GRANITE Knit Stitch Pattern

GRANITE Knit Stitch Pattern

The Granite Stitch Hi, Guys, and Welcome to Studio Knit. Today we are going to learn to the Knit the
Vintage Pattern of the GRANITE STITCH. It’s a textured pattern that is great for blankets, scarves, and all sorts of knitting fashions. The pattern looks really cool, it’s easily
memorized and addictively fun to knit! We begin by casting on an EVEN number of stitches and this pattern repeats in four rows. Starting on the Right side of our work, which is the front, the first row is simply knitting all the way across the row. Doesn’t get any
easier than that! Next, on the Wrong side of the work, which
is the backside, for the second row we decrease using the Knit Two Together all the way across the row. This will leave us with half as many stitches on our needles as we originally cast on. Now the third row is on the Right Side of
the work and we are increasing each stich with Knit Front and Back. Knit into the front, then into the back. Now we have the original number of stitches back on our needles. And row four on the wrong side of the work, we finish up by simply Purling all the way across the row. After knitting these four rows, simply repeat
the pattern until your piece is the length you desire. And if this video is helpful in learning to
Knit the Granite Stitch, please hit like and let me know you would like to see more knitting tutorials like this! Thank you so much for watching Studio Knit. Please check out my entire Knitting Lesson Playlist to learn more knitting skills, like
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43 thoughts on “GRANITE Knit Stitch Pattern

  1. Thanks! Can this stitch be used in circular knitting? If so could you do a video on how to do that… Thanks!

  2. Thank you SK, I do enjoy your lessons! Could you please teach knitting "swirls" as I would like to knit a hat (in the rounds) for my daughter.
    Thank you so much!!

  3. has anyone has issues with angles from the purl row to knit, would it help to knit from the back, angles concerned? i was wondering if it would change the look.

  4. I really enjoy these short and concise stitch videos! Having the written instructions to the left is fantastic too and helps me in becoming more familiar with the abbreviations. I love how you just dive in and begin right away. It makes it easier to rewind if I missed something too. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely vintage stitches with us. 😁

  5. I'm confused on how to tell the right side from the wrong side. I've heard that for the knit stitch there is no right or wrong. In this video you knit the firt row then say the 2nd row is the wrong side. In this instince it's easy to tell because it's the second row but how do you tell otherwise? your cute videos

  6. Hello. Thank you for these nice patterns and also for the instructions. It is so helpful to me. please do it more often and tell us if there is a site for written instructions. Thank you

  7. Your videos are the best I have found on here, so easy to follow that even I am getting it right 😀 Now when am looking to learn I type studio Knit in the search bar then the stitch, awesome thank you xXx

  8. Love the videos, great to watch and hear you and also see how the pattern is written. So much better to understand

  9. Hey guys! My new KNIT STITCH PATTERN BOOK now includes this stitch and to easily knit it up offline. Get it on Etsy ($6) here:

  10. So… I decided to follow this stitch for my project, started fine with 32 cast-on and suddenly, without any precautions, i already had 42.

    Did I do something wrong?🤷‍♀️😓

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