How to Knit a Heart Shape | Puffy Heart Softies

How to Knit a Heart Shape | Puffy Heart Softies

A Knitted Heart Shape for 3 dimensional softies
[L.O.V.E., L.O.V.E.] Hi, Guys I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio
Knit. Today, we are going to knit this heart shape
in Stockinette Stitch. It creates a nice, smooth surface. And since stockinette stitch tends to curl,
this pattern has the heart shape edging in garter stitch. And it is absolutely perfect
to knit up as puffy hearts and softies. So, I have designed a really simple knitted puffy
Heart Shape. The link to download the FREE pattern is in the description below. This heart shape is totally perfect for Valentine’s
Day and all year round as a gift to anyone you love! So, to begin, we are going to cast on three
stitches. Now, I’m going to be detailed in this tutorial. It’s not a knit along. If you
would like to knit along with me, you can, you just will have to press pause every now
and again because I will skip over the boring parts. So, here we are one our very first row. It’s
our knit row. All we have to do is knit these three stitches. Super duper simple. Okay,
it is increase time already. So, on row two, KFB, that means Knit Front and Back. So we
are going to knit. Now instead of taking it off the needle, we then knit into the back
throw our yarn around. We are going to come off, and you will see we have two stitches
where we only had one. And now we’re just going to purl one. And the last stitch is
again KFB. So let’s watch this again. So we are going to knit, and then rather than taking
it off the needle, we go into the back, throw your yarn around, knit through, get back into
focus, and were we had three stitches, now we have five. Super cool. I Love Increasing!
It’s great. And we are starting the first of our two humps, I call them, on the very
top of our little hearts. So, here on row three, you will see, super simple, we are
only going to be knitting all the way across. And this is five stitches of knitting right
here. And already, we have our last increase row. So, we are going to start with five stitches,
and turn it into seven. So, here we go. The very first one, it’s knit front and back.
So, knit, and then go into the back throw it around, knit through, and we have two stitches
where we only had one. And these next three stitches are just going to be purl, and we
are purling because we are doing the stockinette stitch, which makes such a nice smooth surface.
And on our very last one, this is our last knit front and back, so we are going to knit,
don’t take it off the needle, come around to the back, throw your yarn around, here
we go, knit through, awesome. Okay, so now we have seven stitches already. Super cool.
Okay, so then on row five, we are just going to knit all seven stitches and this is the
completion of hump one already. I told you it was a quick knit! This goes really fast.
And you know what? Believe it or not, once you’ve done this a couple times, this pattern
is really easy to memorize and just do in front of the TV without having to think too
much. Okay, so those seven stitches, we are going to keep on that needle, we are going
to take our other needle and we are going to start over again. We are going to cast
on the other needle. And using our original needle, we are going to be making hump two.
So, as you see, hump one just stays on the needle as we create hump two. So, I’m not
going to bore you with making hump two all over again. You can stop and rewind if you’re
knitting along with me. Or you can just refer to your printed pattern. Okay, so, here we
go. We are going to knit the final seven stitches of hump two. Now, I want you to see that when
we do this, we should have both humps with the right sides on the right side of the needles.
Now, if you look, and you see that one has the wrong side and one has the right side,
just go ahead and carefully take them off your needle and flip them around. Okay, so
now we are going to simply knit across, and we are going to, according to the pattern
here, we just have three rows. No increases, no decreases. This first one, we are going
to knit one and then we are going to purl twelve all the way across. And here in the
middle you’ll see this is where the two humps get joined. Super simple. Super duper simple.
So we just continue on, on row six here, purling our twelve stitches, and on the last one,
you will knit. Okay it’s time for row seven. And all we have to do is knit all the way
across the row. We have fourteen stitches, I’m not going to bore you. Go ahead, hit pause
on the video if you are knitting along with me. Okay, so this is what it looks like. We
have all fourteen stitches. Looking really, really good. It’s time for row eight and we
are going to knit one, and now we are going to purl twelve. Again, these last three rows
that we’ve done, there is no increasing, no decreasing, we are just sort of making the
body of our heart right here. Oh, it looks really good. And now it is time to decrease.
