resembles a fuzzy kitty cat. In the world of science,
this is actually a flannel moth caterpillar. But don’t let their adorable
and cuddly looks fool you. This fuzzy puss is covered
in urticating hairs, and if you’re unfortunate
enough to make skin contact, these hairs can be
extremely irritating. What’s even worse is
that just below the hairs are venomous spines. Get a handful of those,
and for nearly 12 hours you will in excruciating pain. I’m pretty sure that
the little bristles that will do you damage are
on the other side of this fur. Let me take a look in there, oh boy, can you see that? – [Cameraman] Oh yeah. – Look at that. Those are what dig
into your skin. And you go to pet it
and you’re like (groans) your hand is on fire. And actually, I think
I got a couple of them that touched my finger ’cause my finger’s
starting to itch. I’m sure you guys are thinking, “Ah come on Coyote,
just touch it.” No no no no no. My hand will feel
like it is on fire. Now it’s tough to tell which
end of this guy is the head. I’m gonna go ahead and guess
that this end is the head, ’cause as you can
see, he’s eaten a hole right through that leaf. And we’ve caught
this caterpillar right in the middle of dinner, and I’m sorry that
I had to bug you in the middle of
dinner, Mr. Caterpillar, but you are just far
too bizarre-looking for us to not get in
front of the cameras. All right, let’s
see if we can get this fuzzy little
caterpillar to show us his underside, check
this out, watch this. Look at that. – [Cameraman] He’s dancing. – I just wanna get him off
the leaf and now watch. Look at that. Can you see his underside? Looks like a tremor, doesn’t it. See all those little legs? Like suction cups
that allows him to move up and down tree trunks, and his mouth is on
the end of his head and he gnaws away at the leaves. Wow, just when I
thought the rainforests of Costa Rica couldn’t
get any more bizarre, we come across this
obscure-looking caterpillar. Somewhere between a sheepdog
and a blond mustache. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. These caterpillars are venomous, however, there are no
reported cases of contact that have resulted in death. If you are ever stung,
the best first aid is a cold ice pack applied
to the location of the sting, and antihistamines
can be administered to help with the
itching and burning. All right Donny, we’ll
see you later buddy. Enjoy your leaf. Lesson to be learned here, if you see a caterpillar
that looks soft and fuzzy, do your absolute best to
avoid cuddling with it. If you thought this was one
bizarre-looking creature, make sure to check
out my encounter with the hooded leaf mantis. And don’t forget,
subscribe to join me and the crew on this
season of Breaking Trail. And I imagine that they must
have pretty good eyesight with how big their eyes are. And look at how he
can just tuck his arms underneath his thorax like that. (animals roaring and howling)

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