How to Make a Knotted Headpin – Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters

How to Make a Knotted Headpin – Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters

Hi everyone, this is Jessica from
and Bespangled Beads on Etsy. I have a quick tutorial for you today – I’m
going to show you how to make these pretty knotted headpins. Making your own headpins is great because
you can make them as long as you need them so you can use them for bigger beads or for
making fancy wraps with lots of wire at the top. I am starting with a 3 inch piece 26 gauge
wire. Basically your coil is going to take up 1/2 inch so you just start with a piece
of wire that’s 1/2 inch longer than the finished length of headpin that you want. Using my round nose pliers – you’ll see these
are pretty fine at the tip Grab the wire as close to the end of the pliers
as you can and make sure it’s not sticking out between the jaws. Start turning the wire gently to form a coil.
And I’m going to go around two full times from the point where I started and stop when
I see that end of the wire again. I’m going to reposition my pliers and then
pull the wire so it’s up straight in line with the pliers so you have something like this. And notice
that the wire is coming from the bottom of the coil. And I’m just going to feed that end back through
the top of the coil and then pull it through. You can use your chain nose pliers to get
a better grip and pull to just slide the knot up towards the end until you can’t go anymore. So the knot is finished but it’s a little
bit crooked, so again using my chain nose pliers I’m just going to gently straighten
that up. Now occasionally you might find that you have
kinks in the wire. It’s a good idea – if you have these nylon jawed pliers these are awesome,
you can just use them to straighten out any kinks in the wire. These work great – I use them all the time. And now you’ve got a finished knotted headpin. Let me show you what it looks like on a bead.
Now we’re not going to cover the wrapping part today – I’m going to save that for another
video which will be coming soon, so if you enjoyed this video and you’d like
to see more please be sure to subscribe to my channel and you won’t miss the next video. Also I’ll have these finished headpins for
sale in my bead shop along with these pretty blue pearls – that’s I hope you’ll stop by for a look. Thanks for

73 thoughts on “How to Make a Knotted Headpin – Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters

  1. Fantastic! I have so many small hole beads that I would like to use as dangles, and haven't been able to find head pins in a small enough gauge to accommodate them. This is a beautiful way to finish a cut wire end. Thanks so much for sharing. Love all of your tutorials.

  2. I love this. as usual, great camera work.  I just made a pair of earrings using these cuz the headpins i have are too hard to wrap nicely.  thanks 

  3. Great tute, Jessica…always wanted to know how to make the ends look pretty without using a wee bead, or whatever….also very good camera work. Thanks so much….it's nice to learn a new thing..xx

  4. Great vid! Can't wait to try it.

    PS HOW do you add the SUBSCRIBE box and link at the end of the video?

  5. I love this tutorial. I want to make hatpins, and this video has inspired me to attempt a project, using your instructions. Thank you!

  6. YAY 🙂   I made my first knotted head pins today. At first they were awful but after much practising they turned out well enough to use on a pair of earrings that I'm wearing at the weekend.They look so much more interesting than boring ball or flat hear pins. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  7. Hi JTHQ!!! Thanx for the demonstrative video…helpful AND creative. As well, do you have a video that demonstrates the organic wrapping on the top of the pearls (pictured at 16-20 seconds)? I would love to try my hand at that, too!

  8. Wow that looks so easy, i need to get some smaller gauge wire and then i will give it a go, thank you very much.


  9. Thank you so much for this great tutorial, I was able to finish a necklace with a beautiful focal bead. I don't like the regular 3" head pin, so when I finish watching your tutorial I knew this is what I was looking for. Thank you!

  10. This is so great thank you. I am making a pair of earrings that will be quite heavy, and I would like to use this technique. So there will be a bit of weight hanging from the hook, what gauge would you recommend for heavy earrings? Thank you!!!

  11. I'm impressed with this innovative technique!  I love how you can customize the size in order to fit your bead!  It's lovely too!  Thank you!  I'm going to give this a try! 🙂

  12. You are a great teacher.  I love your videos they are very easy to follow.  Thank you so much for sharing them.

  13. Superb tutorial!  Thank you for sharing your tools, supplies, measurements, and wire gauge (26 gauge);  and for being specific with the instructions.  Your camera work is also terrificly focused on the "action," and details are visible.  I plan to visit your etsy site, and am so happy to have access to your very professional tutorials!!!

  14. I've been beading for years,,,, wow great tutorial and a lovely finished product TY
    PS I've subbed your channel too!!

  15. Very helpful video with lovely easy to follow instructions. Looking forward to watching the wrapping video and others.Thank yiunformtaking time to make and share your videos.
    Warmest best wishes from France.

  16. You just saved me money, thanks! I wanted something like a ball end, but that I could make myself because I don't like buying commercially-made items. This will be perfect.

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