62 thoughts on “How I design a T Shirt – Clothing Art Tutorial

  1. Hello everyone I just starting to sell my design in moteefe. Please visit my store if you want some of my design.

    Thank you!

    Here is the link

  2. my son is starting art… well both my daughter and son are pretty awesome and we're trying to push them into graphic art etc. just recently my son sold 2 paintings to the tucson observatory. anyway, long story short… they want to put their art work on tshirts but we asked ppl and some just dnt share or over price their services. but im thinking of giving ur idea a try. if u can help, plz give us some ideas. thanks. 😊💗

  3. really bad tutorial ,firts you dont photograph the art work you have scaned, 2 none good tshirt designer use photoshop you have to use illustrator to get a nice and clean job.. you have really bad habits but good pencil skills

  4. Hi , here a Chilean friend who writes from Germany. tremendous your work, I love it. I have a question, where do you print your t-shirts? What is the name of the company?

  5. Making a video soon with this graphics design in conjunction with cardboard to create a home decor
    follow me for updates when it's uploaded

  6. meh, I thought there would be more tipps on how to create something that especially looks good on a shirt, you know – more insight of the creating the motive instead of … coloring and correcting a photo you make of your art……… :/

  7. Is it ok to contact you? I'm an artist as well. I got my scanner and laptop and I'm so motivated to make merch with my tools and resources. Im a real life starving artist and trying to make a difference in my life as soon as i can.

  8. I've been LOOKING for an artist to just make a quick tutorial on how to create a t-shirt friendly design with art, and this super helps! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your process!

  9. Hi we wanna see How you gonna apply in printing is it silk screen or heat press? Please Show us the processing thanks

  10. What if I suck at drawing but have great ideas that I can never get out right, am I screwed for making my own brand?

  11. I JUST found this YouTube and I'm diggin' the vibe. I love seeing other artists process vids, thank you for sharing!

    I have a tip on the sketching process: Draw it out, scan it, and change the pencil lines to a non-photo blue. Print it out with the blue line work on heavier paper. THEN ink it on that blue ink print out. I agree that a direct hand-drawn piece looks much more alive. Once you dig that ink look, scan it again and drop out that blue in Photoshop.

    I know that final resellable artwork is a great addition to your flow, but should you get the need for a switch up this is a great option. This way enables you to play with your final inked look w/o sacrificing the final piece.

  12. Great video thanks for Sharing thisCan you please do video the best setup
    From PC to the printer please
    And pricelist i’m just starting out

  13. Muy colorido y fresco el diseño o el dibujo y todo el proceso yo apenas empiezo en esto de los diseños para camisetas también y estos tutoriales son de mucho apoyo donde se pueden conseguir estas camisetas?

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