How to Felt Acrylic Yarn Projects – Felting Short Cut | Loomahat

How to Felt Acrylic Yarn Projects – Felting Short Cut | Loomahat

Hey guys it’s Denise from
in this video we’re going to take Mr. Teddy Bear here, from the mini teddy
bear pattern, link is in the description and I change it up a bit. Yes,
you can take acrylic fabric and felt it, like this, see nice and furry. For that
you’re going to need a wire pet grooming brush, like this. Make sure that it
doesn’t have the plastic tips. Then basically, you’re going to brush your
fabric. If you’re concerned that the wire bristles are going to tear at your
fabric, you don’t need to worry, the same way the brush is not harmful to your pet
it’s not going to be harmful to your fabric. Now, I want you to notice that I’m
doing one leg at a time. That’s the best method, is to do the parts before you
assemble the bear. You do want to do not just the front, but also the sides and
ideally, even though you don’t think so, it is good to get the back part of your
parts. They do, kind of show up. Alright, if for some reason you can’t manage to get
a hold of one of these pet brushes, then here is one that I got at the local
hardware store. It’s actually a car detailing brush and the bristles are
nylon. I don’t like it as much as I do the other brush, but it does have one
good thing and that is that the surface is smaller and so you can get into
sections that you can’t with the other brush. When you’re done brushing then
it’s time for a bit of a haircut. You don’t have to do this and if you want
your felting to look a bit shabby then by all means don’t cut. I do like to give
it this haircut. I find that it makes the parts look more detailed and I actually
go back and I will brush it again and cut it one more time before I feel like
I’m completely finished. Now if for some reason your bear is
already assembled and you want to go ahead and work on the felting anyway,
then you can do that and I did that with this little teddy bear, only because I
wanted you guys to see a before and after. but I highly discourage you from
doing that. It’s preferable to just leave the teddy bear as it is and start on
another one and do your felting with the teddy bear parts. It’s kind of hard
to get to everything and so even with a smaller brush, I had a hard time. When
your brush has a lot of fur make sure that you clear that out, before you
continue. It’ll make the brush work a whole lot better. You might find that it
takes a little longer than you thought but I would tell you, to be patient
because personally, I think it makes such a huge, huge difference. I can’t emphasize
for you enough, how soft the teddy bear feels when it goes through this process.
it just turns it into a whole other project. I totally, totally, totally love
how soft this teddy bear feels now. It’s like a whole other teddy bear. It went
from looking like this, to looking like this. Alright guys, I hope this video was
helpful ,if it was and you want to help me, share the video and don’t forget to
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29 thoughts on “How to Felt Acrylic Yarn Projects – Felting Short Cut | Loomahat

  1. Thanks, I learned something new. I didn’t know about felting. I liked seeing the bear before and after.

  2. Too cute! Thank you for this. I’ve seen felting tools in my local craft store, but thought what would I ever need that for… 😊

  3. Thanks for the reminder that this is possible with acrylic yarn. I cant wait to try it on one of the little bears.

  4. How cute! I had heard of felting but didn’t know what it meant. Your video was great -as usual – and the end product was adorable 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, that is so cute!! Never in a million years would I have thought of this incredible idea! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Just so you guys know this technique is not called felting. It does give a similar look as felting but it is not the same.
    Still an awesome technique for making things look fuzzy/hairy though.

  7. You should learn what felting really means. This is raising a nap — NOT felting!! Felting only occurs when you use carded fibres. When you have a fabric — from weaving, crochet or knitting — and you matt the fibres, that is called fulling. Just because someone posted a video on YT does not mean it is true!!

  8. Thank you so much! I use this technique for pompoms on hats I crochet—but never thought of doing this for amigurumis!

  9. I do doll repaints and have to comb out yarn to make wigs. Why and how did this not occur to me for knitting, too? XD

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