How to Do Laundry : How to Sort Clothes

How to Do Laundry : How to Sort Clothes

Hi, I’m Ginger Walker, owner of Clean Junkies.
We’re here to talk about sorting laundry today, and the things that you’ll want to do for
that. Generally, the easiest way, is to have some different containers. Labeling them is
great. I’ve got whites, lights, darks, and then also, a basket for towels, so one very
important thing as well when you’re sorting, is to make sure you’re checking your jean
pockets, because oftentimes, you’ll find all sorts of little goodies in there. Another
thing that you’ll want to do when you’re washing your jeans, is turn them inside out. As your
sorting is the best time to do that, then you don’t forget. Your whites, and then you’ve
got your towels, you’re going to put in a separate container. Your light clothes, more
jeans, and again, turn those inside out, so that’s sorting laundry, and the other thing
that you need to be aware of when you’re sorting your laundry, are your delicate clothes. A
great way of doing your delicates, would be a mesh bag. You can also use pillowcases,
but you’ll go ahead and put your delicates into the bag, and zip it up, and then you
can put that into the wash. You can put, once you’ve separated your delicates, if you’re
planning on washing those still with your lights, because this is a light colored delicate,
you can go ahead and throw the whole bag right in there, so that you’re ready to do your

44 thoughts on “How to Do Laundry : How to Sort Clothes

  1. i forgot my brand new cellphone in my pockets… it cost me a fortune, but it was covered by the warrenty (thankfully)

  2. This is my way of doing laundry and it works great, by far the best way to do it and ill explain to you.
    Step 1: tell mom to do laundry.

  3. I never sort my clothes. I just dump everything into an extra large load using cold/cold. Then upon finishing, I half the load into two for two loads for the dryer. I run them both and make sure to hang all the clothes upon dryer shutting off to prevent wrinkles. This method saves energy and time. I am not one to use warm or hot….I care about saving energy, besides the hotter the water, shrinkage will set in and so will stains.

  4. You're dumb. I didn't know you should make your jeans inside out or use a mesh bag.

    Also, when I came to college (full of WASPS) most of the freshmen were freaking out about laundry. I know, they're retarded. I wonder if this school is really a top tier sometimes.

  5. What do I do if I have an article of clothing that is too dark for the lights but not dark enough for the darks?
    You didn't touch on fabric, should we just sort by color despite fabric type?
    Does it matter that some things are really dirty or even muddy – is that a factor in sorting?
    What about brand.. Should I put in a designer t-shirt with a cheap one I got from Wal-Mart?
    I am going to wait until you have answered my questions before doing any more laundry.

  6. Here's an important thing to know…don't wash too many sheets together or with towels because you will get those little "pills" on the sheets. Now you know everything.

  7. demins an white may be combined. check on the fabric esp deep dark colors that bleed – wash them separately or handwash. branded shirts may go with other fabric.
    handwashing them is an option. sort according to colors/fabric and always look /see labels for care. otherwise just dump em all in the washer.

  8. I sort by 4 categories: towels, denim, whites & lights, colors. I don't like washing jeans with other clothes, plus they're bulkier and take up enough space on their own.

  9. Why would you turn jeans inside out ….. makes no sense when the dirt is most likely on the outside of the jeans how would the soap ever get to the dirt when turned inside out.??

  10. HAHA, this comment was from 5 Years ago… lol, I think you need to start doing your laundry πŸ˜€

  11. Good point re the dirt being on the outside of the jeans (Donny Lee). Maybe if they're just lightly soiled, idk.
    The main problem I have with sorting laundry is that there's just too many categories. Clothes color, wash water temperature; delicate or regular cycle? No bleach (I haven't seen one truly bleachable garment in years!), or non-chlorine color-safe bleach only. Oh, and don't forget degree of soil. Those socks of hubby's that look like he's taken his shoes off and danced through mud puddles to the tune of Gene Kelly's "Singing In The Rain" ; sweat-drenched (and I mean soaked!) T-shirts with dried paint stains; and yellow-ringed collars are all sort of in a league by themselves.Β  If left to him, he just throws everything in the washer with hot water (because his old employer-issued work uniforms were "tough" like that), including cold water wash items; and then wonders why stuff comes out looking faded, shrunk and/or falls apart after a short time.Β  As for me, I'm just exasperated because (with just the two of us in the household) it takes like forever to get a full load's worth.

  12. turn them inside out & make the zip up for pants so that zip doesn't get stuck into other cloths while spinning inside the washing drum.

  13. Wow, I'm gonna rack up on mesh bags at Dollar Tree so I can wash my delicates along with everything else at the same time!! How simple…

  14. hi i'm sorry for bothering you but what about the other clothes that have patterns, underwears, &clothes that are not bright

  15. This helped me so much Bc my mom made me do the laundry today and I am only 12, also thx again 4 helping me!

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