How to Make a Natural Alternative to Plastic Wrap | DIY Waxed Cotton Wrappers

Hi, I’m valerie. welcome to this special
video edition of the Frugal Frog column for
today we’re going to be making reusable food wrappers. it’s a great
project super easy and it’s going to reduce the
amount of plastic wrap you need to be using so what you need is a piece up cotton cloth now you can purchase a piece of cotton
cloth or you can upcycle an old cotton shirt Cut it using picking shears so that
doesn’t fray. You’re also going to need a little bit
of beeswax. I picked this up at my local health food store it was about twice the
size before I started grating it down it should be food-grade beeswax and
this is what it looks like when it’s all grated. Now I put down a
piece of parchment paper on top of a kind of makeshift ironing
board because I don’t want to ruin my real ironing board so this is just an
old bed sheet that I’m not going to be using anymore. Sprinkle it out over top of your cotton cloth and spread it around, you know, you
want to make sure that you have enough on there but you don’t want to have too
much. This is just about the right amount you can always add more later but you
can’t take it away so be conservative with your wax. Now we’re
ready to start melting the wax into the cotton. Second piece of parchment
paper right over top like that and grab your iron, should be set to low to medium
heat. This is where the patience is required just place the iron over top and slowly move it along your paper you want to make sure that
you’re spreading it around as much as you can and then it really permeates
the cotton. You’ll see as you go where the spots
are that need a little bit more wax and you can gently used the edge
up the iron to coax the wax over to that area. Once you try this you’re going to realize how easy it is and you’re gonna want all
different sizes of wrappers. If you’re looking for a
sandwich wrapper you want to go about 12 inches by 12
inches right up to 15 by 15, I guess
depending on the size of your sandwich and then you’re going to want a few larger
ones to cover up casseroles and smaller ones for snacks or even
wrapping up a piece of cheese really, anything that you use plastic
wrap for, you can use these wrappers for some people use tinfoil when they’re
doing this but I really like using the parchment paper because I can’t see where
the wax is I can see where it’s pooling and
where missing and that helps me push the wax into those areas. Reusing
these wrappers is really easy, all you do, once you’re done with it, is wipe it with a little
warm water and soap Now, I’m just gonna take a look and see
if there’s any areas that need just maybe a touch more wax Ah, so you can see right along the edges
here where the wax hasn’t soaked in. I’m
going to grab a little bit more like I said before it better to add some where you need it then to try to subtract it. If you are using
your ironing board for this just being really
careful make sure you have a good size sheet a parchment because this
extra wax will leak out and then you’re goiing to have
wax on everything you iron from here on in. That’s pretty much it! We’re gonna peel off this parchment and then we’ll just
grab a corner and be careful because it is hot wax. Now
I’m just going to hang it up to dry. It’s more like cooling, it’ll only
take a few minutes meanwhile you’re going to want to start again
and make a few more because trust me once you get used to them you’re going
to be covering your casserole and wrapping up your sandwiches and you’ll
be saying goodbye to plastic wrap forever.

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