Hooked and Locked Crochet Along: Blanket part 1 – setup and row 1 alternative way of working

Hi! In this video we will start with the
large blanket, and we will do the setup a little bit different than what we did with the practice piece,
so I will show you that. In the video of the practice piece, you saw me do the long-tail setup for colour 1, and in this video I will use this dark pink for color 1. Please, if you haven’t made the practice piece please do so, and try that out, and watch the video also, or the video’s, because it has been split up in several video’s, because I will not repeat everything in detail here, because that’s already in that video, so watch that video where we do the setup with the long tail method,
and in the practice piece we marked every 10th stitch, here I marked only stitch 20, 40, and for this video I will do a short version, but in your instructions
from my website you can see how many stitches to cast on,
and here is the setup for color 2, and here I did mark every 10th stitch,
and I also used a kind of color coding, because this is stitch 20 of color 1, and here is stitch 20 of color 2 and here is stitch 40 of color 1, and here is also 40, so use that color code, it can help you, and I will add a picture to this
video (sorry, forgot that..) of the full width of the blanket that I did, then you can see how many stitchmarkers
you have there, and that’s why we will do it differently this time, and I will
also work from the written directions, and for this version they are a little bit more important than for the setup that we used for the practice piece. For the border of the entire blanket I
will use the stairs that we did during the practice piece, so we will have a very easy start, and then after a couple of rows we will switch over to a new pattern,
but okay, so you are already familiar with this pattern how it looks. Okay, I will remove my stitchmarker here, because we will weave through this chain part by part. Okay, let’s see. The directions here say, color 2 in front, and then first a side stitch, and then back and front, so we can remember that, so I will put that aside, so I will first do the first 4 chains, 1, 2, 3, 4, and well, this time it’s easy, the first double crochet you can make that right away, so this is the place where it should be, so, and I will show you, the directions also say that color 2 has
to be in front. Well you know that from the practice piece, color 2 should be in front. So I will put my yarn here, so this is in front, and the first… we have the side stitch, here, and the first double crochet should be in the back, you can
already see here, it’s in the back, and what we will do now, we will start crocheting, and the next stitch should be in front,
so we skip 1 stitch, and the next stitch should be here, and you see what is happening. So the next double crochet should be on the back again,
so skip this stitch, and then it’s on the back again, and I will take some yarn, and we continue like this, and one thing you have to watch for is that your V-stitches are neatly facing you, just like we did with the weaving through with the practice piece, so I will continue until the stitchmarker of color 1,
and I will see you back then. I have done the first part of the setup, and as you can see here I’ve done my crocheting back, front, back, front, back, front, and here I
have come to my first stitchmarker of color 1, and as you can see again, I have made my last double crochet in the stitch
before the stitchmarker, so that’s good, and if you count now, you have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 squares, so that’s correct, and of course you could continue with this setup right away, but I prefer to do this in parts, so I will stop with crocheting with color 1, and I will first do a part of crocheting with color 2. So, and this is exactly as we did with the practice piece, we will first make these 4 chains, 1, 2, 3, 4, and then we will work through the back of the second square and pick up that loop, and that first one is, okay, this time it went quite easy, so this is exactly what you
did with the practice piece, and I also made another video with some tips, to help you get through this first part, and okay, then we will do our next stitch on the front again, so you have to see where to make this stitch, but you can watch that all in the video that I did about the practice piece, so I will do 1 stitch more, one more extra stitch, because I want to show you again these stitchmarkers that can help you to anchor the stitches, so, so again, I always like to anchor the start, because it shifts a little bit, like I told in the other video with the extra tips. The double crochet of color 2 that gets in the back is before the post of the double crochet here, and this one is after that, so you can lock this down this way, so just use your markers to make life
easy and well, you can do it every pair
of two, so here again, so you see that helps prevent the shifting a lot, and okay, I will work until I’ve come here, to this stitchmarker of color 2, and then I will see you back. I have the first part of color 2, and as you can see here on the back,
I’ve come to the stitch before the stitchmarker, so that’s correct,
and now we can count, so we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 squares, that’s 1 less than color 1, but I also explained that in the practice piece video, that you should have 1 less than color 1. So now we can
stop working with color 2, and continue to work with
color 1. I will remove the stitchmarker, and then we start weaving through the chain again, so, my yarn, and here is the setup chain, so the last one is done in front, so – have I done my chain? Yes I did – so we will start weaving, first I will remove these stitchmarkers, because they are in the way a bit, we checked that already that we’ve come to the right place, so they have done their job, so again, the last one is done in front, and then the next one should be behind color 2, and then again the next one in front of color 2, and while you weave please take care that your V-stitches keep
facing you, and well , you can do that again until you’ve come to the next marker, and then again you will stop with crocheting color 1, and then you continue to crochet with color 2 again, and well, you continue this way until the end of the row, and well, in this way you have your extra checks, and in counts, and vereything to help you make this do right away in one try, so, well, as I told, the first couple of rows are the stairs that we did for the practice piece. Continue until you’ve come to row 4b,
because then we will have a change in the pattern, and I also want to help you through that first couple of rows with another pattern, and well, that will be in the next video.

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