How to Make a Knitting Loom from a TP Tube | Sophie’s World

How to Make a Knitting Loom from a TP Tube | Sophie’s World

Hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world you know when I was a little kid my
grandmother was an amazing knitter she used to make all kinds of things afghans, hats you name it and I was
always really intrigued by what she did but she never taught me how to do it and
then as I got older and I started doing parties the kids would do this thing
they called finger knitting which I also thought was really cool and they would
try to teach me and i never could seem to pick it up but I have come up with
something new it is a finger knitting loom and it
helps me to do my own finger knitting and all you really need for it is a
TP tube and a few popsicle sticks so I’m going to teach you how to make
your very own finger knitting loom right now so for this project we’re going to need
a hot glue gun if you wanted to do this with regular
Elmer’s glue or glue dots that’s fine you’re just going to need to make sure
that you give enough time for them to dry really nice and solid we’re going to need some scissors we’re
going to need four popsicle sticks couple rubber bands at TP tube and of course
some yarn i love this yarn because it changes colors so I’ve got color
changing yarn here so the first thing I’m going to do is
make my loom and make my loom all i’m going to do is take one of these
fabulous popsicle sticks and glue it with about a tip of a finger over so
that’s about an inch right there at the top there so I’m just going to take a
line of glue and i’m just going to glue it right down TP tube leaving one inch at the top
there between three quarters and one inch it’s up to you ok now I’m going to flip
it over and directly across from it on the opposite side I’m going to glue another popsicle stick and again I’m going to leave about an
inch at the top now i’m going to go another quarter turn
here and i’m going to place my third popsicle stick right in the middle there
and I leave one inch above and flip it over and final directly across from the
orange I place the green popsicle stick with one inch up there we go and there’s my loom now i’m going to
take a rubber band I’m gonna place it at the bottom just
like that I’ve wrapped it around twice because
this is a pretty big rubber band this is gonna be my yarn holder and so it’s not
like super important if you don’t have this don’t don’t get too upset but if you’ve
got one it’s great because it’s going to help to hold the yarn all right I’m going to take my yarn and
spool out a little bit of it here and the first thing I’m going to do is take
the one end and I’m going to drop it down in through the toilet paper tube so
that it comes out the bottom and again i’m going to give myself some extra here
see this i’m going to give myself at least two lengths, 2 TP tube lengths
and i’m just going to take it place it underneath the rubber band just pull it up so I’ve got a little bit
extra here see that that’s probably about a length of TP
tube just hanging off like a tail ok now here’s the one little tricky part it’s getting this to go the right way so
what you want to do is start with one peg whichever peg you want i’m going to
start with the orange one here and you go to the left of the peg and wrap it
around so that it is going counterclockwise so I’m starting to the left side of the
peg I wrap it around the front and then I bring it behind now what I’m going to do is come to the
front of the purple excuse me to the back of the purple and
wrap it around the front of the purple to the back of the green around the
green to the back of the red around the red ok so let’s do that one more time just
because this is the confusing part once you get this it’s really simple so start to the left of the orange wrap
it around the front of the orange bring it behind and to the left side that’s
your left of your purple wrap it around the purple bring it behind to the left
side of the green wrap it around the front of the green to the left side of
the red wrap it around the red and now you’re ready to weave ok so if you look at this can you see
that see how it goes bloop bloop it kinda makes like a picture frame all right now we’re going to start to
weave what I’m going to do and this is the
reason why I left a little extra here is I’m going to pull this so it’s a little
bit slack see that little bit of slack pull that
so it’s a little slack now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take my
weaving string I place it on top of my orange string
that i started and i’m going to pull this string up and over now once I’ve done that I can pull this
taut down here so i just pulled that tail now all right now I’m going to give myself a
quarter-turn go to the purple and I’m going to do the same thing I’m bringing
this little piece of yarn up and over the new piece of yarn again up and over and in front here up and over and I continue with this technique up
and over up then over up then over now you always want to make sure you go in
front don’t go behind always go in front and up and over and up and over now you do want to make sure that you’re
keeping tension on this string this is the string that’s coming from
your yarn skein you want to keep tension there so that you’re getting it
locked into place up and over and again up and over now you can see what’s happening in
there it’s kind of like a spider web now what I’m going to do is I’m going to
pull this tail and that’s going to pull it down in there a little bit and
tighten it up and I’m going to keep going up and over and up and over now the thing is as you get faster and
faster and faster at this you’re weaving will start to grow and this is when you can just make it as
long as you want it to be like every like maybe four or five times around you
can see I’m starting to get the hang of this right –up and over up and over now if it does that did you see that how
it popped off there that’s all just push it back down on
again ok so this goes here the purple is there
back down and over and just go back and catch that stitch that you lost
something that happens if you if you don’t keep the pressure on there so keep
it up and over here we go up and over ok now what I want to show you is that
pull this and I don’t know if you can see in there but it’s starting to make
like a chain making a nice long chain and you’re just going to keep going
around and around and around and around until this gets to the length you want now I’ve got mine here that I’ve been
working on before just take this rubber band off ok so I’m at this point here i’m going
to go up and over up and over i’m going to go one more time around here up and over up and over ok now as you can see I’ve got my chain
and it’s coming out the bottom so this one is about I’d say that’s maybe like
seven eight inches long which is perfect for making like a little bracelet so I’m going to end here and to do my
ending what I’m going to do is just snip this
I’ve given myself again another 12 inches of extra because what i want to do now
is I want to tie it off now to tie it off what I do is very carefully slide the
first loop off and thread this extra piece of thread through that hole and
now I slip myself to the next one slip it off make sure that you get your
finger there so you can catch that that little loop slide it through go to the next one and
slide it through this is where it’s nice to have this colored yarn pull the last
one off here and i’m going to slide it through the colored yarn helps to see
what stitch you’re on here and slide it through there we go so now all you do is
pull that and that tightens up the end and you pull at the other end and you’ve got
yourself a nice long finger knitted chain and that’s all there is to it finger knitting made simple now remember
you can make this as long as you want you can do short and wrap it around tie it for a bracelet you can do medium
length and do it for your collar or for your neck or you can just keep going and
going and going and going and going for as long as you want and then you can make it into anything including a
long scarf for more great ideas that won’t keep you tied up in knots come and
check us out at

