How to Make Noelle’s Reindeer Pajamas like Anna Kendrick’s | Disney DIY

It’s December now so we can be total
Christmas animals literally and nobody can say anything about it
so if you’ve already started watching Christmas movies hopefully you started
watching Noelle it’s a new Christmas movie on
Disney Plus if you want to get Noelle’s look, you can see how to make her cute
little reindeer pajamas right now. Hello and welcome to the Queendom I’m Sarah Ingle and today I’m dressed like Noelle from the new Disney+ Christmas movie
Noelle on Disney Plus I think I already said that and this you might have seen in the trailer
she’s standing in a window she’s like singing to her little reindeer guy named
Snowcone which is an adorable name for a reindeer they’re just so snuggly and I
think it’s super cute it’s got the little antlers on the front and the back
and a little nose and it just makes me feel snuggly and cozy like you should feel when
you’re watching a Christmas movie so if you want to get to this, too, we’re gonna
just go ahead and get started and make our own DIY and Noelle reindeer pajamas. What you’ll need to make your DIY noel pajamas is first a red t-shirt, freezer
paper, an iron, fabric paint, scissors, a paintbrush, a craft knife, a
pen or pencil, and access to a printer or iPad if you don’t want to freehand your
reindeer antler stencil. To get started, you’re gonna want to get your freezer
paper and your shirt check the sizing against the shirt then you can either
print an outline of reindeer antlers on a piece of paper or you can just pull up
a picture of reindeer antlers on your iPad and trace the outline on to your
freezer paper once you have your reindeer antlers traced onto your
freezer paper you’re gonna want to add a circle right in the middle to be that
reindeer nose next use a craft knife to cut out your stencil into the freezer
paper now iron the stencil onto the front of your shirt remember when you’re
ironing to do the shiny side down when you’re tracing onto the freezer paper in
this case it doesn’t matter if it’s the shiny side down because it’s symmetrical
but if you don’t do the shiny side down then your freezer paper will not adhere
to your shirt when your iron it now you’re gonna want to insert something
flat like a piece of cardboard into the shirt to keep the paint from leaking
through if you don’t want to have paint leaking through the back of your shirt
now it’s time to paint away with your fabric paint
I’m doing a couple coats of fabric paint here to make sure I have a nice bold
design where none of the shirt is still peeking through after I’m done with the fabric paint I’m
gonna add another layer of glitter because Christmas is the perfect time
for sparkle we’re just gonna freehand the collar
because it can be a little bit tricky to get something rounded and it’s going to
exactly match the shape of your collar if you’re not a big fan of fabric paint
or you want to do something that’s a little bit less potentially messy you
can also do the same thing with fabric and ribbon I’m just a fan of the fabric
paint method it’s no sewing and it does last a long time and I think it’s easier
but if you want to cut out the same pattern and use fabric glue to adhere it
to your shirt and you want to use ribbon on the trim of your shirt sleeves and
shirt collar you can absolutely do that too now make sure you give your fabric
paint plenty of time to dry before you peel off that freezer paper and you’ll also want to repeat the same
thing for the back – the little nose because reindeers don’t have noses on
their backs so just make sure you do the exact same thing on the back just leave
off that little nose and then voila you have your very own Noelle inspired pajamas
so there we have it we have our very own DIY Noelle reindeer pajamas so we can be all snuggly and cozy while we watch Noelle and all of our other favorite Christmas
movies and all of our favorite other Disney movies because all the stuff that
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