How to Loom Knit a Headband for Beginners – Simple Knitted Ear Warmer

Hey! I’m Sarah Wolfe from Today I’ll show you how to make this beginner loom knit headband. To do
this I’m using one skein of Red Heart Super Saver and a small round loom. Mine has 24 pegs. It’s about 5 inches in diameter. To start
I like to wrap my yarn end around the anchor peg first. Next I’ll create the
first layer of wraps around the pegs. Wrap the yarn like this around peg
number one. Now wrap the yarn around peg number two like this. And now I’m
wrapping around peg number three. Continue wrapping each peg around the
loom just like this. And now I’m wrapping the very last peg. Next I have to wrap
all the pegs again going in the same direction as before. Here is peg number one and peg number two. This is the wrap for the last peg. The anchor peg also helps to let you
know where the first peg is on the loom. Take your loom hook, insert it behind the
bottom loop like this. Then lift the bottom loop up and over the top loop and
remove the bottom loop completely from the peg. Move on to the next peg. Insert
the hook behind the bottom loop, lift the top loop up and over the top loop, insert
the hook behind the bottom loop. Lift the loop up and over the top loop. You will
continue lifting bottom loops over top loops all around, making sure you
remember every peg. Now I’ll take the loop off of the last peg. You have just
completed one round. Since we already have one layer of loops on the pegs, we
only need to wrap the yarn around each peg once. Wrap the yarn around each peg
the same way we did before. On peg number one as before lift the bottom loop up
and over the top loop. Move on to peg number two. And three. And four. Continue this around the loom. When you get to the end you’ll begin the
process of wrapping each peg again with yarn so that there are two loops on each
peg. And then you’ll take off the bottom loop of each peg. You’ll continue this
process around the loom for a total of 60 rounds if you want to make one like
mine that can fit a teenager head. You can make other sizes as well. Once you
have made the size you wish it is time to cast off the loops. Wrap the first peg
with yarn, take off the bottom loop, wrap the second peg with yarn, take off the
bottom loop. Now move the loop from the second peg to the first peg. Remove the
bottom loop, move the loop to the second peg. Wrap the next peg with yarn take off the
bottom loop. Move the loop to the right. Take off the bottom loop. Move the loop to the left. It’s a little
tricky at first but once you do it a few times it starts to make sense and become
much easier. Continue doing this process around the entire loom. Once you have two loops remaining, wrap and remove from this peg. Place the loop onto the right
peg. Remove the bottom loop. Now leave about 30 inches of yarn for sewing. Then thread it with the yarn needle.
Bring the two ends together like this. And sew these ends together. This will be
the back of the headband. One way to make a nice flat seam is to weave the ends in
and out like this. You can use any other sewing method you wish though. Once you are done turn to the back and take some small stitches to weave in the ends. And
you are done! Sew a button or other item on for
decoration. And here’s my beginner loom knit headband. Please subscribe to my
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