How To Crochet A Baby Blanket Using V Stitch | For Beginners | Kristin’s Crochet Tutorial’s

How To Crochet A Baby Blanket Using V Stitch | For Beginners | Kristin’s Crochet Tutorial’s

today I’ll be making a boy’s baby
blanket for one of my friends if you flip this on the back you’ll see that it
tells you what kind of yarn it is how thick it is and also the recommended
hook size the first thing we need to do is make our loop going to wrap this
around your thumb to have a circle and then just push the yarn that’s behind
through that hole and then just give it a tug you want a little bit of a tail so
that you can weave that in the project when you’re done now you’re going to
want to get your attention and hold onto the yarn this can be done many different
ways the way that I do is I wrap it around my pinky and then I go behind my
pointer now that I have it like that i will pinch it with my thumb and my
middle finger so it’s kind of like we’re looking but this is the way that I
prefer to hold it so what we’re going to do now is you’re going to hook make sure
it’s facing down and pull that all the way through so again you’re gonna hook
and pull that all the way through what we’re doing is we’re going to make a
chain and this is going to be kind of our base layer and that we’re going to
work off of again you’re going to hook turn and pull through you’ll notice that if you try to hook
this and don’t have it up right it’ll fall off or if you do get hope you will
get stuck same thing if you turn it sideways you tend to get stuck so make
sure you face it down and pull through so i’m going to keep going for the
desired length i want for this blanket and we’re just going to keep hooking and
pulling through hook pull through one thing i want to say when we first start
out is this is the worst role ever so please try not to get frustrated i hate
this first row because you have nothing to hang on to so now i have a chain of
64 so what we’re going to do is we’re going to hook this and go into the
fourth loop so we’re gonna hook and then count for so 1234 is gonna be that last
comment blue one is gonna go right into here so you’re hooking it and then pushing it
through the fourth hole now you’re going to grab from behind and pull that
through the same hole where you should have three now now you’re going to hook
it again and pull it through the first two and then the last two and there you
have the first double crochet so now what we’re going
to do to make our V stitch is instead of on a normal double crochet we would just
keep going into each loop but now we’re going to go into that exact same hole
that we just did this first one in so i’m going to hook this again we’re going
to go through the same exact whole you’re going to grab it from behind and
pull it through that hole and again we should end up with three so now we’re
going to hook it and pull it through the first two you have two left and now hook
it pull through the last two and there you have where we have one space and
then kind of like a V i’m going to do a few more slowly so you can get the idea
of it so now we’re going to hook it again now the main thing here is we need
to put a gap in here so normally this would be our next marker right here but
we’re going to go to the next one we want to skip one so i’m going to hook
this and go into the second one we’re going to grab it from behind and pull it
through the same hole you are going to then hook it and pull it through the
first two and hook it pull it through the last two ok now because they’re
doing a vegan we’re going to hook and go into that same hole took it from behind
and pull it through the whole hook it through the first two and now the last
20 so let me just show you what we’ve got so far so here we have our first one that kind
of came around with a little space we have the to hear space and then to and
you can kind of see it’s a little harder to see when it’s a thicker yarn but you
can see what kind of mix-up because it goes down and then up and that’s because
we’re going in that same hole so I’m going to do the next one here we’re
going to hook it more to skip this one and go to the second one we always want
to skip it going to pull that through hook pull through the first two in the
last two and again hook it go through the same hole when
you’re doing a V hook it again and pull through then hook and pull through the
first two and hook and go through the last two so
you can kind of see the pattern there so it’s like in groups of two to space to
space too so I’m going to keep doing the rest of my chain and then i’ll show you
how to flip your work and start the next row since we always want to work from
right to left we’re going to rotate our work but first
we need to make our next post so we’re going to do one two three now i’m going to rotate and pull all
this stuff to the left now what we’re going to do just for this first one is
we’re gonna actually go in this hole then the rest of them were going to go
in between these bigger holes that’s just because this one is so tight
up against the edge that we wanted to look similar and if i were to go into
this bigger hole it’ll look kind of lopsided so i’m going to go ahead and do
a double crochet in here so we’re going to loop it go through this whole grab it
and pull it back through the hole and then we’re going to do the first two and
the last two and this is kind of really our first v it’s just because you’re
starting a new row now when for the rest of the project we’re going to be going
in between these bigger holes and it makes it a lot easier on this second row
so what I’m going to do here is I’m going to hook this and we’re going to
this big hole here we’re going to hook it pull through and then we’re going to
do the first two and the last two so because we’re doing a v-stitch we need
to go back in this whole again so we’re gonna hook it and go through the hole
and then we’re going to grab the go through the first two and the last two there we go and the same thing hook it
to go through this next big hole ok so now i’m going to show you the
double crochet stitch one more time slowly so hook it go through the big
hole hook it again and pull it back through that whole shift three you’re
gonna hook pull it through the first two and hook and go through the last two
this is what we’ve got and you can see as I stretch it out a little bit you can
see a little bit better so there’s these gaps in between so really the entire
project that’s what you’re going to do you’re going to do double crochet twice
in the same hole and then you’re going to jump to the
next bigger hole then and do to hear then jump here due to crochet in the
same one and so on and so forth throughout the whole entire project ok now i’m going to skip to the very end
with me being completely finished with this and I’m going to show you how to
end the blanket and get rid of these little tails and everything this is the baby blanket finished you
can see it’s pretty small i purposely didn’t make a huge blanket so now we
have these two ends one from when it started and one from when we ended that
we need to tie off so what I want to do is I want to kind of go in the opposite
direction of the way it came so right here you can see it’s going this way
down and so to keep it nice and snug I want to go the other way so I go this
way we’re gonna rotate this so what I want to do is we’ve been in
and out a few times so we’re going to go in here and then this way and this way pretty much you just want to hide it ok so now i’m going to take this and put
it through the eye of the needle on can be a little tricky since six we just
gotta pinch it really tight and then just sort of pulled through the other
side and now what I’m gonna do is just kind of pull that through you might have
to give a little wiggle here and there but now the end is pretty much hidden
and we’re just going to cut off the excess go so now it looks like it’s
completely finished and you can’t see it this is the end i started with so
there’s already kind of like a knot in there so i don’t have to worry about
going in either direction you can really just go in whichever direction and we’ll
just give it a little tug there we go that’s hidden and now we’ll
just cut off the end here you go you can’t see that one either and that’s how
you make a baby blanket using the v-stitch thanks for checking out my
channel and watching this video if you want to see what I’m going to post next
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65 thoughts on “How To Crochet A Baby Blanket Using V Stitch | For Beginners | Kristin’s Crochet Tutorial’s

