How to Draw a Celtic Knot: Mandala

How to Draw a Celtic Knot: Mandala

Hey Y’all! This is Cyndee, I’m The Tireless Tangler and welcome back to my channel! today we are going to be doing a new
kind of Celtic knot it is a Mandala form of the cross-stitch free hand
knot that we did that in my very first video the one that was based on the
diamonds and if you’ll notice the way this is set up it has this the line that
we did in that first tutorial is in a circle and then the diamonds are set up
along that on this particular version I did not loop the inside of that but I
did loop the outsides so let me show you how this is done right the first part of
this is just going to be how to set up the pencil grid unfortunately this one
does require a grid to get the shape uniform the way you’re going to start
this off is by dividing your tile this is an apprentice tile is Zentangle
apprentice tile you’re going to divide that first diagonally corner to corner
then you’re going to switch it and do the other two corners diagonally so that
you end up with a large X on your tile then using your straight edge you’re
going to want to again divide this tile in half turn it 90 degrees and do it again and
so you have a tile with star-shaped division one two three four five six
seven eight parts all right next you will need a compass then we’re going to
use the compass hopefully this will go well I’m really bad at these compass things
we want five concentric circles here oh my goodness all right one more time that’s 2 let’s do another one in, it does work okay so you basically have your apprentice tile divided into eight parts and then five concentric circles from the center
going out and try to leave yourself a fairly large ish area in the center for
drawing in the form okay the next thing we want to do is divide
each of these pie shapes in half it’s not going to be a line we’re just gonna
make a little tiny marks down the center say that’s right that looks pretty good
down the center I just eyeball it you’re welcome to measure this out if you give
you care that’s why mine tend to be sometimes a lopsided okay like so and then repeat that on all
these sections all eight sections okay pretty close I do not measure for a reason but don’t
really care if it’s exact but these are beautiful if they are done with an exact
measuring so however you prefer to do these is perfect for you that is great
you don’t forget to tag me with your work if you try this out I would love to
see what you come up with hashtag the tireless tangler all right this is what
we’re gonna start with and what I’m going to do is run an eraser over this
very quickly and try to just leave a faint outline left so that that I can
still see the lines but that it’s not so overwhelmed with pencil markings
otherwise I’m afraid it will be a little confusing okay so I know what you’re thinking, why draw that in if we’re just
going to erase it you’ll still be able to see it well enough to draw now I’m not trying to take it all out
I’m just trying to make it a little bit less strong because when we pencil in
the form all the different lines are a little confusing alright so hopefully
you can still see enough here to work with and what you need to do is take in
the second ring not the first ring but the second ring between here and here
you’re going to want to use this center point and draw a little arch shape not
sure how even that is we will fix that up a little bit but you want to do that
in each section I did a little too good a job erasing
on this one. right too good a job erasing here okay here now
take a minute and fix anything on there that doesn’t look right for example this
right here is a little off-center so let’s go ahead and fix that right now a little more even
this one so the rest of this doesn’t take that long
okay now start at the bottom of one of these arches it doesn’t matter which one
and you’re going to follow this arch and cause this arch to go through this this
cross right here where these lines cross and continue up to this midpoint on the
next section over so you’re gonna have an arc to go straight up like that
following this curve so repeat this on each one doesn’t have to be perfect we will be
adjusting this as we go so this is what you have after your
first pass okay now we’re going to repeat what we just
did but we’re going to do it on the opposite side and come down here and you
can start going up here or you can come down from the point whatever you find is
more comfortable for your hand but I suggest you do them all the same so that
you have consistency and you’re in your strokes in the lines and look at that that is all finished
and now we want to erase a little bit more the guidelines not a lot a little
bit so that you know where we are here the rest of this is going to be fairly
easy we’re not going to worry about over and under on this knot I’m just going to
show you by steps sort of like we did the trinity knot last time and I’m going
to show you how this works erase as you go along or it gets
confusing I’ll just say that okay so what we want to do is start in one of
the tips of these petals as I call them decide how wide you want your ribbon to
be and just follow follow the arch ear of the metal now as
you come down to this line stop and then you want to erase the line you crossed
over here yes again we’re going to repeat this on each petal or each arch
however you want to call it oops wrong one okay and again and erase the line you crossed, repeat any race
repeat erase and the erasing doesn’t have to be
perfect it’s just to help you remember which part goes over and which part goes
under if you follow these steps then you won’t
get competed if you don’t then I promise you will. even though this is not a hard
knot to figure out these steps really do make it a lot easier I found at least
for me all right okay and we’re done
all right this is what we have next okay the next step you want to go back
where you started on the arches on this line and we are now going to finish this
underneath so take this follow this para this line so match this parallel as you
go down you’re going to want to stop sorry you’re going to want to stop at
the center point right there okay now at this point you’re gonna want
to fix how those come together and and sorry you erase the line that
you cross over and then and then go on to the next one
don’t try to join this up yet go ahead and do this next part down to the center
point this is why we have that that fifth concentric circle in the middle is
so that we can do this part and still have room okay so repeat here once again
so that’s it from center point right there this is probably the most difficult step
and it’s not as soon as we’re done we just have to get interrupted by the phone okay where
were we oops okay one cautionary note may have
outsmarted myself with the erasing here okay this is our center point if this is
the line of my go to all right so see here’s where we’re going the… myself
okay last one
down to the midpoint and here is your line okay here’s where we are now the
only thing that’s left is to finish right here just join that up anything you need to fix this is a good
time for that okay here we go
this is our knot form and all that’s left to do is ink it I think I’m going to do
this in brown so check your line to make sure you know where you’re gonna go and
then carefully I’m going to use a number five brown…carefully drawing your lines

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