HERRINGBONE Knit Stitch Pattern

HERRINGBONE Knit Stitch Pattern

The Herringbone Stitch! Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit! Today, we are knitting up this very classy
Herringbone Stitch. It is a horizontal pattern and it’s great
for home interior projects, like pillows, because it is a very very tight weave, so
it’s nice and strong and sturdy. And we are going to be knitting just two rows
to achieve this pattern. And we repeat those two rows over and over. I also have a special little technique to
have a nice smooth edge right here. And let’s look at the back. I think the back is gorgeous, as well. There are these raised horizontal lines that
I think would be splendid to show off, as well. So, let’s begin with our beloved slip knot. And this pattern is unique because we are
casting on absolutely any number of stitches of your choice. So, you can knit an odd number of stitches,
an even number of stitches, absolutely any number you would like, it totally works, trust
me on this one! Okay, so once you have cast on however many
stitches you chose, then to begin we are knitting two through the back loop. Now, we’re going to repeat this a few times. So, you put your right needle through the
back and then you are actually going to knit that through, but you’re going to keep those
two stitches right there. So, knit it through, and I like to pull a
little bit of yarn. And now on the left needle, you’ll see that
we’re going to let go of that first stitch, taking that off the needle but we’re going
to keep the second stitch on. Okay, we’re going to do that again. So, bring the right needle, we are going to
knit through the back loop, so just push it right there through the back and you take
your yarn, wrap it around, and knit it through as you normally would. Again, pull a little bit of yarn out and that
first stitch on the left needle comes off and the second stitch on the left needle stays
on. And we just repeat this all the way down the
row. We’re going to do it one more time here at
the end. So, we are knitting through the back loop,
we’re going to knit through, and then we’re going to let go of that very first stitch
there on the left needle and we are going to just slip that last stitch. We’re not going to knit it, just going to
go ahead, put our needle in, and there we go. Now row two is very similar but we’re going
to Purl two together. So, we start out by purling two, and of course
when we purl, our yarn is in the front, and we’re going to take our yarn and we’re going
to wrap it around and we’re going to purl through, so we have that yarn there. And, again, have a little bit of give right
there and on the left take one stitch off, leave the second stitch on, and then we repeat. So let’s go on it, we’re going to purl two
together, we’re going to take our yarn, purl it through, pull a little bit of yarn out
and then on the left release one stitch and keep the other one on. We’re going to go all the way down our needle
like this and here at the end let’s do it one more time together. We’re going to purl, we’re going to go ahead
and take that first stitch off and then on that very last stitch, we are simply going
to slip the last stitch right there. And that’s it, guys, we simply repeat these
two rows over and over until your piece is the length you desire. So, I hope you are inspired to try this Herringbone
Pattern. Again, it’s a very tight weave, so give yourself
a lot of slack. I hope you enjoy it and definitely share your
photos with me. I love seeing and collecting everything you
guys are making up. I have all my social links below. And, I’ll see you next time. Bye!

71 thoughts on “HERRINGBONE Knit Stitch Pattern

  1. I tried this stitch once, but it was very tight and difficult to work with. Great video, I think I'll try again 🙂 will this stitch look ok on a sweater?

  2. Hey Kristen! I really appreciate all of your videos. Between this and your Pinterest I'm able to work on my goal of learning a new pattern every week!
    I do have one question, what does row 2 look like in the Herringbone stitch pattern if you knit in the round?

  3. Hey I love this video cause you explain the steps well and repeat it 3 times along with that but I just wanted to know if after you fined the first row, if you swapped hands or did you flip the video?

  4. You should really have more subscribers. You are so good at knitting and explaining what to do. I have been subscribed for a while and my favorite video of yours is how to knit a donut. Keep up the good work!

  5. I love all your videos! I would love to see a project, like a scarf that has a number of stitches like a sampler scarf introduced. Would make a great gift to show off ones skills they have learned!!

  6. You are so easy to follow. I started out just knitting and purling, but through you, I can do all these new patterns! Thanks.

  7. You explain things very well! Thank you so much for taking the time, it looks way easier than I thought it was after watching the tutorial!!

  8. WOW I'm French I live in France, but you explained so wel, I will try it ; thank you so much for posting. Kind greetings from Brittany – France !

  9. I'm delighted I've found this channel! You are a fab instructor. You show the stitches in close up, minding the "mistakes" or doubts that we may have and repeat enough so we can get the idea. 🙂 I'm a beginner but you gave me the courage to try some of the more intricate stitches .

  10. So since I started knitting I’ve basically been a knit stitch video binge watcher
    I just need to tell you, you have the easiest and best herringbone stitch video
    I have watched several and they do it completely differently and really really complicated but they are achieving the same results as you….. I’m sticking with you! Keep it simple. This isn’t rocket science by it IS supposed to be FUN
    thank you!!!!!

  11. Love the vid. But a Newby knitter. Question. Isn't the stitch ur doing on 1st row a pearl from the back. A knit from the back would be going through 2 stitch too 1st stitch right?

  12. I have a pattern I’m trying to use that utilizes this stitch and I cannot for the life of me get it to look right. I’m getting so discouraged because this pattern is beautiful but I honestly have no idea what I’m doing

  13. It's beautiful, thick and close knit, but definitely I had to redo it like 6 times to get any sort of tension right. Thank you for the tutorial! ^w^

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