hand embroidery french knot | normal needle stitch | embroidery designs on kurti | pearl work | #233

hand embroidery french knot | normal needle stitch | embroidery designs on kurti | pearl work | #233

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crafts! Today we are going to see how to design kurti using hand embroidery It’s a different embroidery. name is french knot or Pearl Stitch. In tamil , Muthu Thaiyal without use stones or sugar beads or jamikki or any grand material, going to learn this work using only thread needed materials for this work, not much mirror micka, silk threrad and needle. those things is enough to complete this work. As I always said if you use original mirror, your fabric wait increase so instead of original mirror, use mirror micka, available at all craft shop. It will be light weight at same time it gives mirror effect so we can stick this mirror using fabric glue. After stick that draw this square in freehand. no need to know drawing or tracing for this square. going to do embroidery after draw this square for this embroidery, you can do cotton thread or anchor thread if you have. suppose not available, take silk thread and with six strands. in this crewel needle, convert six strand thread into double line you will get like 12 strands with thick size and do knot in edge going to use that thread to do embroidery already i posted mirror embroidery work video You will surely understand that video if not, you can learn mirror embroidery from this video using silk thread. look at that, you can insert needle like this like this, adjust the thread and pull the needle from inner side so different between anchor thread and silk thread is anchor thread is so convenient compare to silk thread. also anchor thread look like cotton thread but silk thread gives good embroidery effect so that is the difference for both thread so any thread will be easy to embroidery we will complete like this you can knot at backside after complete mirror work we are going to do pearl stitch take No.7 needle with six strand thread like before as i said each side six side and totally 12 strands first, pull the needle from bottom as usual look here keep needle under thread and roll it once We need to insert it in where it already is keep this thread very tightly like this and bring the thread using finger until the end like this. that is pearl stitch. now going to do fill using this stitch again, roll like this and insert it in where it already is Similarly we are going to do this stitch throughout this diamond shape In earlier days, there is no stones and jimikki so people use this stitch for pearl effect so that, it called as pearl stitch so like this,we will do this stitch throughout this diamond shape without space If you want to get exactly this diamond shape in this embroidery, first finish outline It is not necessary that the pearl stitch should be the same must be filling with stitch. called as pearl stitch filling so , first do the pearl stitch in outline like drawing and fill the inside with irregular it will help to show outline with exact shape watch here the outline shape is looks good if you want to do this on circle shape If you do pearl stitch around the mirror you will get good shape but this is diamond shape so finish outline first this type of embroidery we can manage big mistake. If so how, wherever the empty space can be filled with pearl stitches, so there is no chance for big mistake you can do this on kurti with confident so completed outline and fill inside using pearl stitch and get complete the work Now we have completed the job. But still find some space here You can fill up the empty space near wherever you are completed. That is the specialty of pearl stitch. you can do like this with very close or you can leave with some space I show you one last time keep the thread like this keep needle under thread and roll it once and insert it in where it already is. pull the thread in under keep the thread like this when pulling down Let us complete similarly and we can finally tie the knot down so you can decide how many diamonds needed around the neck give you other option if your kurti matrials is plain you can do embroidery with contrast color based on leggings and shawl so you can design your plain top with our creativity and color Hope this video is useful for you. Try it yourself at home share with your friends, do like like and subscribe this video Please don’t forget to subscribe our channel . Thanks for watching keep on watching thank you

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