  1. thanks for this vid i made this for Rainer days and sold it for $35 is what the people offered for it. and could you still do this blanket but with a different type of yarn.

  2. Kristen I really appreciate your video. my question is I have seen v stitch done with a chain one stitch inbetween the 2 double crochet stitches for a more pronounced v. would you know if I still need an even amount of stitches using the technique I've seen

  3. Absolutely excellent video!!! A lot slower and explained this process from a totally newbie's perspective from start to finish!!!! THANK YOU!!

  4. Question do the first 2 V rows alternate or do you just continue the last row you did until the desired length? Making a blanket for my sister I just want to make sure I do this right. Thank you so much!

  5. I love your tutorials and I just finished my v stitch blanket but mine is huge since my 5'10" tall [21-yr old] g-daughter wanted it for her bed. (It measures 68" wide X 76" long.). QUESTION: Can you please recommend a border to use with this stitch? I can really appreciate your input on this. Thanks a bunch and I am super excited as I've only been crocheting 11 months now and I'm proud of my project. looking forward to seeing more of your tutorials.

  6. Hi. I want to make this blanket, but I want to use a 4 medium weight yarn for my baby blanket.
    how many chains do you recommend to start with, and what size needle?

  7. I love your crochet videos! Could you please do one for the broomstick stitch? I'm just starting, can't read crochet patterns yet, though, so tutorial videos are my only option to learning at the moment. Other tutorials are confusing but you really break it down and make it easy to follow you! Thanks!

  8. I'm already 1.5 balls into it and it looks like a scarf not anything close to a blanket. I am using a 10 hook tho. wth am I doing wrong?

  9. how big do you make this blanket and can you change colors on the rolls?? my sons baby crib is grey and teal green…or can you put all in one color then do a boarder in off color??? very awesome video thank you for showing this..going to go get some yarn yay…

  10. will you show us how you did the end of a row like the last stitch on a row cus im having trouble? im doing this blanket but im getting discouraged as i feel im doing it wrong.

  11. i am having trouble keeping even sides on the blanket – i know i started loose and as i became more comfortable my stitch a bit tighter so the blanket has a funnier shape to it. is there something i can do to fix this without having to take the whole thing apart? I just taught myself to crochet from youtube videos a week ago and this is my first project! other than wonky sides, it came out pretty good. 🙂

  12. Now this looks somewhat easy for me since I am starting out in crocheting. You don't go too fast which is great. We will see.

  13. Hi. On your answer to – How many balls did you use? you said 1 ball but when somebody else asked you later on you said 2 balls. I would like to make this but don't know how many balls to buy. Also cpuld you tell me how many chains you casted on with as I like the size you made. Thanks

  14. Forgot to put in the video that I used 2 balls of yarn but I made a very small blanket. You will need more if you want to make a larger one.

    My current crochet videos, including this one will be moved to the channel below very soon & future ones will be uploaded there as well. If you want to keep watching my crochet tutorials, please subscribe to this channel:

  16. My problem is when I get to the end of a row where do I go in to keep the rows straight as I find my blanket become lop sided

  17. I have been trying to make this blankets my phone me simple instructions from this video for last 15-20 minutes and it's coming out looking like a circle I don't know what I'm doing wrong

  18. Quick question… at 5:00 it is explained how to start that next row by going in the smaller edge loop – is that the same for each new row start? If so, I got confused by the statement about continuing the project using the big spaces and my sides started tapering inwards. Thanks for the awesome video!

  19. This is a great tutorial to follow, but it would be helpful to say how many skeins of yarn you use. I saw a comment in which someone asked and it was stated you used 2 and the person questioning was up to 6. I agree with her. There is no way this blanket uses 2 skeins of yarn. I'm up to 5 and it's a SMALL blanket. The info is a bit misleading and has disappointed me. Nevertheless, the blanket is very soft and cozy for a baby. But for others who might be trying this, beware, you'll have to spend more money on yarn than you probably want to. You likely need 6+ skeins of yarn. 🙁

  20. I LOVE that you demonstrated how to hold this yarn. I love the softness and look of it, but, it's a bear to work with. I have arthritis and every time I work with it, my hands hurt and are sore. This technique rocks!! You are brilliant!!

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  24. Hi, great video!! What are the multiples of this blanket? I have read your written pattern and it does not specify. I also asked on your other tutorial about the multiples, howver you never responded !!!

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