40 thoughts on “How To Make a Fabric Flower and Hair Clip

  1. Any is fine.. as long as it says it will work with fabric and plastic, metal, etc. If it covers the supplies you are working with then you should be good to go. Have fun!

  2. Thank you for the tutorial. Love the flower. Question for the glue…if I were to sew this onto a dress or shirt, would the glue from the glue gun stay? or should I sew it all vs gluing?

  3. loved this tutorial. I have been looking for something like this for quite a while. I will be making some of these this coming weekend.

  4. it very cute idea, I also do a flower but I use a cd and trace out on fabric and then sew the raw edge around and pull the thread so it makes the fabric roll up in the center and tie a knot and glue a button in the center to hide the hole and thread, u could also use it to make a hair clip but I string them together to make a décor for a xmas trees garland it is very pretty , I think you would like that,,,

  5. I am going to use this flower to decorate kids gardening aprons 🙂 We are going to learn about growing things in our yard. 

  6. Thank you for a great tutorial, one of the best I've watched.  You speak clearly, to the point and I can see what you are doing.  Please do more tutorials.  You are fantastic.

  7. Wonder what the push Mic will say when they see this old lady with that clip in her hair hahaha! Very cute though, will make some for my wee granddaughter for her hair

  8. Thankyou for not raving on for ages and Thankyou also for not talking to us like we are children!

  9. These would make great stocking stuffers. Thanks now I have another project😊. I think I'll base it on my sewing machine. I hate hand sewing😏.

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