How to Draw a Celtic Heart Knot Step by Step

Hey Y’all! this is Cyndee, I’m the tireless
tangler and welcome to my channel today I am starting off a series of hopefully
four videos for Celtic knots in honor of st. Patrick’s Day this month in March of
2019 and I’m really excited about them and I’m going to show you an example of
what we’re what’s going to come up but this week we are going to be doing this
triquetra triangle if you have followed some of my videos you have seen how we
do this with a heart woven into it and this is from what I can tell by my
research this is called a Celtic sister knot and I’m gonna show you how to draw
it and you won’t believe how easy it is okay here’s another example of one that
I think where I tangled the knot and really got frilly with the heart and so
you can do these as simply or as ornately as you like there’s all kinds
of possibilities so let’s get started alright for today’s video I or for
today’s tutorial I am going to be using a zentangle apprentice style in white
and these are really nice because they are four and a half inches by four and a
half inches square and they will take water if you want to use some watercolor
or water-based pigment they are great with ink base or alcohol base they
are great for colored pencils so whatever medium you like to use these
are great for that so I use these a lot and they’re a little bit bigger which I
like it’s nicer for my hands so this is what I’ve got for our surface today also
I’m going to use a sorry about Simba Simba shish shish mom hey I’m recording
bud keep it under control okay he always has to have the last word
alright so I’m also going to use this 3.z tile from zentangle in a triangle
shape that I’m going to trace around I have a pencil it’s an F from Stadler
Mars out of Germany it’s an F I think I said that and a micron pigma zero one in
black of my favorite inking pen at this point okay so let me get started this is
so easy you won’t believe it okay so just find a nice spot on your
apprentice tile and trace around this now you can draw a triangle on here
freehand or in any manner you like but we need to start with a triangle let’s
see if I can do this without making a mess hey there I go alright
I haven’t laughing all the time one of my nephew’s was watching me do this and
he said why are you always laughing it’s I’m like because I amuse myself! alright okay
so you’ve got the triangle and just for just for convenience when we start with
the heart I am going to put right down the center I hope that’s the center one
light line let me zoom in and see if you can see this I did it pretty lightly and
go over this a little bit ooh I’m wiggly today you are probably if
you watch this channel you are probably used to that to just expect it like I do
we get by all right yeah you can see this a little bit better
I am crazy with that and here’s our center line our center wiggly line all
right so this is what we have Wiggles and all okay
let’s start now if you have watched my first video then you already know how to
draw triquetra it’s so easy and so let me show you you want to put a small mark
about midpoint on each that midpoint on each side of your triangle and we’ve got
a midpoint down here because we already centered drew the line down the center
okay so you’re gonna pick the corner I’m gonna start in this corner and I’m gonna
follow the top of this line and right before I get to the midpoint I’m going
to curve it curl it around and come back down on the other side towards the other
corner so we have a nice curve here okay and we’re gonna go to the next
corner and repeat that so we’re gonna follow this line come to the midpoint
just about and start your curve and this is gonna come right after the midpoint
here it’s going to curve down and a nice curve and meet here
yes and one more corner remember we repeat everything three sides so start
in this corner follow the line about halfway down start
your curve right after the midpoint join in get it nice and round it out and
looking good so this is your basic triquetra shape
let me show you how to do the actual thing or the actual knot
okay I’m gonna start with a triangle with the point down that has slightly
curved sides I’m not good if I don’t turn this each time there and now when I
draw this myself I make this really light I’m making this a lot darker so
that you guys can see it well okay so with your up point straight up find a
point about the width that you’re going to want your ribbon and when I say your
ribbon I’m talking about this strip from here to here all the way down you can
have this as wide or as thin as you want and so that’s what you’re going to
decide up here how thick or thin do you want that ribbon so we’re gonna make
this about the same as that example I just showed you so I’m gonna start right
here under the point of the triangle okay and I’m going to follow this curve
right down to this right here so like so make a nice curve there so that looks
like you want and then if you’ve got any whoops wrong thing where’s my mono this
is a tombow mono 0 eraser which is really nice for these kinds of things so
anyway so here’s your line coming down on this and then you’re going to turn it
again repeat on all three sides your ribbon went down start right under the
point of the triangle and then curve it so you come in right here okay all right and the last side ribbon width
down and then you’re gonna follow that in and curve it in here I might have
gone too thin over there it’s tragic what’s wrong all right let’s try that
again okay now little further down there that’s
better now I’ve had to adjust this this triangle in the middle but that’s still
basically what we want so we have now a shape that goes out in three different
directions all right now normally at this point I would take an inking pen
and draw in my triquetra shape but because we’re going to add this heart
shape in this heart shape in I’m going to go ahead and draw triquetra and
pencil so that we can work in the other not the heart part okay so if I’m doing
this in pencil what I’m doing is I’m coming from the top of this and we’re
basically going to redraw that first line down but we’re gonna stop at the
line that’s coming out right here okay then I’m going to erase that line coming
down all right and that’s all we’re gonna do okay then we’re gonna repeat on
three sides so we’re gonna follow this line down and I frequently go outside to
curve this real pretty outside the triangle but that’s okay the triangle is
just a guide so nice pretty curve and we’re gonna come all the way down here
and meet this line that’s coming out of this other point and then we’re gonna
stop and we’re gonna race the rest of this
okay repeat on third side start at the tip nice pretty curve down stop the line
and you erase that centerline is becoming going to become important when we shut
the heart in I don’t worry about it right now okay
so this is where we’re at now now because we’re going to be putting this
heart in the middle of this okay we’re going to want this area here to be nice
and roomy so that we have room for this part to come down and out all right so
