How to Do Laundry : How to Wash Clothes Without a Washer

How to Do Laundry : How to Wash Clothes Without a Washer

Hi, I’m Ginger Walker owner of Clean Junkies.
I’m here today to talk about how to do laundry if you don’t have a washing machine. First
thing you’re going to do is get some detergent and you can use either a liquid detergent
or a powder detergent. Just, all you need is a little bit, you’re going to fill up your
sink with some water, put in your detergent. Now if you’re using a powder detergent you’re
going to want to make sure you, if you’re using cold water, that you dissolve that in
some warm water first and then add it and stir it around. Again your water settings
come in, you know, to play here even if you don’t have a washing machine, you need to
pay attention to the water temperatures. In, with our light colors like this I’ve got some
warm water that we’re using. You’re just going to dip them down in, make sure they get all
saturated, stirring them around, take them out, wring them out a few times. If you’ve
got stains on any of the clothes that you are going to hand wash, you’ll want to pre-treat
those prior to washing them. So with your stains, you’ve got your product here, spray
it on. And one good thing about hand washing is if you do have stains, you know, you can
take it out and look at it right there, whereas if you have a washing machine you’re not able
to take it out and check if it’s gone before it’s done washing. Another thing that you
can use if you don’t have a wash basin in your, have one from back in the olden days,
is a washboard and one thing also, a lot of these laundry room sinks will come with it
built into the front and it’s just got some, you know, divots there and you just kind of
rub your clothes up and down there and the benefit of that is, you know, it’s got some
texture that you’re rubbing the clothes up and down so you don’t have to squish them
and rub them all together with your hands.

93 thoughts on “How to Do Laundry : How to Wash Clothes Without a Washer

  1. yup. And if I'm staying in some rural area or youth hostel, it's good to wash by hand.

    It's a forgotten skill, but very useful and failsafe.

  2. SAD! My mother did this in the bathtub back in the late 30s. She DID NOT ENJOY it as this smiling moron. She had two babies and a fireman husband to wash for plus herself and countless diapers and bedclothes. Her memories of those days were unpublishable!!!

  3. @Gaygarious Whut u tell me to shuddup fo. Ain't nuttin rong wif whut I say… I jus sed my mama hat to werk like a slave bak den. She sho dint smile … but she daid now wish she wuz sstill heah! Not nice to tell no boddy to shuddup. May bee you just prejudice….

  4. Next time she should look at her washing machine. Unless you bought the cheapest model, washers have a gentle cycle for delicate clothes. The machine fills up, agitates 2 or 3 times gently, pauses, then repeats. This goes on for 4 or 5 minutes, drains then rinses.

  5. I used washing machine detergent, and I was difficult to rinse the garments, it also made some blacks discolor. Then I remembered a soap called ZOTE. ZOTE is a soap specially formulated for the purpose of hand washing. If you can't find it a your grocery store you can check 99 Cent stores or latin american markets. There are many different brands that do wonders when hand washing LIRIO, 123, ZOTE etc, Walmart sometimes carries them, you can also use Castile soaps found in health food stores.

  6. Doing this really saves my ass. I'm in an apartment and quarters might as well be gold nuggets. I never seem to find them and we don't have a change maker here so I always put off laundry until I can get some change. But then something comes up and my favorite clothes are always dirty, so I can do this when I need to.

  7. @clzm90 Of course you do. Most of us use too much detergent. Which never gets completely rinsed away and as a result makes our clothes look dingy… and the excess detergent actually attracts dirt. Wash once, rinse twice… then hang to dry. 😉

  8. @clzm90 Well it depends on your water, how hard or soft it is, how much water you are using, etc. For me using liquid detergent, I use about 2 tablespoons per 2.5-3 gallons of water. Even in a washing machine (mine is front loaded) I use about 1/3 the recommended amount. As for Powder detergent in a top loader, I would start by mixing the dry detergent in water before adding to the wash. Experiment by gradually reducing the amount you use until you find the right amount.

  9. Does anyone know how to avoid clothes smelling damp?? I am forced to wash mine by hand til I can afford a new washing machine, and I've tried ringing them out and putting them straight into the dryer, and I've tried letting them dry on radiators/at room temperature but there is always a degree of a damp smell no matter what I do. It's really bugging me I hate it.

  10. Hey Alex, I was watching another video and they squeeze the garments and then put them on a clean towel and cover them up before sticking them on the line. Hope that helps, I know how you feel because my machine just blew up today and I've only had it 5 months!

  11. This is so not how you wash you clothes by hand u put it in the soapy wather and make a friction and then put it again in the wather etc

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  13. I finally have the power of knowledge of handwashing my delicates. I shall be eligible to save money NOW!

  14. Would never work for me. My clothes HAVE to be rinsed and preferably dried, too, though I guess I have to admire anybody who can wear soapy wet clothes. Hell, I'm just a weakling.

  15. Thanks for the vid. My new washer just broke and now I have to wash some clothes by hand before it's fixed.

  16. Sound easy but when you start doing it(your mother suddenly don't allowed you to use washing machine!!😨) is so hard and might have no idea whether is still clean as in washing machine!!😵

  17. Our new washer just broke. Sears won't come fix it for another week and I need to go out tomorrow. Hoping this works good..

  18. Using a washer and dryer is for someone that is lazy and expects things to be done for them. If you think your clothes are getting cleaner in a washer than washing them by hand than you are wrong. I wash the clothes that I wore for the day at the end of the day, why wait til you have a load to do? If you think you have to have white socks then you are the one that is crazy, not me. And no I am not broke, I have a job and I have money. I just prefer to wash my clothes by hand. People in America are just spoiled and snobby.

  19. i would use a detergent for hand washing works well on clothes and gentle on hands most come in a bar type soap or in small plastic bags and soap for baby clothes cleans well and is good on hands….wash in small batches and spin out or extra rinse and spin in machine.

  20. buy a bucket and put water and laundry soap in it. put your clothes in the bucket and stir them around with a broom handle.

  21. My hands hurt after doing this I needed to wash a load so a good 30 pieces and my thumb still hurts to this day it’s been a week.

    Maybe a wash board

  22. i live off the tax payers adn this is too much work for me i just go to the laundromat i live in a resident program that pays higher rent then section 8 and some people in my program cant budget their money and they have to clean their clothes in the bathtub adn sink i knew one guy use to put his clothes in a 5 gallon bucket and stir it with a 2 x 4 piece of wood its hard to rinse out the clothes properly washing them by hand then u have to hang dry the clothes adn they drip alot its not worth it

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