So, the first decrease is going to be here on row nine. We are going to knit one and
then we are going to do slip slip knit and that is slip and slip and then then we knit
into the front. If this is new to you, we will be doing it a few times if you’re just
watching. If you’re knitting along, you may want to pause and rewind it a couple of times.
And there we are. Where we had two, now we have one. And we are going to knit across
the row for eight stitches until we are at our final three stitches. At that point, it
is time to do another decrease, which is the knit two together. This is my favorite one.
Knit two together, and knit one. Now on our next row, all we have to do is super easy,
is knit one, we are going to purl ten, and knit one. A little bit about the decreases
that we are doing. The reason that they’re different is that the stitches will slant
into the work. On slip slip knit, it slants one way, on knit two together, it slants the
other way, so it helps our heart shape up the way we would like it to. So, here we go,
row eleven. Slip, Slip, and we are going to knit and we are going to stay in focus. Throw
it around. Awesome. Okay, so now we are going to knit six. This is going by pretty fast,
isn’t it? After knitting six, we will be left with three stitches and we are going to knit
two together. There we go, we are knitting two together. Knit one. Awesome, we have ten
stitches on our needle now. And it is time to just knit one and then we are going to
purl eight, there is one, there’s two, and at the end, there is eight and we are going
to knit one. Again, just go ahead and pause if you’re trying to keep up with me. This
isn’t a traditional knit along, I am trying to edit a little bit, so I don’t bore you.
And here we go with another decrease. We are going to slip, we are going to slip, and we
are gong to knit. And again, I have the free download of the .pdf pattern in the link below,
so if you have a printer, it would be really great to print it out and when I’m knitting
something new, I definitely like having a printed pattern so then I can write on it.
I can mark off each time I finish a row, so if you like to knit like that, the download
is available to you for FREE! And here we knit two together, we knit one, and now we
only have eight stitches. And of course, we are going to knit one, and then purl these
six until we get to the final stitch. And at the final stitch, we will be knitting one.
Momentarily. One moment please. Here we go, that’s purl five, purl six, and knit one.
Yay! Okay, so now we are already at row fifteen. Oh, and our heart is definitely shaping up.
We are almost done. So we are going to knit one. Again, we are going to decrease. It’s
going to be the slip and the slip and the knit. Right into it just like that. Throw
it around. Knit through, yay. Now we are only going to have to knit two, one and two, until
we get to our final three stitches here. And we are going to knit those two together. Knit
them together. Decrease. And knit one. Alright. How many stitches do we have? We have six,
so that means we are going to knit one, and the we are going to purl four. And finish
this up by knitting that one. Okay, row seventeen! This is going to go by really fast. Knit one,
slip and slip and knit them together. And then we already, we knit these two together.
There we go. And then we just knit one. Yay, so we have four stitches. We are going to
finish up here. We are going to knit one, purl two together, our little point is almost
done, alright. Knit one, and now for the four stitches, we are going to turn them into two.
And we are just going to keep this easy. I’m going to go ahead, and there we go, okay,
here we go, looks great. Awesome. Okay, so now we are just going to bind off. We are
going to knit those last two stitches, and we are going to take that one stitch, over
and around, to just do a regular traditional bind off. Let’s get back into focus here.
And with our tapestry needle just pull the yarn through. Once you have knitted up two of your heart
shapes, to make up the front and back of your softie, simply tack them together with the
right side of your pieces facing together with yarn using your tapestry needle. Turn
them inside out. Then it’s great, you can just fill them up with your little loose ends,
so you don’t need to bother doing anything with those and you can fill them up with either
lavender seeds which i love to do, stuffing, or bits of yarn, and close them up. And you are done. A perfectly knitted heart
softie. Your friends, family, and loved ones will cherish this thoughtful handmade gift
made especially by YOU! I hope you give this fun quick knit project a try. And thank you so much for watching Studio
Knit. When you subscribe, you will receive a free knitting video every Monday. So, make
sure to check out all of my favorite Valentine’s Day and Heart Shaped knitting projects. Bye!

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