How to card and blend wool for spinning (part 1)

How to card and blend wool for spinning (part 1)

Frida here, I am starting with a blank slate and this is a David tricarder with fine teeth and you can’t see it from this angle but it has three calling
drums and I really loved it add wool I’m starting with the white wool and
this wool is a blend between a native Swedish breed and merino, and it’s very
nice and soft and I bought this raw and washed it and dyed it myself it’s a good idea to card the wool from
above with a separate carder or a dog brush to even things out moving on to yellow I’m trying to fill the sides of the
carder here the drum is getting full so I’m taking
the batt off and I’m speeding this part up a bit so it won’t take forever here I’m just using an old screwdriver
to take the batt off in sections I’m using a Flickr brush to help get the
wool of the teeth and the finer the teeth you have on your carder the harder
it is to get the wool off the front the back and all beautifully
rolled up starting a new batt, this carder can
handle about 50 grams at a time and now I’m moving on to Orange next we have this gorgeous salmon red
collour that was a last of the wool so off which
the batt and I’m speeding this up a bit the colors look so beautiful all
organized and rolled up and now there’s two of them, lovely fluffiness, time for
color blending this is the second pass and now I am
alternating wool from both batts to blend the colors it’s a lot easier to tease the wool out
now when the locks have gone through the carder once already that was approximately half of the wool
I’m giving it a last smooth out with the dog brush and taking the bat off sped up as
usual now you can really start to imagine what
the yarn is going to look like this is a third and final pass you could
definitely put it through one more time but I’d like to keep a little liveliness
to the spun yarn that was all of the carding and I’m
taking the bat up for the last time here they are all 100 grams ready for
spinning so which one would you like to see me
card next? pink, blue or green click the “i” above to vote, thank you so much for
watching please like share comment and subscribe that would mean so much me see
you next time

9 thoughts on “How to card and blend wool for spinning (part 1)

  1. Do the pink one! I recently started using a drop's interesting to see how these colourful batts are made

  2. what happened to your doffer, the thing that comes with the carders to help get the wool off? also please be careful with that screwdriver you can hurt your cloth stabbing away like that (carding cloth is expensive).

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