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Hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world well if you know my world I have a blog that I put up every Monday it’s called You made it!, I love it! and what I do is I go through the internet and I try to find something fun that I think it’s really cute and I want to share with you so this time I found this adorable little cotton ball and cotton swab bunny that I thought would be perfect for Easter I found it on pinterest and if you are the creator of this I thank you very very much for your inspiration but I’m going to teach you guys how to make it right now for this project you’ll need one cotton ball three cotton swabs scissors two tiny eyes one tiny pom-pom and hot glue gun so first thing I’m going to do is I’m just going to take a little cotton ball and I’m going to cut my cotton swab and I’m going to cut it right about like a half an inch below the cotton part on the stick and what I need are three pieces like this so I’ve got one two three now what I’m going to do is take my little cotton swab first thing I’m going to do is add the feet so I’m going to take my hot glue and run a bead of the hot glue right there along the stick put it right there on the other side there and now that’s going to make him stand up which is great and then I’m going to take another one and cut it place that in the back here and then I need two more cuts swabs for his little ears now I want to do a little bit of a push away here just to make a little hole for those ears put a little bit of glue at the bottom kind of push it right on in there to make the ears and last but not least whoops gonna add the nose with hot glue just a tiny little bit here now these are great eyes because these are actually stick on eyes so just peel off the back of these if you can find these these are awesome just put one eye on the other eye on and there you have a little bunny and that’s all there is to making your very own cotton ball cotton swab bunny and again if you are the creator of this who posted it on pinterest thank you so much for your inspiration I love seeing what people create and then recreating it myself and sharing it with others so thank you thank you thank you and kudos for more ideas that come from the internet but also from my head come and check us out at

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