How to Make Felted Soap – DIY Craft  & Gift Idea

How to Make Felted Soap – DIY Craft & Gift Idea

Hi, Guys, and Welcome to Studio Knit. Today we are going to Felt Soap. This is a
great Spring Time and Easter Holiday Craft Project. There is no experience necessary
and it is a great project to make with kids. Felted Soaps make great gifts! They look like
Easter Eggs when you add them to your Basket of Goodies. They smell yummy, are a great
conversation piece, and you will never want to shower without the exfoliating power of
felted soap again. The Materials you will need are: Wool Roving,
Soap, Water, and Nylons Step One: Wrap Wool Roving around Soap.
I like to pull the Wool Roving apart and loosely wrap around the soap. Make certain to make
it not too thick, but also not too thin. Step Two: Place Soap inside Nylons. Wrap the
Nylons around your soap, to keep the wool roving in place. Step Three: Felt by Rubbing Under Hot-Cold
Water. Switch between hot and cold water, as you
rub the soap. I like to felt up 2 soaps at a time, rubbing them together, to save time.
Be patient! Step Four: Remove from Nylons After 10 to
15 Minutes. Remove the soap slowly from the nylons. The
wool may stick to the nylons, so do it slowly! Step Five: Set to Dry for 1 to 2 days.
Usually, soaps dry within 24 hours. But, if you are giving it as a gift, allow 2 days
to ensure your soap is completely dry. I hope you enjoyed learning how to make your
very own Felted Soaps! For more do it yourself crafting and knitting
ideas, please subscribe. It is a great way for me to get to know you better. Happy Spring
Time! Bye!

15 thoughts on “How to Make Felted Soap – DIY Craft & Gift Idea

  1. I have really been obsessed with felting videos lately and want to give it a whirl. I have found in the past that I'm a little sensitive to wool. What type of wool would you recommend for sensitive skin?

  2. I tried felting soap, I left it to dry for two days and then used it, the roving came away…. did I use too much roving ? Did I use it too soon or is this normal ?

  3. Last minute quick knit gift under $5 – Felted Soaps!

  4. Felted Soaps make great handcrafted gifts for #Easter Baskets. Learn how to felt soap today! No experience needed!

  5. This is really cute!! Love the little bunnies!! I am going to look for some Christmas colored wool and make these as Christmas gifts with my homemade soaps. Thank you for taking the time and effort to put this video together.

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