How To Find Gender Neutral Clothing On A Budget

– I felt like I was doing an ad for Payless. Cut me a check Payless. Cash me outside, how bow dat? (laughter) (upbeat music) It’s this really interesting dynamic, right, of walking into a store that says women, men, and children. And, I’m not a child. I’m not a man. I’m not a woman. So, where do I go? – I felt like the women’s section had a lot of pieces that were over processed, too many ruffles for me. It just wasn’t working out. (upbeat music) The first store we actually went to was Beacon’s Closet. – That one was really cool. I had great vibes, a lot of the clothes felt very um catered to an edgier look. I found a couple pieces I really liked. How are you doing? – I’m tryin to find my size. – Doreen didn’t find as much. – I’m gonna keep on looking. I’ll be back. – I think that it’s a matter of um being patient. Keep your eyes open for um things that attract you and go to them. – It’s so interesting. – Yeah. – I’m not sure what I could do wit it but I’ll, I’m gonna hold onto it. I found a vest that’s gonna bring me right back to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. – So, I’m knowing that I can’t get shoes here. ‘Cause all the shoes are gonna be too small for me. I love these, though. But, they’re all gonna be too small. One of the biggest issues that I face, when I’m looking for heels or any sort of feminine shoe, there’s no real options and the options that are there are kind of ugly. However, I actually really like going to Payless which is a cheap option. They’re very affordable prices. They go all the way up to 13, size 13, which is great for ya know trans-fems or non-binary fems who are looking for larger shoe sizes. Because there are fewer people with my size feet, – Right. – the cute shoes are often like ready and available. I’ve been waiting for my whole life to have a pair of heeled sneakers. So, this is a huge moment. – But, it was actually really nice to see Ian finding some shoes at Payless. – Whatchu gonna tell me in these? Ay. Ay. Whatchu gonna tell me in these? You ain’t gonna tell me nothin. Uh, next we went to a department store. – I’m actually gonna start at the $40 and under. I’ll go to the clearance sections a lot before I look at full price items. Sometimes, they have items that are just about to go out of season, that I can save for the next seasons. So, I’m at Nordstrom Rack right now and I’m finding a lot more things here than the previous thrift store we were at. They actually have some of the sizes that would actually fit me. It was a little bit easier for me to find some pieces for myself. So, I was able to find a button down, a tie actually, tie clip, and some shoes for I think under $150. (upbeat music) I am wearing Fresh Prince of Bel-Air right now. Love the patterns here. Love the colors in it. Not gonna lie, my girlfriend just might steal this vest. So. Alright. So, I got most of this outfit from Nordstrom Rack. I tied the whole outfit together by adding on a vest that I already had. I’m feeling real collegiate right now. Teacher-esque. (upbeat music) – I really enjoy wearing things that are colorful. I like it to be reflective of how I’m feeling and how I’m walking through the world. This definitely not something to wear in winter but it’s gonna be a fun kind of a summer spring kind of dress. And, I really feel pretty confident and beautiful in it. (upbeat music) It’s been quite a day. – I love the additional perspective and it was nice to see you kind of be in your element. Um, I love that you liked a lot of color. You liked a lot of things
that were different. – Going back to the men’s section and sort of like seeing it through a different lens and being able to appreciate it, something that I don’t often do, it was really great to like come together and just like get to experience clothes as clothes. – Right. – Which is what they should be to begin with. – Exactly. It’s all about really what you feel is right for you and what you like to wear and I think kind of seeing that with you was just an extraordinary experience. Not gonna lie. – Aw. It was the best. – Not gonna lie. (laughter) (light music)

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