How to Crochet a Unicorn Lovey – CAL Part  – Unicorn Blanket – Right

How to Crochet a Unicorn Lovey – CAL Part – Unicorn Blanket – Right

hey everybody this is going to be the
tutorial that’s going to show you how to make this unicorn lovey and I’m not sure how I’m gonna do this
tutorial because it’s kind of long so I’m probably gonna break it up into
pieces but this first thing I need to show you is how to do this stitch and
this is a stitch that I two things I really let the at the time I was
beginning to to crochet I really like the shell stitch but I wanted to do
something more textured with it so I took the shell stitch and I kind of
created my own spin on it to where I can make it more textured and then I always
wondered what it would look like if I added color so I just started to make in
this rainbow color and decided well I’m just gonna go ahead and turn it to a
lovey and so I decided to make the top part unicorn because me and my daughter
were like looking at it going it’s like unicorn pattern so decided okay we’re
gonna do unicorn and we have a little girl that was just born not long ago my
niece said I said would be perfect for so we went ahead and made this in mind
for her so I used a total of 16 colors and that includes white without white 15
colors and white I used had a bunch of scrap yarn so I used that
but if you want to go and get one skein of each color
you can but as you can see it’s not it’s not really you use for maybe one two
rows so you’ll use each color two rows and you’ll make a strand of hair with it
too so it really doesn’t take a lot so if you have scrap yarn you can make just
to get enough to make two rows and a little bit of a hair but you don’t have
to add it in the hair if you don’t want I just decided to do all the colors with
one strand of hair so but the white you’re going to need at least what did I
put on here two full skeins yeah if you’re gonna make it this size I would
say get two full skins of white it should be enough for the blanket and to
make the unicorn and this is worsted weight yarn 4ply for the US ten ply for
Australia they used a five millimeter hook or size
H hook for the US and I also used a three millimeter hook and the three
millimeter hook is a size C for the US and I used this to make the doll the
Afghan was just made with a five millimeter hook also for the whole
pattern you will eventually need for the for this doll you’re going to need felt
to make the eyes or you can design your own crochet eyes if you want but I used
felt for the eyes and you’re going to need a tapestry needle for sewing of the
little animal on to the parts of him obviously
and also to sower on to the Afghan itself you’re also going to need a hot
glue gun so that you can attach the felt eyes on to your project onto your head
and also to each other or just some hot are some really strong adhesive of some
kind and scissors and also fiberfill that’s what I used for the inside the
stuffing and that should be it okay to get started we’re gonna use the white
color first this ruffle is made at the end after the Afghan is done so you’re
gonna just be starting with the first row of white which I’m going to be
showing you with orange because I think you’ll be able to see it better than
white oh I wanted to tell you named this stitch the starfish stitch so if you
want to go back and look at my older videos where I teach you how to do this
and with fur to make a scarf or hat I have those patterns on my my website
you want to check that out so first go ahead and grab your white yarn and we
want to start with multiples of six plus one unless you’re unless you’re chaining
then you’ll want to do in multiples of six plus two but I recommend that you
don’t do chaining I highly highly recommend
that you do single crochet foundation stick so I recommend doing that so for
this I’m going to go ahead and show you how to do the single crochet foundation
stitch and for the size that I need I did 90 for the lovey so you want to do
90 then chain one and then turn so we’re going to be till total of 90 if you want
to do 20 eyes full size queen size or king-size I have all that information on
my pattern I also have my gauge and everything else all that information you
can find on the pattern page okay to do a single crochet foundation stitch you
want to start with a chain of two then you’re going to go back in through that
very first chain here that you did which is the second chain from the hook I’m
going to go through one of those loops there I guess you can only really go
through one and you’ll pull up a loop now you want to only go through one of
those loops so yarn over go through one and that creates a chain which you can
hold on to if you want because you don’t wanna lose that this is the chain you
want to go into in a minute so you want to finish your single crochet by going
through both loops now where you were just holding that’s the chain you want
to go into that stitch pull up a loop then only pull through one and again
that’s the chain you’re creating a chain and now you’re going to create the
single crochet you’re creating the chain that single crochet all at once which
makes this like really super easy to do most things so it’s really important
that you learn so go through that first one again pull up a loop yarn over pull
through only one then yarn over and pull through two and you can see the loops
that you just went through so you know that’s not the correct loop go down one
and go through that loop that’s your chain you pull through one create the
