45 thoughts on “Hair Ventilation Basics: How to Knot Hair in Wig Lace

  1. I'm at my rope's end here… My back and shoulders hurts so much from ventilating… If the lace front is too low at the table it hurts my lower back like crazy, if I put it higher up it makes my shoulders and upper back hurt like crazy, anything in between and both hurts. Trying to really focus on my position, and see whether anything helps, but the only thing that helps is stop ventilating… Do you have any advice? I don't know what to do anymore. 🙁

  2. Hello I live in the UK and I'm really struggling where to buy hair so I can make repairs to thinning parts of my wigs. Please can you help?! Thanks for the video! X

  3. What kind of board do you have the piece pinned to while you’re working? Would it be feasible to just use cork board or foam poster board?

  4. You should tell people if the root end is long, the hair will always tangle from the cuticle friction. Not a mustache, but anything longer.

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