How to Decorate a Cornelli Lace Wedding Cake

How to Decorate a Cornelli Lace Wedding Cake

Hey everyone, it’s Jill I have a beautiful cake to show you today I was asked to make a beautiful wedding cake It’s for a friends mom who is getting married It’a a small wedding of only 30 people but she still wants a two tier cake And I want to make it really simple and beautiful I am doing a cornelli lace design it looks difficult but it is actually very easy to do If you practice a little bit, you will get it quickly First I am frosting the bottom tier This is a white velvet cake with raspberry cream cheese filling The recipe is below I am using my buttercream recipe to frost the cake This is an outdoor wedding so I choose not to use the cream cheese frosting for the outside of the cake It’s warm where I live in the wine country of Southern California It can get pretty hot The bottom tier is staying white with no design When I get back I will show you how to stack a cake on top. Using boba straws And a center stick to help make transporting the cake easier Now I have a smooth cake When I finally frost the cake, I like to smooth any wrinkles. I do this by dipping my spatula in warm water No hot water! Warm water to allow it to smooth out the frosting If there any bubble or creases, this helps Now to stack a cake you need support I use the boba straws but you can use any straw Actually Starbucks has a great thick straw to use I don’t want to put straw on outside of the cake I want to place them in the center circle of the larger cake I am using the great Wilton cake boards that have a hole already in them When I used to stack cakes, we have to sharpen a stick to get it through the cake board It makes it a lot easier have the hole already made So, i press in the straw and mark it at the top Careful not to touch the icing Pull it up and this is your guide for the other straws to cut I cut all my straws. Word to the wise… Cut your straws away from the frosted cake I once had a straw fly into one of my cakes One of the pieces flew into a already decorated cake I had to re-frost and decorate it again Just find another place around the house to cut the straws Place straws around the inner circle. Now your top tier has a sturdy place to sit We are ready to stack the cake. Let me get the top tier I am using a ruler to make where I need to place the top tier. I am putting an 8 inch cake on top of a 10 in cake I need to mark 1 inch around the cake . This helps me even up the cake when placing on top, since the bottom is only a 10 inch I carefully place the cake on top. Don’t worry if you make any indents with your fingers. This happens. Just clean them up with a spatula Now let me show you how to make the beautiful cornelli lace design First I am putting the dowel stick through the center to connect the two cakes together This will keep it together to transport in a car I am putting a little frosting to hide the hole on top This where the white rose are going to go First I am using a number 16 tip to make a small border. This is just going back and forth along the edge. Now it will have an even edge I am going to put some white roses at the bottom of the cake It is nice when working with a wedding planner or the bride To ask if the florist can leave some flowers for the wedding cake The florist will set aside flowers for you which will compliment the wedding flowers This way you don’t have to buy your own flowers which can be expensive Using a number two tip, this is how you make cornelli lace Cornelli lace is just squiggly lines that don’t touch They don’t overlap or touch the other lines Just go around without a real pattern in mind There is no rhyme or reason I tried looking for the origins of cornelli lace cake design, I could not find anything The closet I found is it was patterned after seeing a lace wedding dress A cake decorator made a replica of the wedding dress Then it started this beautiful wedding cake design To me it reminds me of my grandmother’s lace tablecloths I will keep doing this. It is time consuming but worth it for a special wedding cake I filled the top tier and just finishing up It can be hard to see on film, with white on white yet it is really elegant and pretty I took my 16 tip and made a swirl This is where the roses will go This way the roses won’t disrupt the lace design I am putting the finished cake in the refrigerator It’s a very hot day today and want to make sure the design doesn’t melt The frosting has butter so it will set in the refrigerator A trick for the wise….put on your air conditioning in your car when transporting on a hot day Sometimes I drive my car around the block with the AC on before putting the cake in to transport You don’t want to put a cake into a hot car It’s 95 degrees where I live today which means about 110 in my car

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  1. Thanks for watching! I love making wedding cakes, especially when it is simple and elegant. Cornelli lace looks challenging, yet it is a simple decorating technique that has gorgeous results. Have fun!!

  2. As of right now you are a life saver. I'm doing my best friends wedding cake. She doesn't want fondant and she wants the cornelli lace. I am curious though, how far in advance did you frost this cake for the wedding? Am I going to have to frost the morning of the wedding?

  3. I'm doing my sons 4 tier wedding cake when he gets married next year. I've made 1, 2, and 3 tiers wedding cakes, including my renewal wedding cake to my husband of 26 years, which everyone loved. I'm actually new to piping, as thankfully, all the cakes i've been asked to do, haven't included piping, so i guess i'm going to be practising for a year lol. I am self taught, but i still managed to get a couple of orders from a couple of celebs over here (UK). Wish me luck X

  4. "Using a marker very careful to not touch the icing"…..touches the icing😂😂😂😂 lol beautiful cake none the less 👌

  5. You sure scared the hell out of me when you place that cake on top of the other one. It didn't seem carefully to me LOL. But love that piping design. Gonna try it.

  6. Hi..

    Ur cake is looking elegant and beautiful.. so neat..
    Please tell me the nozzel tip u used for cornelli lace? And i normally use whipping cream for the icing.. is it okie?


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