How To Let Down Pants Hem – How To Lengthen & Face

How To Let Down Pants Hem – How To Lengthen & Face

Sometimes we find that a pair of pants
needs to be lengthened. That means the hem needs to be let down and there are a
few things to consider when lengthening a hem. Let’s go through the steps. Before you take out the existing hem, take a good look at where it is currently
pressed, kind of separate it out with your fingers and look. Is there a faded
dye line here where it’s currently pressed or does it look like it’s going
to be especially hard to press out? Because either a hard ridgey press line
or a faded dye line is going to show when you let the pants down. I’ve let out
the old hem line now. It does look like there is a bit of a faded dye line and
also I was not able to press out the old fold line as fully as I’d have liked.
However, the client doesn’t mind, so we’re going to go ahead and let these pants
down in length as far as possible. Now sure you can let down a pair of pants a certain amount and just fold back the extra that remains and sew it in place.
But we want a really nice neat hem and that means, in this event, because we’re
going to let it down more than an inch, that we need to face it with some kind
of extra material, which we’ll discuss in a minute. There are all kinds of ways to
face this pants hem. I have chosen a way that’s going to be easiest for most home
sewers to buy a product in the store. There are tailoring supply stores that
you can get different kinds of hem facing, you can use a piece of fabric
from another garment- really, it’s up to your imagination and your resources to
find what you need for your hem. Now this piece of hem facing measures just short
of two inches wide. The width of the bottom of this pair of pants is ten and
a quarter inches doubled becomes 20 and a half inches. That’s how long I need to
cut this piece of fabric as well as one half inch
seam allowance. With right sides together, sew the center
seam. Fold out the edges, sew a quarter-inch seam and press flat. With right sides together, place the
pants inside the hem tape facing, then pin them together. I like to take the
inside seam of the pants and match it up with the hem tape facing seam. Pin all
the way around folding out the hem tape facing to match up in line with the
edge of the pants all the way around. Good, I’ve come out
evenly with hem tape to pants. Now if you should not come out evenly, adjust by
taking in or letting out the hem tape just a little bit. You don’t have too
much seam allowance to work with here on the hem tape. That’s all right, you can
always stretch the pants just a little bit gently to meet up with the hem tape,
just takes a little practice with the adjustment. Using the free arm and with
the hem tape side up, follow the line of the fold and sew all the way around. The
hem tape is now sewn on and we want to turn that hem tape to the inside and
we’ll do some very nice pressing and finishing. Hem tape all pressed to the inside, the
pants are now inside out for better ease of pinning, and this is when you’re
really especially happy that you used this product or something like it
because the edge is already folded down, pressed down nicely for you, all ready to
pin on all the way around. r Hand sew your hem. I make my stitches about 3/8 of an inch
apart. You’re finished. Great job!

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  1. Thank you, this is the hemming issue I am dealing with. Unfolding the facing to be stitched was new to me

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