100 thoughts on “How to Make a Knitting Loom from a TP Tube | Sophie’s World

  1. wonderful video with rubber bands

    hi, I'm Italian

    with the same method I can also use other types of material or only the rubber bands

    use google translator to create and understand

    thank you

  2. We do alot of these for leis during graduation in Hawaii, but we actually use our fingers. Its alot easier and dont need the sticks and toilet roll.

  3. What wouldnt you just use your fingers? Its less complicated and you dont need anything but yarn and scissors

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  8. Congratulations!
    I really liked your video and you are so nice explaining slowly and easy.
    Thank you so much.
    Wish you the best

  9. You're so nice and enthusiastic
    I enjoyed watching your video and learning
    Thank you very much!

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  11. Wow, I remember doing something like this with the Monster Tail Loom thing. I wish I still had it, but I lost it. Lol

  12. I am 84 and when I was a kid I used to spend hours weaving these things but I made my loom with a large cotton reel with four small nails in it.

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  14. Oh that was a real talented attempt dear… wow.. congrats from my heart. A very simple project. I think we can use it as the handles of crochet bags too. Also the handles of small cute purses

  15. I remember doing this but I would use my fingers instead of the tp roll . I had forgotten how to do it thank you for the reminder

  16. Your video is beautiful and your work is beautiful why? The answer may be simple because you are so beautiful

  17. I love watching your videos Sophie. They are so fun and healthe for me .But can you please do do more brackets Sophie

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  19. I'm thinking one could take this to the next level and attach 4 smooth rods to a PVC pipe section and use that.  They would be smoother and thus easier to slide.  The popsicle sticks will eventually develop splinters and will snag the yarn.   Plus you could do it quicker with a more precisely made tool.  I also wonder what would happen if you used a different number from 4.  Perhaps 6 or 8 to get a larger/wider piece.

  20. I have big and sharp nails so Everytime I try to hand knit this I would always scratch and make my skin bleed but thanks to this I can finally make this without hurting myself this is great!

  21. Great idea but is not the true knitting loom you have made what my mother called a french knitting bee we used these as children to make a corded belt, what I make on my 36 pegs round loom is made of plastic and very cheap to buy at hobby stores if you want to make scarves and beanies

  22. احلى وجه ودم خفيف حبيتك وصناعتك روعه. اتمنى ان اكن احدى صديقاتكي

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