we’re gonna join this on the very top right so this part is finished and we
should have room here for that heart section to come through so that looks
pretty good and we’re gonna want to make make sure that we leave space in each
section of this for the heart coming through so this looks pretty good and
this will be Oh see I didn’t curve that enough let’s let’s go out with this
actually I want to redraw this come down here like that little room here and then I’m
gonna bring this one like so but we have a nice curved shape there and then this
art of course come out yes and again this also comes out and this alright
last side so I’m gonna go ahead and as we are curving this here hmm when you do
adjust that let’s try see that’s too thin I need to adjust this to come
straight you need to adjust this to come straight out so that I have more room in
here so I’m gonna redraw this line like so like I had it originally come out and
heard that I need a bigger eraser don’t I all right
and then we will adjust this ribbon to come straight out here further yeah all right so make sure to go ahead and
tidy up your lines so that when we start adding more stuff you don’t get confused
I know it seems like like a small thing and and you feel like you’re gonna
remember where everything is you probably will this year you’re probably
thinking on a better level than me but for me it just got less confusing if I
was sure what lines I was doing and so we want this one to come right like that
and then this will be like so okay – or at least lighten it some all right now
for the heart okay now is where we use the center line and that’s how we know
where the point is gonna be so you want to start your heart at the point inside
this middle section and go ahead and put in your entire ribbon I’m gonna turn
this a little bit your entire ribbon that’s going to show
here now according to the over/under rule which we’ve gone over this is let’s
follow this path here okay so this is over this is under this this is going
over this so when we come to this heart this path needs to go under the heart
shape so we’re gonna come out over this line on this side for both of these okay
so here again whoops I am throwing stuff like crazy all right so and then once you get it erased
double-check yourself over and then it’ll go under so that’s correct okay so that’s our start now this one is
going to go out and go under here because we go under and then this will
go over and then under and over and see how that part fits right into the
pattern and you don’t in it as long as you get started right it’s going to work
out just fine okay the hardest part of this is sketching in
your heart now you want your point the point of the heart to come right here so
take your middle line down and decide how you want the sides to go and then
bring them up and connect them with that outer line yeah you bring that up and connected let me see that’s pretty
even oh I am Wiggly I think that’s closer sorry all right yeah that’s a
better angle for me okay now the erasing doesn’t have to be perfect at this point
it’s just so you know what’s there now let’s let’s check our over/under here we
are going now we’re on the heart path so we are going to do an aura under the line
that we just drew I’m going to come down here and stop and let’s consider this
this went over now we need to go under so that’s perfect we went under and so
now we need to go over this line so go ahead and draw through yeah see how that
centerline is helping us now and then keep your ribbon width and sketch in
another one here let’s double check our over-under on
this side so we have gone over here under here so this needs to go over here
and then under here okay so again with the erasing there’s a
better eraser let’s try this way so this is going over so we take that out this
is going under here so that’s correct under and then over okay so under we
went under here we’re gonna go over on this so take out these two and then
we’re under hey look at that guy’s uh-huh now you take out your triangle
lines your center line any extra goop you got you’re ready to ink it this is ready to ink see how easy that
was I mean I was amazed and how easy that was once we have the method for
triquetra down you know the heart part was pretty simple so okay let’s ink
it see how that turns out I am going to use if I can find it
I think I’ll ink it with my pn this is a pigma micron pn from sakura of japan
it has a little bit larger nib I’m gonna say more like a zero three to five
something like that I don’t know it’s supposed to it has a plastic nib it’s
supposed to be a variable on the thickness due to pressure so I think I’m
going to start by inking the heart then I might go outside my lines now each time you come to an
intersection make sure that you start on the other side at the same spot okay I am notorious for my ribbons being
thick on one side and thin on the other so I really try to pay attention to that all right yeah I’m gonna look right there alright okay
so there’s your heart now all we got to do is put in triquetra and you can take
that and do anything you want with it after that now I will tell you on the
example that I tangled on this one I did not Ink this this shape to begin
with i tangled on it with the pencil outline
on purpose so that I could have the tangles go outside the guidelines if
they wanted to yes my tangles are very much alive sort of made that one smaller
didn’t I you all right didn’t turn out bad at all
where’s my good eraser all you gotta do now erase your lines and you have got a
playground here for creative license go out and have fun now I do want to
mention that when you choose your tangles choose them carefully the more
intricate the tangles the harder it’s going to be to work and to not work and
I’m speaking in general not just in this example when you come to corners when
you choose your tangles consider what are you going to do with those in the
corner how are they going to turn the corner
think about tight spaces like in the center you know is is this tangle gonna
work going underneath and over and that kind of thing sorry about that
anyway Simba and the cats what can I say so anyway take some care think think it
through I have many many tiles where I have drawn shapes and tried out in
sections different angles to see which ones are going to work in a rounded more
3d look and which are going to work if your surface is flat like this so you
know keep that in mind as you tangle if you have questions whatever get in touch
with me and most especially please tag me with your art on Instagram or
Facebook or wherever you are so that I can look at it and and really enjoy your
gorgeous creations so many of you go out there and you take what I give you and
you do so much more than what I can do so I’m really and that’s why I do this
that’s what makes me the happiest so you know tag me with your art the tireless
tangler and I can’t wait to see what you create don’t forget to hit the subscribe
button down below and the notification bell and all of that and I will see you
next time on The Tireless Tangler! thanks!

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