How To: Defined Bantu Knot Out on Short 4C Natural Hair (Heatless Curls)

How To: Defined Bantu Knot Out on Short 4C Natural Hair (Heatless Curls)

hey what’s up everyone
it is Tyiece here so I am showing you guys how I got this beautiful bantu knot
out hairstyle so this is a heat free low manipulation hairstyle that you can do
on your natural hair so I am starting off on freshly washed damp hair and I
sectioned off my hair for my bantu knot crown today I am using the Ishine
Beauty juicy curls two-in-one curl enhancing leave-in conditioner to do my
bantu knot and also my bantu knot out so to create bantu knots it’s really
simple so what I do is take that section of hair and I’m just twisting and
twirling it around straight to the end and as you do this you will find that
your hair will become stiff and it will actually begin to curl or it will begin
to bend on its own into that bantu knot out so I’m just twirling my hair around
itself until it creates a nice little bump or bantu knot which is what it is
known for so I am parting my hair in triangular sections and I am doing about
six bantu knots in the front of my hair and I’m just
repeating that same process twirl your hair around as you can see as I show in
the video and then you wrap it around itself so this was my first time actually
attempting the bantu knot out I wanted to see how curly my hair would turn out
if I did a bantu knot out so these bantu knots will create a nice corkscrew
spiral curls you will definitely see it at the end of this video so now that I have finished the crown
now it’s time to do the back so I’m just applying some leave-in conditioner to
the back of my hair I used the African pride coconut milk and then I put the
Ishine Beauty curl enhancer on top of that leave-in conditioner and for the
back section I’m doing it in really really tiny section since my hair is
still short and my hair is super thick so this will definitely help me to
create more tighter curls by doing it small so if you find that your bantu
knots are too tight all you have to do is screw it in the opposite direction
and that will loosen it up naturally without you having to take it down and
then redo that bantu knot so yeah I’m doing it in really small
sections as you can see so this will allow my curls to come out much more
define and also help it to last longer so after allowing it to air dry
overnight this is the next day and it was very comfortable to sleep in guys it
was so much more comfortable than perm rods I definitely love doing curls that
doesn’t require me putting any rollers in my hair so to unwind the bantu knot
what I do is twist it in the opposite direction that I twirled it in and it
would come apart or it will come loose naturally and after loosing them out I
just gently separate the sections and then I just fluff it to get rid of the
parts and there you have it a nice beautiful bantu knot out with the crown
in bantu knots I definitely love this hairstyle I would
definitely revisit it and I would definitely recommend that you use a foam
lotion to do curly hairstyles so it can last longer especially with natural hair
like do you know how hard it is to maintain curly hairstyles when you have
natural hair just to prevent humidity from getting a hold of your curls but
thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope that you found this
tutorial helpful definitely give this video a thumbs up if it was helpful
leave me any questions that you have down below or comments I definitely
appreciate those and I will see my next video bye-bye

16 thoughts on “How To: Defined Bantu Knot Out on Short 4C Natural Hair (Heatless Curls)

  1. I love this look on you! You could have even left the knots in and it would still be a cute style on you! I really love the makeup too. That dark purple is definitely your color.
    BTW I finally ended my transition 2 weeks ago after 18 months! I'm so happy to be in this journey with someone else at the same stage as me and the same texture!💖

  2. The bantu knots look very good. Love how healthy your hair looks. New Subbie here. Lets stay connected. See you around

  3. Help! I'm 10 years old,very impatient and trying to transition my hair. All my life my hair was in braids until I turned seven and my mom put in my first relaxer she used the one for kids (I forgot the name of it) for the past 3 years, in fact I had no idea that hair types and my natural hair existed.I thought that my hair was always just relaxed and that's what hair I was born with.I don't want to do the big chop and my hair is currently in braids, one of the braids fell out and my hair is still relaxed underneath, I want to know how long my hair will have to stay in these braids (I got them done more than 2 weeks ago) and if they will still be relaxed once I take them out or if it will be grown out and natural, my hair grows very slowly I'm guessing but I want to be natural by August 20th (around when school starts) none of the few black girls at my school wore their hair natural and I want to encourage them to do so, I'm pretty sure my hair is 4c (my mom's hair is and mine doesn't look like it so it could be 4b). I don't want to take out my braids to early and do you have any treatments that'll promote hair growth (I can't really go to the store and buy ingredients again because I already made my dad buy me stuff to help my nails grow and I have no ideas where all the hair products went) Right now I have oils like sweet almond, olive (Extra virgin and not), and coconut oil. I'm also pretty sure that right now my scalp is as dry as the Sahara desert and dandruff is piling up like sand! Once again, Help!
    Surely and sincerely,
    Jiffanlly (Mash up of all of my old nicknames)

  4. great video!!! this was so entertaining to watch 🙂 would love to collab btw ❤️❤️

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