How to Care for Alpacas : Types of Alpaca Breeds

Okay, these alpacas here are all called Suri
Alpacas, not to be confused with Tom Cruise’s daughter, but that’s their name, Suris. They’re
from the Andes in South America, as are the other Alpacas, which are called Huacayas,
which you see right here. That’s a Huacaya. The Huacaya has a fluffy fleece. The Suris
have a fleece that’s often compared to dreadlocks; they are twisted locks, and I have primarily
Suris. The reason being is they’re more rare and I just like the elegant nature of the
Suris. But these are all Suris here. This is Miriam right here, and this is Miriam’s
little baby right next to her, Elizabeth. And Elizabeth, we’re just starting to halter
train and we can show you about that a little later as well. The Huacaya and the Suri are
identical except for the fleece, and you can see if I open up this fleece here, it’s very
lustrous inside, and that’s what you look for with a Suri Alpaca, is the luster in the
fleece. It makes into a beautiful lustrous draping fabric. Armani bought a herd of Suris
to make into, integrate into his suit business because of this quality that the Suri fiber

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