100 thoughts on “How to Engrave Cookie Spatulas on a Cricut Maker

  1. Wow. What a great video. Such a cool thing to be able to do. It defined the makes the maker more affordable when you can do such things with it.

  2. WOW! thank you, I would have never tried this and the fact that you also included the templates for the servers is a bonus. I learn something new from you everyday!

  3. Wow this is SO cool! I wonder if while your still on the canvas you rotate the design first then attach then all together , maybe it will stay rotated On the make it screen😀 no biggie just curious. Thank you so much for sharing this fun video with cutting files. ❤️

  4. so, last year, in the after Christmas sales, I got some wooden signs.. stocking and tree shaped, from Michaels…thought i could do something with them, but they just sat… (didn't have a cricut then…) got one for my birthday in September and I have been using it for all sorts of things.. lol… and am thinking I want to use them to make gifts for some neighbors/family friends.. (possibly to go with the servers now, cuz i LOVE this idea.. and just got an engraving tip…)

    would love some ideas though for these signs…

  5. Hi Jennifer! Such a great video! Super thanks for sharing..I have a random question however, what are your cricut accessories in, just off to the right side of the video screen when you're showing how to tape down the spatula? around the 8 minute mark, It looks awesome like it holds all your cricut things and it has your name on it😍. did you make that?? I would love the details! I am currently using your diy cricut toolbar to hold my tools. Thanks again!

  6. Oh my goodness!!! Where have you been all my crafting life??! Lol. I’m on my way to max out the hubby’s credit card on cricut tools and cookies. Lol. Oh and you now have a new subscriber. 😘. I love it!!

  7. I have only used my engraving tip on leather, & was so happy to see something else I can use it on to learn. This would be a nice bridal shower gift, done on the knife & cake server for the wedding cake!!

  8. I haven't bought the engraving tip because I couldn't imagine what I'd use it for. Now I know! I love these. I will be ordering the tip and some spatulas tonight for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much, Jennifer.

  9. Wow, I haven’t wanted the engraving tool because I didn’t think I would use it,but this tutorial is making me want one😉

  10. Such an awesome tutorial.I have had my Maker since June including all the new tools that go with it.Its still in the box.I actually have every single Cricut cutter except the Air 2.I've been intimated by them all and just do simple things on my Explore.Goal for 2020 to master the Maker and use all the tools atleast once.Love the tool caddy holder can you please share where to purchase.Thanks New subbie.Blessings

  11. I love this idea! This can be used for so many occasions and gifts. I'll be adding a Cricut Maker on my wish list. Thank you!

  12. Thank you! I ❤ this! Also thanks for making the mistake, so we didn't do it too! 👍

    I'm dying to try this & I will after the holidays are over. Since my space is limited I can only do so much at a time, but I guarantee I'll be making these & eventually those epoxy tumblers you had in another video! 👍

    You make everything look so easy! ❤🤞👏

  13. Thank you for posting this. I have a suggestion for the smaller spatula. I would resize the image a bit smaller due to it's touching the bend. I know it would have been okay with your corrections, it probably could be a bit easier to resize the image (so cute).

  14. Wonderful tutorial! I'm among the rest who bought the tip and then wondered what to use it for. And another who high fives you for leaving the mistake in your tutorial for us to learn by. Thanks, Jennifer!

  15. I've always wanted to use my engraving tip. Now I will have a go. Was so unsure, now I feel more confident thanks to your tutorial.

  16. Jennifer, there looks to be like a Cricut Accessory type caddy in the background, can you tell us where you found that one by chance?

  17. ohh love all your quirkiness during the videos…did you enjoy the cookies.. Looked good.. awesome to see left the mistake, to the correct one…

  18. Thank you so much Jennifer for these videos. You made my neighbor gifts this year with your very clear and wonderful tutorials.. I did hot mitts with vinyl with matching engraved spatulas. So excited.

  19. I have bought a spatula to try this but I have yet to buy the engraving tool. I am a bit wary of doing this one but I look forward to trying this in the future.

  20. Love this, I am learning my cricut this coming year for sure. Hubby got for me 3 Christmas ago counting this one and only made the sample card 🙁 . Excited to try for Valentines, Easter, etc. TfS xoxoxox Happy Holidays

  21. Loved your tutorial! I would love to see someone engrave a BBQ spatula/turner. Always looking for unique gifts for a man’s birthdays or Father’s Day.

  22. I did the same thing the first time I did this! I didn't have your tutorial but I did figure out why it happened too!

  23. Any idea if you can take an existing engraving and "erase" it my embossing over it? This would be on a metal spatula. And I wonder if you can engrave it over again?
    Thanks for your input.

  24. My parent are coming home at the end of the month. and we are going have After Christmas party. and we are having a Yankee swap. i am going to try this. i know they we love it. Thanks you for the video

  25. I’m so glad I watched your video, as I just purchased spatulas and was going to engrave them without knowing that I should triple my design to get a deeper sharper engraving. Thank you! Thank you! Love your videos, blog and e-books; priceless!

  26. This is so awesome! Off topic, but can you tell me the maximum thickness for acrylic engraving on the Maker? I found some blanks on amazon, but don't know if they are too thick to go under the tool to engrave them well. Thanks so much for ALL you share with us. You are AWESOME!!

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