chain then pull through two and you want to continue to do this until you have 90
single crochet foundation stitches okay so went ahead and I did my minimum I did
a chain I should say single crochet foundation stitch of let’s just say I
did ninety so the multiples is six plus one so go ahead and do one more if
you’re doing a single crochet foundation stitch and if you done a chain of ninety
go ahead and do plus two now because what you’re doing is doing multiples of
six six six six until you’ve reached your desired size and then if your
single crochet foundation stitch if you use that then only do one more and
chaining you do two more so I’m gonna go ahead and do my one more right plus one
so you should have a total of 91 so when you get done you want to chain one and
turn for a row two we’re gonna stick with the same color and you’re going to
do a single crochet in the very first stitch then you’re going to skip two
single crochets so one two and then this third single crochet over you want to
put five double crochets worked in that same stitch worked
crocheted however you want to say it just put five double crochets in that
same stitch and then again you’re going to do what you did on this side on the
opposite side so you’ve got your five double crochets so again you’re going to
skip two on this side and then do a single crochet here and then now you
have your repeat for the row you’re going to be skipping two so the next two
stitches you skip and then the third one over again you’re going to be putting
five double crochets all worked into that same stitch three four and five skip to one two third one
over single crochet then again skip to third one over do five double crochets
so you want to continue to do this all the way to the end and you should be
ending on a single crochet okay did my five single crochets skip two and in the
very last stitch here put a single crochet this is the the beginning that
you get whenever you do the single crochet foundation stitch but it’s not a
stitch so don’t go into this very last one so you go into the last single
crochet of the row and then this is where you usually change colors and you
can just feed it through the loop that’s there or what I recommend doing is I
will back out and finish my last single crochet row with my new color so I’m
going to cut my yarn since I’m changing colors all the time I
can’t feed it up so that’s the unless you want to leave the fringe on the end
which you can I hit it on my tails and then single crochet to make it kind of a
clean border so if you’re doing it the way that I do just be prepared you’re
going to be hiding a lot of tails and this is what I mean I hid my tails and I
did a row of single crochets all the way around well I did a single crochet here
and then on the ends I did the ruffle but on the sides I did the single
crochets just to have a nice end but I had to hide all my tails first but I
still sitting from TV watch Netflix wasn’t such a big deal and she’s worth
it I’m so cute I’m so worthy do it do it anywho back to sanity now you want to
take the next color and I’m just going to create a loop by just folding a
little bit of the but make sure you leave a tail cause you’re gonna be
hiding that later and you will pull through to finish or a single crochet
like that then I just pull to tighten a little bit chain one and turn
now it’s completely up to you if you want to take the new tail and the one
you just cut to secure it a little bit better and I tend to always do that I’ll
just tie those two together to make sure but it’s it’s more work it’s up to you
though and I’d like to make a good product I would I know it’s going to be
good so after you’ve done that you want to do a single crochet in the very first
stitch I’m gonna get a little closer to make sure you can see this so you will
always begin in in the row the same way with a single crochet so now it brings
us up to our our shell of five double crochets so we have five posts here the
post of each single crochet I mean double crochet and we’re going to be
alternating with front post then back post and front post and back post and
front post single crochets so the first one you’re gonna pick up sorry I think
we’re going to be out front post double crochets yep double crochets so we’re
going to start doing front post so I’m going to pick up that first post of your
shell and then don’t forget to yarn over before you do that cuz they’re doing
double crochets and then again yarn over find the next post of the shell push it
back and then do a double crochet yarn over now you’re in the middle one now do
front post yarn over grab the back I’ll push that one back and then your final
one will be front post so you’ll have the front post back post front post back
post and that’s what it looks like when you get dealing with your last front
post in between here there’s a single crochet you’ll just be single crochet in
the single crochet and then you’ll repeat yarn over pull up the front post
of the next shell do a front post double crochet yarn over pull the
next double crochet back back post double crochet now you’re in the middle
do front post then back post then front post remember this is the first color of
your blankets this one here was white the next one I did and if you want to do
the exact same colors that I did I have a picture that’s you can use from my
site and keep it up all the time and you can try to stay with the same colors the
first one I did here the one that I’m doing in pink here was red and then the
