How to Make a Doll Wig | Basic Sidepart | Mozekyto #3

How to make a doll yarn wig: side part You will need Yarn Wefts Cloth Cling wrap Clips Elastics Glue, Scissors and Old brushes Comb Cover doll’s head with cling wrap. Then secure a cloth over using elastics. Brush on 3-4 layers of glue. Once dry remove from doll’s head. And trim off excess. Use a stronger glue to glue on the wefts. Draw a diagonal line from one side of the headcap to the center. Glue a long piece of weft along the guideline like so. Clip and flip. Then tape it on the side of the doll’s face Glue another piece opposite the other weft. And push it closer to the other weft using comb. Glue the wefts in this direction. Skip rows on the longer side so that both sides will appear balanced. Remove clips and comb hair down. Finally, set the part and tame the hair by covering the doll’s head with cling wrap. Then leave it for a couple of hours or overnight to set. Thanks for watching

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