HOW TO BUILD A WARDROBE WITH BASICS | Affordable Men’s Clothes | Men’s Fashion

What’s going on everyone? Welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here My name is Alex Costa. Please make sure you get to subscribe below become a part of the Youtube family Now I know a lot of you guys you’re just starting to build out your wardrobe and I’m here to make sure that you do it right because when i did it I completely messed that up what i did is I bought a bunch of trendy pieces at the time and they were super cool but then like 6,7,8 months later i didn’t have anything to wear because trends come and go, they phase out and what you actually should be doing, is building your wardrobe from basic pieces, things that never go out of style. this will give you the base, the foundation you need to start your outfits and save money in the long run. so i put together a list of ten pieces that i own that i think you should as well because they will allow you to build multiple different outfits mixing and matching all of these clothing items.

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