next row will be white and then it’ll be dark orange and then white and then
bright orange and then white you’re always gonna do every other row white
and the white row will always be the shells and the next one will be the
front and back post which will create the starfish stitch again once you
finish the third you’ll want to do a single crochet in the single crochet and
then again you’ll pick up the post and continue so continue your row and then I
will show you how to start the next row so that you can have the full pattern of
how to do this and I’m going to go back to my orange because that’s what I’m
using for my white this time so go ahead and do that and I’ll see you when you
get done okay again after your last double crochet front post double crochet
the very last stitch here is a single crochet and again I don’t complete the
very last single crochet I go ahead and cut my yarn grab up your white again
which is going to be Mike orange and pull your white through again then you can tie those two tails
together an hour later typically go back later on and do it before I hide it so
you’ll want to chain one with your new color and turn like I said before you’re
always going to do a single crochet and the very first stitch and now we’re
going to do the Michelle again and just like you did before you want to skip two
stitches and then in the next stitch you’ll do your five double crochets and
this is the middle if you look at it this way the middle one here is the one
we’re going to be using to put our shells in because it’s going to be lined
up directly one shell from the other so you’ll be skipping the first front post
double crochet and then the back post and then you’ll be working your shell on
that front post or here you can just easily count to one two and then the
third one over you’ll do your five double crochets and then you’ll skip to again one two
and you can see this is a single crochet that’s what you’ll put your single
crochet then again skip to third one over put your double crochet four and
five then skip two single crochet in the next skip to five double crochets so you
want to continue to work your row the same way pretty easy the shell stitch is
super easy so five skip two single crochet in the single crochet skip two
then five double crochets and then you should end with skipping these last two
single crochet in the very last one though
you’re going to be switching the yarn like I am you want to leave that last
single crochet open so you can finish it with your next color which will be the
dark orange on the blanket if you’re going to be using like I did mine so now
again you will switch your color and turn and again you’re going to be doing
a single crochet worked in the very first single crochet and then you’re be
doing your front post double crochet worked on the first of the first double
crochet back post on the second front post back post front post just like I
showed you with here and you’re going to repeat this until and I will show you
from the back part because there’s a unicorn on the front part so you can’t
really see so I did that with all 15 of my colors like I said I used 16 total
but I was counting the white so 5 into 15 individual colors and then I did this
middle row with double white and then I started doing the reverse so
I did basically two rows of white you know you do the shell and then the next
row so what I just showed you was a little simple piece go there so I would
I did the shell and white like I like I did here but then the next row instead
of searching colors stay with white so that’s what I mean by I did a double row
of white here and then your very next row you’ll do as normal so your next
show row will also be white so essentially essentially you’re going to
have three rows of white one completed and then the next one will just be the
shells and then you’ll add the color that you have on this side on the next
row and then you’re just basically you’re doing the colors that you did but
opposite so that way when you fold the blanket in half all your colors should
line up so it will look the same on this side this side of the blanket is this
side of the blanket and also using that little white row later on will help you
be able to sew on your head because you’re going to be using that as the the
row to keep aligned and you know also that she’s in the middle so go ahead and
continue to do that for you see how many rows total so because I did 15 colors
and each rows two rows in total of 30 30 rows which will bring you up to the last
color here so you’ll do 30 rows and then your 31st row will be a double white row
and then your thirty second row will be the white shell and then your thirty
third row will be the next color and then you’ll go down the other way so the
whole total blight kit is like sixty two rows 60 other colors here switch diamond
colors here and then double white row so 62 rows okay so I’ve been working my
tails and I recommend when you hide your tails that you hide them on the the back
side see this is the part where the color is showing
like the fork we want to say that the color is showing like a fork the three
on this side and then the back is where it only shows on like two of them you
remember you do two back post and three front so I try to hide it as best I can
on the back side with you I tie it on my tails together and then now I’m just
kind of hiding them once you get going it’s not so bad and you can hide them
while you’re doing something else so once you get done just cut your tails
