HONEYCOMB CABLE Knit Stitch Pattern

The Honeycomb Cable Pattern! Hi guys I’m Kristen and today we are knitting up this vintage honeycomb cable
knit stitch pattern it looks really intricate to knit but it’s actually
quite simple I consider this an easy level project
because it is perfect for everyone who is ready to learn how to cable who
already knows how to knit and purl with an easy knitting repeat of just eight rows
that are really simple to memorize you can create this beautiful and modern
looking pattern and I love looking at the inside of the honeycomb pattern
right here what I want to show you this is what the
wrong or the backside of the honeycomb cable pattern looks like so this is not
a reversible pattern it definitely has a distinct right and wrong side to it for
the complete written pattern everything is on my website I have that link down
below so make sure to check that out you also can pin this pattern on Pinterest
to save it for later and I’m also working on creating the pattern for this
easy ear warmer headband also a little simple one row hairband as well it makes
a great gift so make sure you are subscribed here on YouTube to studio
knit so that you’ll catch that as soon as it comes out and for our materials
it’s a knit stitch pattern so feel free to use any weight yarn and appropriate
size knitting needles for your project you’ll also want a little cable needle
for our cabling as well as scissors and a tapestry needle and I just want to
point out for my cable needle I’m just using a little double pointed needle
here that I painted so that it’ll be easy for you to differentiate my cable
needle from my regular knitting needles once we get started on that and if you
like the way that this pattern is knitting up then I have the exact
materials link down below where you can purchase this yarn as well
casting on so to begin we create our beloved Slip Knot and then using the
longtail cast on method and I have all the techniques linked down below we are
casting on in multiples of eight stitches so I’m casting on eight and
then I’m continuing to cast on as many stitches as I’d like in multiples of
eight and in this sample I’m using five multiples of eight so
what does that make it forty stitches total for me right here so I want to
give you an overview of exactly how to knit this pattern to begin row 1 is
simply knitting all so you knit every single stitch on row 1 until you reach
the end of your row then on Row 2 we are purling all because this has a
stockinette stitch look to it so Row 2 is purling all and we’ll be doing that
for all of our even rows as well okay row 3 this is where the fun begins so we
are going to take our cable needle and we’re going to slip two stitches
slipping them purl wise so that’s inserting it right like this and then
we’re holding those two stitches back and then we begin knitting two stitches
from our main needle so from our main needle we’re knitting one stitch and
then another while those two stitches are being held back on the cable needle
now we bring our cable needle into play and we just knit two stitches from that next it is slipping two stitches again
but we’re holding it front and then we knit two stitches from our main needle
one and two while our cable needle is being held in the front and then we knit
those last two stitches from the cable needle
and this is a total of eight stitches so you just continue this pattern all the
way down the row repeating it between the asterisks in the pattern good going
you got to the end so it’s getting easy now
Row 4 is simply purling all of your stitches all the way down the row row 5
we’re just knitting all the stitches row 6
we’re purling all of our stitches and then row 7 this is the final cable row
that we have it’s really similar to what we did it’s just a little bit opposite
so we are slipping two stitches onto our cable needle but to begin now we’re
going to hold it in the front and then we knit two stitches from our main
needle and then finish that up by knitting two stitches from our cable
needle okay let’s slip two stitches onto our
cable needle again and now we are holding it back
so we knit two stitches from our main needle and then we’re knitting two stitches
from the cable needle and again you just repeat these eight stitches all the way
down the row and then on row eight you’re just purling all of your stitches and when you’re done with row II begin
again on Row 1 continue knitting this up until your piece is the length you
desire I just love seeing how this pattern knits
up so after you do your first eight rows and you carry on you’ll see how that
little honeycomb area is also appearing in between right here so it just looks
like a great honeycomb of little ringlets that are all attached in a
really beautiful modern pattern I hope you are inspired to knit up this
honeycomb knit stitch pattern it is really simple and very impressive and as
soon as I have my little hair accessories and my ear warmer ready for
you make sure to get that pattern as well it’s a great quick knit gift idea
for you thanks so much for watching guys and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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