How to #Crochet a Candy Cane Tutorial #CrochetGeek

How to #Crochet a Candy Cane Tutorial #CrochetGeek

this project is going to be candy cane I
will be using a pipe cleaner two colors have four ply yarn a size II by .5 millimeter crochet hook we will
start by making a chain of fifty I want to attach a slip knot to the
crochet hook take the Lucerne rapped over the main
strand now you have a loop take your loop
folded over the main strand pitcher hook below backup opposite side this creates the slip now we want to
work a chain of fifty one to 3 for 5 6 servant 8 9 10 11 twirl 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 continue on into you have made a chain a fifty we will have a chain a fifty with both colors I went ahead and made
the second chain in white I have one in white one red now
in the second chain from hook I am going to work 3 single crochet I will continue working three single crochet in each chain
across and it is not important to worry about the count one to 3 wine to 3 one to 3 now you can see that the chain and the single crochet are
starting to curl around this is what they’re supposed to do 1 to 3 one to 3 one to 3 will do the same thing with the second
color working three single crochet each chain across one to 3 one to 3 one to three 1 to 3 one to 3 you notice when starting to curl to you continue to the opposite side
working 3 single crochet each chain across complete both chains this is the
progress I’ve made with each section and they’re just looking around will straighten him up a little bit
later I’m about two-thirds of the way through and I have a little bit more chain each segment am going to continue
working three single crucially in each chain mornin to 3 next chain one to 3 next chain morn to 3 next chain one to three I finish both curly Q segments you may find that they’re a little
crooked so what she will do is start down here at the end you will continue winding them around from one and to the other until they are
all going in the same direction you do that
with both of them at this point we will cut the yarn wrap the yarn over the hook pull it
through no her given it heard will do the same
thing with the other section Maria the area were put through given it ok at
this point in going to leave the tales and sew them a little bit later we want
to align the two sections together so I’m going to start slowly because
they could into turning into a big mess if we go too
fast but I want to wind them around each
other and twisting them together every so
often continue winding the two sections
together I have the two pieces together you may find that you have one color a
little bit longer than the other grab ahold both ends and given a tug
like that and it will even the sections across each other kinda using them in
place like their I’m going to take my pipe
cleaner in place it in here can start winding it through the center you may find that you’ll have some extra
pipe cleaner so you will need to really sharp
scissors or some metal cutters to cut the extra pipe cleaner of continue twisting the pipe cleaner
through the centre your curly Q and I’m twisting around up
here so it stays in place now I’m adjusting containing the curly
cues: around the pipe cleaner depending on how you twister segment
together you may find that one and does not have any leftover tales you may need to secure an attach a6 inch
stranded yards this will be for sowing the two ends together and keeping them
in place I want to tack the two sections together so mark not part and then not and secure you only need to do this a couple times min hide the yarn through the stitches could have the extra to you know the
southern and is where all the details are so we’ll have plenty too so the ends
together no need to hide the rest upon I am hiding this first tell by weaving
it between the stitches now I’m stitching 2 p.m. together this is on the opposite side you also in the remaining tills I’m
going to Kona the rest to the pipe cleaner like them
up know I have some little pliers I’m going to take and turn it around push the pipe cleaner between the
stitches this is to keep the end in place and
everything secure give it a little turned from the cops
side now has that and secure do the same thing on this and going to flip it over and pushed and between the stitches now we can shape it into a candy cane

80 thoughts on “How to #Crochet a Candy Cane Tutorial #CrochetGeek

  1. Have you had any experience with arteritis or carpal tunnel? I twist my wrist a lot when I crochet and my wrist starts hurting.

  2. Again great project
    Hint hint I'm still waiting to see a variation on the towel toppers and toilet paper covers. They would be great gifts. I have found a lot of pretty ones BUT I can't read a pattern.
    I've already made your single crochet one and a double crochet but I would love one that has a different stitch. :'''o(


  3. When doing your chain in the beginning, do you count the slip stitch as your first chain? I see some people count it and others don't. Thanks!!

  4. I am applying to join a craft fair for early december and most my stuff are gifts for christmas but not christmas themed, this is just what I needed to put at my table to sell for decorations, thanks again theresa for a great idea! you're absolutely amazing with yarn! I think I will be making some earrings as well, they seem time consuming but worth it!

  5. @tjw1963 will the 300 meters of yarn make enough for 40 candy canes? I am using your pattern for two classroom Christmas parties. Thanks for posting this video. 🙂

  6. do u have to use the single crochet because i have made the spirals before using the half doudle crochet ( thats what im best at)

  7. pense que era mas dificil hacer el bastoncito de caramelo pero con el video se me a hecho super facil voy hacerlo en navidad para mi arbolito te felicito muy linda la manualidad

  8. You didn't ask me, but I happened to read this after watching this video. If you're still looking for a Christmas crafts with pipe cleaners and it doesn't have to be crochet… I made a video on how to make Christmas tree ornaments using buttons and pipe cleaners.

  9. couldn't find a pipe cleaner of the proper measure in the big warehouse nearby. Any suggestion as where to find it if not in warehouses? thankyou (the project is super nice!)

  10. I figured out by myself a minute after asking you that you were meaning pipes for smokers…I was thinking of pipes as tubes (from the sink, etc.)…sorry, I was mistaken 'cause of the translation, english is not my mother tongue! Thank you for your kind answer anyway, I found them and made some perfect candy canes! 😉

  11. You can sell anything you make from my projects. My belief is Crochet is a gift from our creator, not for any one person to own or try to control in telling others what they can and can't do.

  12. WOW! So beautifull, and easy to do! I think I'll search for my white wool and start making one this afternoon if my son and niece don't poke me to go playing with them… and tomorrow I'll need to go buying that stuff to put in the middle. Thanks for the tutorial. I'll subscribe to your channel.

  13. I'm starting to crochet ornaments for next year to give as gifts and this looks so easy I can make a ton of these, thanks for the video it is easy to follow.

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  15. I really like your things you made. But I am a beginner, and you go a little too fast. Plus I got to know how many chain to make. Make some more videos but go a little slower ok.

  16. I have made a few of these now and made some mini ones for brooches. Beautiful and thankyou so much xx

  17. Thank you for this video!! I can now have candy canes on my tree until Christmas without everyone in the house eating them!! Thank you so much!!

  18. Crochet Geek, Teresa Warrior, You explain everything there is something about your Tutorials, that fascinates me to buy yarn once again put down my cross stitch and embroidery. and once again that crochet hook is clicking a mile a minute Thank you, for your style that leads to inspirational Christmas’.

  19. I like the extra care you have taken to make the ornaments neatly organized ! Enjoyed your tutorial ❤️❤️❤️. Terry

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