hide once you’ve hid them and then you’re ready to start the border so to
start the border you want to attach oh one of the thing is for the the top part
here I should say the very very last a row
I believe I did it here too nope I didn’t I don’t see that it did but I’ll
recommend it to you I recommend on this very last row that
you go ahead at at your yarn to the back part of it first like this a touch of
yarn in the back part and then just do one single crochet in each stitch the
reason why I recommend doing the the last row of single crochets here on your
Afghan before starting the ruffle is because it will look more even with the
other side to see here as I could double white and here it would just be straight
up white into the other color and it doesn’t look as even so I recommend do
one row of single crochet with your white to make this ruffle look
same on this side so just attach it on the backside of the last row do one row
of single crochets make sure that’s a last no this is the last one okay so
once you’ve done a row of single crochets then you can chain I would say
chain two and turn now we’re going to be making the ruffle border and to make the
ruffle border you’re only going to be doing it on the top and on the bottom
the sides will be working single crochets so we have a chain of two and
we’re going to be working right into this very first stitch so go ahead and
yarn over go into that first stitch and do two double crochets worked in that
same stitch the chain two will count as the very first stitch of the row so then
we’re going to go into the very next single crochet and we’re going to work
three double crochets into that one you want to work three double crochets in
each stitch along the top so go ahead and put three double crochets working on
your stitch along the top row and then I’ll show you how to start your side
okay just finished my ruffle putting three double crochets in each stitch
around and now I’ll just did my very last stitch on this side Oh hide that
tail later okay now you’re going to be working down the side and they’re only
going to be doing single crochets and this part was a bit difficult I tried to
at least get in in what I call a section which is the two colors together I tried
to at least do one single crochet there somewhere in the middle and then one
single crochet here at least three in the section kind of helped prevent it
from pulling and also make it look really nice so I’ve got two here and
then I got one on the on each color here but sometimes I’m
only putting two in each section but sometimes to prevent it from pooling I
would patent extra like there I put one there and I’m going to go ahead and put
one on the other I mean on the same same one but every so often I would just look
and make sure that this isn’t being pooled if so then maybe you’d want to
back up and do a few more but this is the beginning you know this is the
double crochet on the side here so I’m going to go ahead and put one on the
double crochet and then one on the chain area see right here it’s kind of pulling
a little but it’s closing the ruffle area here so that’s okay
and you won’t see that because it’s going to be nothing but ruffle on the
end here this just needs to just keep this side as neat as you can take your
time at least put one single crochet in each spot but you are working with
double crochets though they’re all in one on top of the other so you may want
to put a third in there if you can find it if you find it’s pulling too much but
slowly make your way until you get to the other side and then again this is my
side stitch so I’m going to go ahead and put a single crochet in that side stitch
and chain one that’ll bring me up to a higher level so then when I go to my
first stitch here with that chain one I’m going to be able to do three double
crochets pretty easily on this side so one two and three and I tried not to do this
very tight because this is only like a single loop on this side because it’s
the chain but it’s okay once it’s a ruffle everything’s going to blend
everything is the same color everything should come out just fine just keep
working your three double crochets and you can start to see it do that then you
know that it’s going good so you’re doing the same thing as you did on the
top you’re putting three three single crochets in each stitch and it should be
really super easy to find because they’re they’re single on this side
they’re a single strip of you yarn that you’re going to be working all through
them in until you get up to the end again and then you again put it on the
side you’ll work it all the way up until you get to where the well actually
you’re going to be coming from this way so you’re a slip stitch I mean you’ve
got a single crochet all the way here and then you can just slip stitch into
the beginning chain to here to finish it off and then chain one cut your tail and
you will have completed the blankets and then for the next tutorial I’m going to
start showing you how to make the little unicorn and attach them to your blanket

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  1. This is breathtaking beautiful! I hope to make one for my niece who is two. Is there a safe spray to put on the head for stain protection? I was wondering how a pink would look for the head and arms? You do fantastic work. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with me.

  2. I might do this but only use 3-4 colors lol as much as I love the rainbow, I prefer other color schemes for myself 🙂

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