hand embroidery bullion knot stitch | normal needle stitch | embroidery designs on kurti | #238

hand embroidery bullion knot stitch | normal needle stitch | embroidery designs on kurti | #238

Hi.. Vanakkam and Welcome to Dhivya Arts and Crafts. Today, in hand embroidery; we are going to see about how to design a neck design.. In hand embroidery, full and full we are going to do in thread. So far we would have done in silk thread, then embroidery thread.
Today we are going to do in cotton thread. Cotton thread means, we use that for knitting. That is a kind of thread. This is also anchor brand. So in this if you put the stitches, it will be perfect stitch. This is anchor thread. See here, it is written on it. It will come in 10gms ball. There are many colors available in market.
Our required colors, we can buy it. Now we are going to put bullion stitch. for this bullion stitch, only if we have this thread we can give the apt effect. The needle which we are going to use is no.4 We have it in Jyothi brand. no.4. This is a LONG DARNER needle. It will be like.. we use it for flowers. It is very sharp and it will be convenient for putting bullion stitch. So this is no.4. If you have bought needle and thread like this.. in jardoose effect, We can do a thread work.. Jardoose is very costly.. 100gms itself very costly. With that effect we’ll see how we can do the embroidery.. For this I have drawn a rough diagram, normal petals. By calculating this petals, we are going to put stitches. Now I have taken anchor thread in two strands. Take the two strands and put a knot on the edge. After the know we can start. See here, I have marked a petal know.. Am going to take from petal’s center part. Like this, taking from center part.. the petal’s outside.. to.. we are going again to start point of the petal. then, lift the needle like this.. now we are going to roll the needle. So the roll’s count is going to initiate the height.. Now I desire to roll it for 14 times.. which means.. roll around needle and pull the thread.. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12..13..14 see here.. now I have taken for 14 times. make sure the roll doesn’t come out.. see here, while it is like this.. hold the roll with your fingers.. pull the needle like this. See here, the stitches comes beautifully. while coming like this, if you feel it is coming irregularly.. like this.. roll it. after rolling, we can poke down in that height. So easy method.. am doing one more near by This petals, we are going to do the flowers … …in the same way…. see here bring it on the opposite side we are bringing it here. after bringing, lift the needle with finger same 14 counts.. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12..13..14 so after the 14 counts.. make sure you don’t lose the roll. while taking the needle, it will be little tough. twist it slightly.. it will come easy. You can also do it in normal thread. Even if you do in normal thread, you will get the effect.. not sure if you would get the perfect bullion stitch effect But exact thread is this only.. Cotton thread.. You can ask in market. It will be available in all craft shop. Now we are going to put small petals in the side. For this we are not going to do anything, we are just going to reduce the count. We did for 14 counts.. now… we can reduce it for 8 counts.. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.. See here, if you get like this in edge.. twist with your fingers like this.. then poke in that place. Keep the height equal and come back to start point. we did for 8 count.. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.. after that.. see here. It will come so beautifully.. in those days.. when we had no jardoosi materials, that jardoosi effect.. they have brought it like this in thread. so that embroidery is this.. also called bullion stitch.. In tamil.. pulu thaiyal (worm stitch) The look of this will look like.. a worm.. so they call it as worm stitch (pulu thaiyal) I have rolled it for 14 times so don’t miss the calculation. 14.. 8.. It is not like we have to keep 14.. 8.. But for our approximate height.. look for one trial.. if that height is right for you, you can use the same.. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12..13..14 In same way, we can complete for 4 petals. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.. So 8.. after putting it.. lift it with finger like this.. Bring it like this.. Final part, am twisting it like this.. We have to lock in that place. A beautiful petal is ready Now in this.. we can keep stones in the center.. Or we can keep beads.. Ill teach you how to do by keeping beads In the center.. with normal needle we can put the bead and.. put a lock near by.. after putting.. if you put lock at back side this design will be complete.. So similarly, put your required designs To interconnect this, you can put chain stitches In hand embroidery.. how to put chain stitches.. I have taught in class1 class2 status Follow that from there.. if not, if you know to put aari you can also interconnect from aari So all these are our creativity. Without interconnecting also, you can put it as flowers.. I believe this video will be useful for you all. You also try in home. Share it with your friends. Like it. Please don’t forget to subscribe our channel Thanks for watching. Keep on watching. Thank you.

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  1. Akka oru doubt neega 14 round poitu kela koindu poorigala aaintha place la kela knot podurigala illaiya

  2. Pls நீங்க போட்டு முடித்ததும் பின்னாடி திருப்பி எப்படி இருக்குனு காட்டுங்க.

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