How to Crochet with Novelty Eyelash Yarn – Magic Tips & Tricks  #114

How to Crochet with Novelty Eyelash Yarn – Magic Tips & Tricks #114

this is going to show how to crochet novelty yarn what i found in the past that working with the yarn alone is really difficult i will run another strand of regular worsted weight yarn along with my strand of novelty yarn and i’m going to do a series of chains here and you can see the chain spaces right here and so now if i want to go ahead and do a double crochet i can see where to insert my hook and do the double crochet now i’ve switched to an off white color and here on camera it probably looks about the same color as the yellow this yarns not as heavy as the other yarn was what it does it gives it enough of a contrast that you can see where to insert your crochet hook and thats the easiest way i have found to work with novelty yarn or eyelash yarn some of them chunkier yarns that are really difficult to see using a second strand is the most successful way that i have found to use the novelty yarns Subtitles by the community

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  1. I totally agree about the second strand. Unless it is being used as an edging for socks or whatever…. then it would be used alone. You are really awesome Teresa and I really appreciate your hard work in helping us with new ideas! 🙂

  2. I am a beginner and would love to try novelty yarn for a baby beanie — do you mean to leave the second strand there for the entire project? or are you supposed to pull it out when you're done?

  3. tjw, when using the two strands, do you find patterns that call for bulky weight yarn or what? Since the novelty yarn is usually bulky, doesn't this make the pattern come out all wrong if it is calling for bulky weight. The two strands makes it a lot heavier doesn't it?

  4. Well, it's not the novelty yarn itself that is bulky but if you pair it with a worsted weight yarn I would think that it would then be bulky and the pattern would have to be changed which I am not good at doing. I have to go by a pattern and am not good at adjusting one differently. But anyway it's a great idea if you are talented enough to be able to know how to change the pattern to allow for the extra yarn.

  5. I love your videos! Anytime I look up "How to do", I get your site. AND every time I get the
    help I am looking for. This is a fantastic idea for the novelty yarn! THANK YOU TERESA for sharing!!

  6. This will show how to #crochet with novelty yarn.  This is a fun yarn to work with and creates some beautiful pieces.  Keep in mind that it may not be the best on projects for children under the age of 2 since the fibers do come out of the strand.
    How to Crochet with Novelty Eyelash Yarn

  7. This is probably the most amazing trick I have ever seen. I am going to remake my daughters sisters baby shower gift doing this. (her choice in yarn, I hate this stuff but i might not now.)

  8. Most of the time no. It maybe if you are making a sweater, you would want to use a yarn close in size to the original pattern. Gauge is about yarn companies selling their brand yarn.

  9. I have seen a baby blanket done with novelty yarn.  The fur seems to be on one side of the work. I actually asked the woman who made it what she did to keep the fur to one side. She said it was her secret.  I tried and tried and it never looked like hers.  I have photos to share if your interested in trying to figure it out. If any one can you can. I tried to find an email for you…could not. I do not belong to facebook.

  10. That noise coming from the baby rattle you are using drives me crazy. But I liked the video otherwise.

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