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today I bring you these two caps are from the brand
propper are fat that are known as contractor
most market caps the most tactical caps that bring the
contractor name is used for to imply that they are caps to give them
constant use are caps that are made of materials that can
last much longer in this case proper is a company that has been since 1967
started making caps for sailors from us what we commonly know here
in Colombia as quepis is to provide the five years later it has evolved
and has been acquiring new hiring to become
independent and today in the market It is one of the best companies for
can find pants shirts caps and all this kind of utensils
that we can classify as tactics for daily use as I tell you here at
front we have our propper contractor without further ado let’s go with the
video let’s start with what is the design
of the specific cap propper is a brand that likes to be very
retailer in those small details that can make a difference at the moment
of using your articles in this case we can see the fall of both the visor
as the angle of attack of the radius of the last of the cap for many is very important because it is what determines at what angle
the visor ends if we are going to look like this or if we are going to stay like this there are many people
that does not take that into account and for a cap of this type is very important
propper also wanted to mark a difference with what the materials are
we can see that they are mainly achieved in
cotton but propper wanted to get a cap that is for heavy duty use
what is known globally which is heavy use that can be saved
in the pocket that can be stored in the suitcase that can get wet get dirty
that mud mud falls in order countless things and the cap follow 100%
functional here we find some materials that are 80% polyester 20% cotton which will give you much more
resistance that the material does not go to tear the visor is not going to
wear down all these parts and the color stay constant with the passing
of time we have already seen that the caps tactics are characterized by their panel
Velcro front that is 3 inches x 2 inches here on the top
we also have to place badge smaller and back with its velcro to
put name or what we need this is a cap that comes for
any kind of measure what yes I caused curiosity is that they are still
placing this type of adjustment since Well, in the market we can find
clip settings which is much more efficient and considering that it
they can make this same material from ripstop to make it much more durable
propper decided to place this should have been for something then this hat for
your materials determine what is going to be a very durable cap for example
here we have the black one and like you know here in URBAN ELITE we
like to try things before show these two caps you already have
eight months of use and eight months of use constant know that the bike go out
walk around and look at the colors how do you they keep the caps have not been washed no
they have washed and look the colors the seams everything follows
maintaining velcro quality is something that has caused me a lot
satisfaction comparing it with others caps is a panel that despite being
comfortable is not that velcro that at the time of paste patches and peel off
will start to deteriorate for example in size it seems very suitable already
that we can put different patches sizes and materials as it is here patches
of pvc fabric and also the size is suitable for patches that are being
using today then it is very very comfortable and the quality of the cap on the
front is something that has called me also attention because it comes with a
reinforcement inside here in this green is much easier to see this hard part no
I know what material the truth is and propper they don’t have your page or what
they have the label they talk to us on the polyester and cotton of what
which is made up of the whole cap but here in this part makes it a bit
harder not stiff but not be easy to deform and the visor is a
much thicker visor and much more resistant which will prevent that with the
time you start seeing those caps now so we can make a
idea about the cap compound and the materials and can really mark
a difference or not here I bring you a known cap is hazard 4
if you have not seen the description of this cap down in the video description
I leave the link as many saw the cap at the beginning it was
a cap that looked exactly the same This is a cap that already has a year of use It is a year of use where it has been required
what a PMC would be required normal color is something that has been given to me
liked and that’s thanks to shoftshell that we have here if we want to pick up the cap is very easy and let it be let be
small everything but the last thing is what I
spoke earlier look look at the radius of the cap and the angle
of attack and the angle of the visor and from here to here it makes a difference and
between the visor and the width of the cap look at the materials since they have yielded a
little bit while here it looks here the level of the
visor that in this one look what I was saying here in these
caps after a while and that if passes to all contractors and all PMCs
the visor begin to degenerate the angles of attack are different because
use the materials go yielding even though this is a
softshell and here in front we find cotton
the materials are stretched and in other sides shrink something that
it doesn’t happen in this propper then the visors will always stay the same
here in front we already have the part that I tell you the hardest part while
here what keeps the cap is the front panel that in this case the Hazard 4 also has a velcro spectacular now let’s see a cap
from the same brand of propper but the which comes before this one which
60% cotton and 40% polyester comes It is one of the caps that we can most
find in the military forces of us already how proper does that have
hiring right now they made these caps as I say
here should be the materials yes Mr. 60% cotton
40% polyester so
as we see this cap has already four years of use yes look what I
said four years of use against a year, year and a half or so that you have
this cap and look at the differences are minimum although this cap does not
comes with reinforcement on the visor one of both look at the propper how it stays
that’s what I mean by that propper marks these small differences
between the caps then this contractor is the evolution of
this cap but then both in the visor as we compare it what it should
be up to the same visor here the angles of attack not
they are so marked the polyester that handles the brand of
propper It is far superior to other brands even so it is possible to open these
angles but then of 4 years of abuse and
colors are already beginning to look obviously a little paler but the quality of
the cap is still intact look what I I told them about the adjustment if you see that here propper if you keep your
same lines the only era that is in I am not in favor of the
adjustments come the velcro since with the time this does not matter the brand that
sea ​​5.11, maxpedition, the amrca will always deteriorate look here look how is this part, look
look how the cap starts to damage so I don’t agree with that
be in velcro look here is contractor
this cap if I gave it until I said no more equal if you want to see the description
of this cap they will also find down in the video description but
then look what is being Velcro adjustments is something with which
I don’t agree and they start to deteriorate if insurance is damaged
the cap believe me that few people they still wear the caps I’m not
supporter start putting clips on them I think something
it looks horrible then we have the previous and evolution there are differences if there are so many in the
materials as in the compound of the Cap
and this is far superior other than me liked the cap is that it reaches
be waterproof for about an hour of rain
It’s something I didn’t count on but at time to start receiving it and I
I felt very much like I was using the softshell
so if it’s a hat that you’re going to give constant use to travel to
walk for trekking to sweat to be able to store in a
pocket to always keep it with I recommend this cap
I hope you liked the video don’t forget to share it so that another
people can start seeing new products and let’s continue to grow as
community if they want to acquire any of These products can be made here at
URBAN ELITE and don’t forget keep it prepared and take care of yours

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